Jim McNeff
  • 1,270

    Should We Discard the Third Amendment Too?

    Should we maintain this constitutional protection, or is it all right to have the military camped out in your house against your will?

    Jim McNeff
    20 Feb
  • 2,914

    Are You Too Angry to Pray?

    “Praying doesn’t help, so I’m gonna be pissed,” he declared.

    Jim McNeff
    19 Feb
  • 1,367

    Is it time to stop publicly identifying mass murderers?

    It is no secret, the personality profiles of past mass murderers indicate their desire for fame. In their pathetic life as loaners, outcasts, and reprobates, they ultimately seek attention and notoriety.

    Jim McNeff
    16 Feb
  • 3,725

    Harden Targets, Soften Hearts

    The homicidal suspect reportedly pulled a fire alarm and fled the school with those he terrorized while leaving behind the dead. ... What is happening in our culture that is producing those willing to commit mass murder, whether it’s from a hardened heart or mental illness?

    Jim McNeff
    17 Feb
  • 1,923

    Seven-Point Creed With Credentials

    It comes from a man with impeccable credentials because he exercised a creed that was carried in his wallet for more than 85 years. This man shared many life lessons before passing away just before his 100th birthday in 2010. His seven-point creed and Pyramid of Success have been embraced by thousands of people in all walks of life, even though he is best known in the world of sports.

    Jim McNeff
    10 Feb
  • 4,940

    My Partner Was the ‘Buckeye Bandit’

    My partner was the "Buckeye Bandit"—a bank robber. This is the true story of how I discovered his participation in crime and how he lost his life while being taken into custody. I learned more lessons than I care to admit during this 12-month period of time. Yet they prepared me well for many challenges during the balance of my career.

    Jim McNeff
    7 Feb
  • 2,787

    Why Die for a Stranger?

    As my head sat comfortably on the pillow, the thought, "Why die for a stranger?" bounced from one end of my cerebral cortex to the other.

    I spent three decades in uniform, but never left my house thinking, "Today is the day I may die for a stranger."

    Jim McNeff
    27 Jan
  • 6,053

    Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Disgrace the FBI

    Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have disgraced the FBI. That has been the sentiment of many in law enforcement and beyond, but after the content of so many text messages became public yesterday, the disgrace is confirmed.

    Jim McNeff
    26 Jan
  • 3,158

    Flying Like a Cannonball

    Jim McNeff
    10 Jan

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