Jim McNeff
  • Disbarred Attorney Sitting in Judgment of Police

    The petition states that, to the court’s understanding, at least $50,000 in firm funds were misappropriated, and that Byrd understood that “sufficient evidence could be produced to sustain allegations of professional misconduct” were the matter to move forward in court.

    Jim McNeff
    3 May
  • Use of Force and the Reality Faced by Police

    Political rhetoric, emotions, and lack of understanding seem to overwhelm facts.

    Jim McNeff
    18 Apr
  • 5 Requirements to Build a Healthy Organization

    A department meeting its objectives and goals, but possessing a workforce that is unhappy and disgruntled is not a healthy organization.

    Jim McNeff
    15 Apr
  • 4,223

    The Death of Proactive Policing Will Lead Americans to More Gravesites

    Allow a bully to go unchallenged and he becomes a tyrant.

    Jim McNeff
    6 Apr
  • Easter Evidence

    If the resurrection was a fairy tale, those men died for something they knew to be a lie. That is Easter evidence that is difficult to reconcile as a fable.

    Jim McNeff
    1 Apr
  • It’s T.I.M.E. to Wake Up and Walk Up

    I’d like to make the case that “walking up,” not “walking out” is a more productive choice.

    Jim McNeff
    29 Mar
  • This Is No American Sheriff

    Nevertheless, Hennessy has demonstrated that she is “in for a penny, in for a pound” as a political activist in the office of sheriff.

    Jim McNeff
    13 Mar
  • 1,719

    Preparing for a Police Funeral

    The murder occurred in the early morning hours as the officer stopped a motorcycle in a residential tract.

    Jim McNeff
    6 Apr
  • What Does Police Work Smell Like?

    Removing sweat-soaked body armor at the end-of-watch has a feeling of completion—surviving another shift. But the moisture exuded through the pores and getting marinated into the Kevlar vest has a unique smell that stays with you.

    Jim McNeff
    9 Mar

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