• Emergency Operations Proving Grounds

    E.O.P.G will be a low-cost, state-of-the-art alternative as compared to other facilities serving the needs of municipalities with restricted budgets and equipment shortages, who could not typically afford to send their  First Responders to receive this effective training.

    17 Jun
  • 1,676

    Bringing Gun Violence in America Into Focus

    Comparing countries crime rates against each other can often be very misleading if not done correctly, and unfortunately most of the time it’s used to inflate the idea that America is drastically worse than say the United Kingdom or Australia when it comes to violent crime.

    12 Jun
  • ‘Maybe they just wanted to stay beans’ – A six-year-old boy’s observations on leadership

    Troy decided to take this opportunity to devise a plan to grow the “happiest” and “greenest” green bean plants.

    4 Jun
  • Socializing Law Enforcement: Walking a Digital Beat

    Unfortunately for many in law enforcement, social media providers have started to enforce their ToS ( terms of service) provisions more vigorously, translating into shutting down fictitious accounts.

    30 May
  • 15,891

    Body Cams Demolish the Bad Cops Narrative

    I was wrong, completely wrong to be exact, about my body camera. I didn’t merely come to tolerate the camera, I absolutely love the camera and cannot imagine policing without it.

    30 May
  • 2,007

    Cops and Suicide: A Father’s Thoughts

    Until the last year of his life, my son was strong, secure, vibrant and healthy.

    29 May
  • Amongst the Shadows and the Stones

    Maybe my observations were distorted when I looked at Vietnam veterans.

    27 May
  • A Ferocious Fire

    I began to climb up but lost my footing for some of the teeth of the ladder were missing. The result was that I fell about twenty feet onto the cold shroud of snow, landing on my back.

    21 May
  • Opening Eyes at Police Week

    For a brief moment, a veil was lifted and I was allowed to see inside an officer’s world.

    20 May

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