• Community Policing at It’s Best

    On April 1, 2017 over 125 police, fire and EMT agencies from throughout Westchester County, New York, Texas, Florida, Utah, Kentucky Missouri, Maryland, United States Marshals, and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary were displaying the same autism patch on their emergency vehicles.

    6 Mar
  • 1,335

    Killing the Coward in You

    What you hate is inside you. It lives there inside me, and it lives inside the bravest of us all. In those that are warriors its small but its still there. In those that are not warriors, it is large, and it controls them.

    2 Mar
  • 4,436

    Courage to Make Entry

    When we say, "This job is not for everyone," we mean it. Some just get by for their entire career and maybe that is okay. After all, we do need someone to hold the door for us, right?

    26 Feb
  • 3,303

    Small Town K9 Program

    We have located suspects, found lost hikers, and located people threatening suicide. Moreover, we have assisted narcotics investigations, and found evidence that suspects were trying to discard. We have also taken part in countless community activities, and events at schools.

    15 Feb
  • 2,498

    Spartan Morons Redux, ‘Strike, but listen’

    A legion of my Army and cop pals gleefully reported the debate, which I cheerfully ignored until I got a grumpy response from one of America’s most beloved police writers. “JD” Buck Savage, a writer I respect and whose work I enjoy, who complained that the Spartans won the war of the Second Persian Invasion of Greece. Which is a commonly held, but flawed view.

    12 Feb
  • 1,364

    6 Tips to Reduce Chances of Tax Identity Theft

    Tax identity theft occurs when someone else uses your Social Security number to file a fraudulent return to get a tax refund. It can also happen when someone else uses your personal information to secure employment, which can make it appear you earned more income than you actually did.

    6 Feb
  • 1,560

    Crossing the Thin Blue Line

    Lisa Harper Lerner is proud to offer her debut work, Crossing the Thin Blue Line, released December 15, 2017.

    Our world is filled with hurting people. Lisa Harper-Lerner was one of them until her encounter with Jesus Christ.

    4 Feb
  • 1,809

    5 Social Media Tips for Investigations

    Social media sites can often be a treasure trove of information during a police investigation. The amount of information people freely share on social media platforms these days can be amazing.

    3 Feb
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    Identity Theft Services

    Identity Theft Services
    We should be aware of an ever-growing problem that our country faces today. With the technology available to just about anyone, and the way our lives have turned “digital,” we have made ourselves prey to what has become a wide spread financial crime…. identity theft.

    31 Jan

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