The practice of “Thanks-Giving”

As the holidays quickly approach, it easy to get lost in the rush of “doing”.  We rush all around town making sure we have everything for dinner, and still stress that we forgot something. We worry that some of our family won’t...

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Don’t Shoot My Dog

As a K9 officer, my K9 partner and I encounter many dogs (stray and pet) in the course of our duties.  Sometimes we have seconds to determine the demeanor of the dog and prepare for the proper course of action when confronted. ...

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The Making of a Police K9

Have you ever wondered what makes up the perfect police dog?  What characteristics are most sought after? Why do a lot of agencies use imported dogs?   I am often asked these questions by both private citizens and non-k9 police...

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Police Week – K-9 Valor

The Working Dog My eyes are your eyes, to watch and protect you and yours. My ears are your ears, to hear and detect evil minds in the dark. My nose is your nose, to scent the invader of your domain. And so you may live, my life...

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