The Offer

As a police officer, I have never helped anyone. The times that I’ve changed a tire for a stranded motorist, carried groceries for an elderly lady, or helped a family push their wheelchair up a hill, yes……. But...

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His eyes opened from a restless sleep.The room was still dark. There was a chill, but it was peaceful.He rolled over and gave her a kiss on the forehead whispering, “I love you.” She replied, “I love...

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Breathe Is this the right guy  What is he reaching for Is that a gun Where’s everyone else Did I transmit Did I give my location Where am I Street sign STOP POLICE Breathe Did I lock the front door when I left Dinner...

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Cop Wife Cop Life

Thank you for: Living with bullets in the laundry, various drawers and bowls throughout the house Meeting us on the porch at 3 am with a change of uniform and a bag to put the meth/blood stained one in Not asking us to come home...

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What looks innocent to you, does not to me. Kids playing; they could run into the streetcar could go up over the curb, guy walking on the sidewalk could take them. A couple walking hand in hand whispering to each other; is he...

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