Police: Aurora protester terrorizes driver, accidentally shoots fellow protester


AURORA, CO – Hundreds of Marxist anarchists affiliated with the Marxist group Black Lives Matter (BLM), euphemistically described by the press as “protesters,” blocked traffic in Aurora, Colorado earlier this week.

The anarchists blocked all eight lanes of traffic in both directions of the I-225 interstate. Their goal of interfering as much as possible with the daily lives of as many people as possible was successfully achieved, if aerial footage of blocked traffic is anything to go by.

The ending to this story, however, is humiliating to the anarchists, and deservedly so.

The strategy of choking highway traffic with hundreds of pedestrians is particularly dangerous.

Pedestrians on a freeway put themselves in danger of injury from contact with vehicles at the same time as they threaten the freedom and financial well-being of drivers, who must use extreme caution to navigate through mobs of pedestrians or risk civil and criminal penalties if they accidentally harm a pedestrian.

The problem is made worse when pedestrians physically assault a vehicle and shout abuse and threats at its occupants. Roadway-blocking tactics employed by violent anarchists in recent months have involved surrounding a vehicle, jumping onto the hood and trunk, beating on metal and glass surfaces with hands and weapons, and striking windows with enough force to shatter them.

In addition, lawless thugs in these groups have been known to shoot at occupied vehicles with firearms.

How is a driver supposed to deal with a mob surrounding his car? There are no good options. Stopping the car risks damage, injury, even death from criminals surrounding the car.

Moving forward risks injuring pedestrians, at least some of whom desire exactly such an outcome for the purpose of future lawsuits and publicity.

Legally speaking, the pedestrians are breaking the law by obstructing traffic, threatening drivers, and in some cases, vandalizing their cars and assaulting the occupants. Luckily, some states see the danger for what it is and are passing bills to protect drivers who are threatened by pedestrian agitators.

In Aurora, BLM activists criminally threatened a family in a car with a rifle. The driver sped off, wisely deciding not to risk that this firearm-wielding BLM anarchist wouldn’t shoot him or his passengers.

Later, a video of the event shows a Green Jeep driving by. One of its tires appears to have been shot out. As it passes the camera, shots ring out as anarchists open fire on the vehicle. The good news is that, although someone was shot, it was not the intended victim.

Instead, it was one of their own, a BLM activist downed by a carelessly-fired bullet.

It is difficult to feel sympathy for the victim of this shooting. The victim, whose name and gender have not been released, was participating in an illegal assembly. That assembly illegally blocked traffic and threatened motorists in numerous ways, including death by gunfire.

That threat was not simply a theoretical possibility but an imminent reality. Guns were present, they were aimed at vehicles, and at least one was discharged.

The Aurora incident and others like it clearly demonstrate that the so-called “George Floyd Protests” or “BLM Protests” are not protests. They have nothing to do with George Floyd or black lives.

These are criminal assemblies, mobs, and rioters. The people in them, whether knowingly or not, are helping criminals and anarchists commit illegal and dangerous acts.

The victim of the unintended bullet should be arrested and charged for every applicable infraction. Sympathy and mercy are out of place. Mercy, too often granted, becomes abused, and that has been the case ever since these riots started two months ago.

The bad guys, so far treated like royalty by the press, need to be told that they are the bad guys and they will not be tolerated any longer, even when they accidentally shoot each other.

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Here’s more on the real meaning of these so-called protests.

The so-called “George Floyd” and “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) protests are not protests at all.

They are attempts to destabilize law and order for the purpose of weakening government.

Organizers have no genuine interest in George Floyd or black lives, as is made clear by the many actions taken by these groups that cause direct and immediate harm to members of the black community, with no corresponding benefit to balance the harm.

As two black protesters said of BLM in New York:

“They don’t care about black lives!” 

The people involved in the “protests” may think of themselves as “protesters” because they are told that is what they are, They are given signs to hold that resemble protest signage they’ve seen in other protests, and the media describes them as “protesters.”

However, to be a legitimate “protester” one must have a legitimate cause to “protest.” In this case, there is none.

The death of George Floyd has been handled correctly from the outset by responsible authorities. Therefore, there is no need to protest for “justice” for George Floyd.

The “systemic racism” complained of by protesters is another fiction pawned off on gullible unsuspecting members of the public.

What is the solution to the justice so loudly demanded for George Floyd and the supposed systemic racism in the police department? To defund, or better yet, abolish the police.

That is a ridiculous and dangerous goal.

It is also clearly not in the interests of the people demanding it because it will not result in “justice” for anyone. What it will lead to is rampant, unchecked crime, as we are already seeing in liberal-run cities around the country.

The Chinese Cultural Revolution of the late 1960’s spawned a paramilitary group called “Red Guards.” They were called protesters also, at least at first. At the time, Chairman Mao Tse-Tsung was engaged in a power struggle with other highly-placed Communist officials.

Instead of calling them out directly, he created the appearance of popular revolutionary “struggles” by encouraging the Red Guards to flush out his enemies.

One of the earliest struggles of the Cultural Revolution was the campaign against “the four olds” (old customs, habits, culture, and ideas). In that struggle, Red Guards were allowed to march unmolested down city streets as they committed acts of vandalism, assault, and battery.

The terror of these campaigns is captured in the book, “Life and Death in Shanghai” by a survivor of the Cultural Revolution, Nien Cheng.

In her book, she describes young people encouraged by their teachers to protest. So many students and teachers left their classrooms to protest that schools were largely inhabited. Instead, the streets were packed with Red Guards.

They marched down streets and destroyed anything “old,” the idea being that old things were reactionary and anti-Communist. They defaced buildings, destroyed precious artifacts, beat passers-by (if sufficiently “old” or “bourgeois”).

They chanted slogans and held signs. In photos, they look like protesters.

What they were was a quasi-military group that eventually replaced the police. At that time, they became militarized and ruled the districts they inhabited arbitrarily and with great cruelty.

To replace the police, the Red Guards were dependent on support from Mao. Though his involvement was arms-length, he lent the Red Guards considerable authority by allowing them to ride the trains for free, allowing them to use government facilities, and constantly praising their form of revolutionary justice in official newspapers.

The Chinese people learned quickly that the Red Guards were to be tolerated, no matter what they did, and what they did was awful.

The Red Guard was composed of young people, some not even in college yet, along with their teachers and some government-approved agitators. Together, they broke into people’s homes, destroyed or looted the contents, and beat or harassed the occupants, sometimes until they died.

Sometimes, they took people into the streets, beat them publicly, or shamed them by forcing them to wear signs around their necks, declaring them such things as “class criminals,” “capitalist roaders” (meaning, someone who supports Capitalism), and “running dogs of the Imperialists.”

The Red Guards weren’t protesters.

The Red Guards were a group of paramilitary agitators collected unofficially by people within Mao’s government for the purpose of unseating certain powerful Communist officials.

Many of the Red Guards were dupes. They had no idea what the real agenda was but believed their elders when they proclaimed that what they were doing was good for China. Others were there out of fear.

They worried that if they didn’t participate, they would be “struggled against” and meet the same fate as the elderly landholders the Red Guards drove from their homes, their possessions in flames or shards, to be beaten to death in the street or forgotten in a dingy jail cell.

The smallest percentage of the Red Guards knew that they were enacting a coup against Mao’s perceived enemies. They participated because it was their job to do so. They were soldiers and government officials either sympathetic to Mao, or afraid of his power should they defy him.

The people participating in the George Floyd/BLM protests are behaving exactly like the Red Guards in China during the Cultural Revolution. Not “similar to” but “exactly.”

There is no meaningful difference between the groups.

First, their ostensible goal, “justice for George Floyd/dispatch the four olds” is fiction. It is a cover for their real goal, which is to attack the infrastructure of local government throughout the country.

Second, members of both groups, in America as in 1970’s China, are largely unaware of the true goals of the protests but participate because they perceive the objectives as noble. Both receive ideological support from Communist organizations.

Third, both groups have identifiable, though home-made, “uniforms.” Rather than appear in whatever they would normally wear to any event given the weather, Red Guards wore armbands to distinguish themselves from everyone else and to give them the color of authority.

In America, protective gear and camouflage are encouraged, both to disguise their identity and to protect themselves as they engage in violent activity.

Fourth, Red Guards and George Floyd/BLM protesters harass anyone they meet who is not a member of their group, often with vicious assault that sometimes devolves into battery.

Fifth, both groups had no respect for law and property. Both committed acts of looting, vandalism, and arson on such a large scale that it will be impossible to ever know the true cost of their depredations.

Sixth, both groups renamed streets and painted revolutionary slogans in public places to support revolutionary goals.

Seventh, both seek to eliminate, then supplant, law enforcement. In Seattle’s “CHOP” zone, armed militants took on the roles of border security and law enforcement, though very badly.

Last, the success of the Red Guards was made possible by support from Mao and his supporters in government. The same is true of the “protest” groups in America. Without complicity from weak or complicit politicians, the protests would have ended almost as soon as they began, rather than continue for almost two solid months.

President Trump has repeatedly asked governors and mayors to request federal assistance so that troops could be sent in to halt the events. Those elected officials have, in most cases, refused to comply.

The result are cities overrun by criminality. Shootings are up, murders are rampant, assaults are so commonplace they are being ignored. Vandalism is non-stop.

If not for elected officials like Mayor Frey in Minneapolis, Mayor Bowser in Washington D.C., Mayor Durkan of Seattle, and others like them, the deaths, damage, and instability caused by “protesters” would have been largely prevented.

Right now, the Marxist group BLM has gone out and, under cover of their name and slogan, “Black Lives Matter,” created insurrection within the United States.

They have also created a financial windfall for Democrat politicians, by funneling donations to BLM through the Democrat-affiliated Act Blue Charities funding platform, which sends them to Thousand Currents, a non-profit group connected to former Weather Underground terrorist Susan Rothenberg, pardoned by former President Clinton on his last day in office. Thousand Currents runs BLM.

What is their agenda? Based on the actions we see in the streets; it is not charitable.

BLM is a paramilitary organization like Antifa, the Red Guards, and even the brownshirts of pre-Nazi Germany. They exist to wrest political power from the government in charge, the Democratic Republic of the United States of America.

Their “protests” are cover for paramilitary operations designed to reduce or overcome government defenses against insurrection. To date, they could hardly be more successful than they have been.

BLM and affiliated groups like Antifa have weakened the will to resist among government officials, law enforcement, and citizens alike. They have gained great sums of money and control, even if temporarily, strategic locations in many major cities.

Their numbers are small relative to the population of the United States, the size of the US military, or even the number of law enforcement officers available to stop them. However, if no serious effort is made to stop them, they not only can win, they will.

We know this is possible because we have seen it happen in China, Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, and elsewhere.

The revolution is here but if we pretend it isn’t, that it continues to be business as usual, just another protest, we cannot fight it.

The enemy, for that is what they are, must be recognized as such if their reign of tyranny is to be stopped before it gets unimaginably worse.


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