AURORA, Colo. – A little girl’s “Donuts with Dad” day was completed in spite of having no dad because a police officer selflessly substituted for him.

Last Thursday, the Aurora Police Department was informed through a Facebook message about a student named Abygale-Rose who doesn’t have a dad to go with her on Friday for the “Donuts with Dad” day at Dartmouth Elementary School. It was explained in the message that her dad left the family and moved out of state, abc7 Denver reported.

Aurora Police said the girl’s mom reached to the APD to see if they would be able to have an officer drop by the school and brighten the girl’s day. It didn’t take long to find a volunteer.

Sergeant Mike Pitrusu was the kind-hearted volunteer. He took some time from his busy schedule and spent the morning with Abygale-Rose enjoying donuts and showing off his patrol car to the kids.

Jewel-Leilani Smejkal, Abygale-Rose’s mom, extended her gratitude, especially to Sgt. Pitrusu.  She said, “He is a remarkable man with such a wonderful talent with kids, and just made my daughter’s day. He made MY day! She will be talking about this day for weeks to come!”