Editor’s note: this piece was submitted by a veteran police officer who wants civilians to understand the battles that members of law enforcement face daily.


To all the Monday morning quarterbacks judging what members of law enforcement do day in and day out from the comfort of your home: do I have a deal for you!

There are currently at least 4 immediate openings in the wonderful and exciting world of law enforcement. Now, you can finally put your Facebook earned law degrees and your mad meme skills to work. The following agencies are hiring:

June 19th– Sacramento PD – Officer Tara O’Sullivan was killed in the line of duty. Tara was just 26 years old when she was gunned down, only 6 months on the job. She was shot while assisting a domestic violence victim in retrieving her personal property. The suspect was able to hold off rescuing officers for over 40 minutes while Tara bled to death in a yard. While assisting officers were securing the area, some of the lovely neighbors took it upon themselves to record video of the situation while shouting things like “She deserved to die” and “We got one of y’all”. Yes, the public was taunting law enforcement officers who were actively working the homicide scene of one their own. 

Ready to sign up yet?

Attention Internet trolls! Think you'd do a better job? Here's your chance


June 20th– Mission Texas PD – Mission PD is looking for a qualified individual to replace Cpl. Jose “Speedy” Espericueta. Jose was shot after being flagged down by a mother reporting that her 33-year-old son had just shot at her car. A foot pursuit ensued and Jose was shot and killed. He was an 18-year LE veteran and is survived by his wife and two children. 

Applications can be picked up in person or accessed online.

Attention Internet trolls! Think you'd do a better job? Here's your chance


June 23rd– North County Police Cooperative – North County Police Cooperative in Missouri is currently seeking applicants.  Officer Michael Langsdorf was killed in the line of duty while handling a report of a person trying to pass bad checks. Mike was shot and killed by the suspect after contacting him. But a witness was kind enough to live-stream Mike’s death on FB. You know, rather than give him life saving measures…they filmed it. Mike was engaged and is survived by two children.

At least one guy is benefiting from this tragedy though…as of this week, a bottom feeder on FB was selling t-shirts with an image of Mike’s lifeless body on it with the phrase “Better one of theirs than one of ours”. 

Sign up for a career in police work and you might even help a small business sell sick and disgusting t-shirts online!

Attention Internet trolls! Think you'd do a better job? Here's your chance


June 25th – Fulton County Sheriffs Office – The Fulton County Sheriffs Office in Illinois is presently looking to fill the position left by Deputy Troy Chisum. Troy was and shot and killed while responding to a disturbance call near Avon. The suspect who barricaded himself surrendered. Troy leaves behind a wife.

Attention Internet trolls! Think you'd do a better job? Here's your chance


But how hard could police work possibly be, right?

In less than a week, these professionals died at the hands of gun-wielding criminals. But hey, lets not forget there are other agencies for you to share your vast Twitter-based and social media-inspired knowledge of police work. A Nebraska Trooper was killed on the 20th when another vehicle crossed the centerline, hitting him head on. A Colorado Trooper was run over while assisting on a traffic crash on the 14th. A Grand Prairie, Texas officer was killed June 7th when a teenager lost control of his car and struck the officer while he was standing outside of his vehicle. A Monroe County Alabama Sheriff’s Deputy was killed in a crash while responding to a burglary.

Attention Internet trolls! Think you'd do a better job? Here's your chance

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Did I mention this is just for fatal crashes for the month of June? So far? 

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Sign up now and you can get the added bonus of having to worry about being killed while you’re NOT EVEN ON DUTY! On June 17th, a Racine, Wisconsin officer was shot while off-duty, attempting to intervene in an armed robbery. On June 26th, an off-duty Chicago PD officer was shot shortly after getting off shift. It is reported that a suspicious black SUV had been seen circling the area, then followed the CPD officer. The SUV pulled next to the officer’s vehicle and opened fire, striking the officer in the head. Don’t think it can’t happen here? Ask the Nez Perce Tribal Police Officer who was shot twice at his own home in April…in quiet little Idaho.

I didn’t include the officer suicides, the medical emergency deaths, cancer, and other LE related deaths. There have been 60 line of duty deaths so far this this year.

Which brings me to my point, addressing some of the comments I have recently seen on social medial platforms regarding local law enforcement officers and how they do their business. Until you are ready to put on 6lbs of Kevlar, 25lbs of duty belt, and step up and show people how it is “supposed” to be done, don’t be quick to snap to judgment based on a poorly done two-minute video and word of mouth.

There are always more sides to the story. 

So, to all the Internet trolls, you computer commandos, ingrates of Instagram. To you twits on Twitter, the Snapchat snowflakes, you drop box detectives. You came along at just the right time. 

They’re hiring. 


Attention Internet trolls! Think you'd do a better job? Here's your chance