Man runs into church to shoot pastor, gun jams in seemingly divine intervention

NORTH BRADDOCK, PA - In a shocking turn of events at Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church near Pittsburgh, a gunman aimed at Pastor Glenn Germany during a Sunday service, but divine intervention seemingly saved his life. As the congregation watched in horror, the gun failed to discharge when the trigger was pulled, sparing the pastor from harm.

“When he came down to the church, it was the same gun. And he pulled that (trigger),” the pastor said. “I thank God that the gun jammed. The police officer showed us because he took the (bullet) out of the chamber. It was stuck in the chamber. You can see the dents in the bullet where it was stuck.”

The assailant, identified as 26-year-old Bernard Junior Polite, was swiftly tackled by a brave church member, Clarence McCallister, before any further harm could be done. Germany, unharmed but shaken, managed to subdue the gunman until police arrived.

Polite's motive for the attempted shooting remains unclear, but what unfolded next added another layer of tragedy. Hours later, police discovered the body of Derek Polite, Bernard's 56-year-old cousin, at Bernard's home. Derek had been shot, adding a grim twist to the already shocking events.

Ballistics testing later confirmed that the same gun used in Derek's killing was the one aimed at Pastor Germany. However, a malfunction caused the bullet to get stuck in the gun's chamber, preventing a potentially fatal outcome.

Despite the terrifying ordeal, Germany showed remarkable compassion toward his would-be attacker, expressing forgiveness and offering support. Polite now faces multiple charges, including attempted homicide and aggravated assault.

The connection between the church incident and Derek Polite's death raised many questions, but authorities are still investigating the circumstances surrounding both events. Family members and witnesses provided crucial information that helped link Bernard Polite to both crime scenes.

“There’s no indication there was any kind of disturbance in the residence. We saw no evidence that there was any type of altercation,” Allegheny County Police Superintendent Christopher Kearns said. “It appears the victim was shot as he was walking up the steps from the first floor to the second.”

The community remains stunned by the events, grappling with the realization that tragedy can strike unexpectedly. As Bernard Polite awaits his fate in custody, the pastor and his congregation reflect on the role of faith and providence in surviving such harrowing experiences.

As for the pastor, Germany said he’s alive thanks to the “ways of God” – exactly what he was preaching about when he survived a man pulling a trigger in front of his face.

“Most people say this is a miracle. But I see it as the ways of God. If you walk in the way God wants you to walk, you get the protection of God,” Germany said. “I’ve seen God. And he’s administering the angels and jamming guns for you. I know that sounds spooked out, but … I credit it to Him.”
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