Atlanta Mayor Bottoms, who attacked police, to get new 24/7 police protection after her term ends


ATLANTA, GA – According to reports, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms will continue to receive her personal police protection for a period of up to six months after she leaves office. The move was reportedly made by the Atlanta City Council.

This effort came to fruition on September 20th, with proponents proclaiming that the new law was inspired by a newfound hazardous climate that modern-day politicians face that purportedly “did not exist a decade ago, or even three years ago,” according to a report from Fox 5 Atlanta.

Sources with reported ties to Mayor Bottoms’ administration proclaim that the public is unaware of the number of threats – some allegedly credible – that she’s faced during her time in office.

However, Councilman Michael Bond claims that the mere existence of threats should not have served as a greenlight for six additional months of round-the-clock police protection:

“If that is the case, then those incidents should be looked at on a case-by-case basis by the chief. The council should not have just approved a flat six months.”

Furthermore, the city council’s actions regarding the matter do more than just behoove Mayor Bottoms – all incoming mayors in the city from here on out will be afforded what has been dubbed as “executive protection” post term.

There doesn’t seem to be any widely publicized reports of actual threats against Mayor Bottoms, in the sense of ones threatening harm against her or a loved one.

The only widely reported incident involving any level of harassment is one from April of 2020 where she was texted by an individual who called her a racial slur and demanded she “re-open Atlanta”.

This comes at a time when Atlanta Police is suffering from a severe officer shortage, 500 officers short of full staffing, thus causing some reasonable controversy. When reached for comment by Fox 5 Atlanta about the matter, Mayor Bottoms reportedly refused to share any.

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Atlanta neighborhood fighting to become its own city because mayor “treats police like villains”, “protects criminals”

(Originally published September 2nd, 2021)

ATLANTA, GA – Bill White, the CEO of the Buckhead City Committee, told SiriusXM’s Breitbart News in late August that his campaign to deannex his upscale suburb from Atlanta’s crime-ridden city is making headway.

White, who recently unveiled the emblem for the prospective Buckhead city on August 27th, told host Matthew Boyle that the idea of cityhood, which has surfaced occasionally as a result of local dissatisfaction over the previous decade, is now more viable than ever:

“When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’ve got to organize.”

“I think sometimes it just takes some people, and we have all these great volunteers, subject matter experts, even people who work for the city of Atlanta who are helping us to set up our city. So we’re not a fly by night, willy-nilly, knee-jerk organization.”

White has been leading Buckhead’s bid for cityhood this year, a community initiative that has evolved into a legitimate endeavor as Atlanta’s violent crime rate continues to climb and state lawmakers and financiers show support for his proposition:

“We’ve set up the charter. We’ve set up the hiring practices. We’ve set up the city ordinances that will clean up Buckhead, just like they did cleaning up New York City, making that, way back, you know, with the great police of New York City, the safest largest city in America.”

White says that from a budget perspective with respect to taxes, Buckhead could easily be self-sufficient and even lower taxes. He also added that their deannexing will put Atlanta in the hotseat where they’ll have to star balancing their own budgets more competently:

“We know we can do it. We know we can even potentially lower our taxes here by continuing to operate Buckhead city as a business like the folks here do every day, and Atlanta’s going to have to do something that they’ve never done in the history of Atlanta — is they’re going to have to operate on a budget, just like you and I do in our homes or our businesses.”

“They’ve been spending like drunken sailors, and you know, that’s an insult to drunken sailors because what we have to do is get control of the purse strings. They’ve been looking at Buckhead as a piggy bank for all these years.”

The high crime rate in Atlanta, as well as what White regards as a “demoralized” police department, are driving forces behind White’s campaign, which he attributes in part to Atlanta Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms:

“We have a mayor who basically treats the police as if they’re villains. So they’re completely demoralized. Arrests are down, and crime is through the roof. On top of which, she has a complete lack of any understanding on how to fight crime.”

Mayor Bottoms, who opposes the deannexation of Buckhead, has previously attributed her city’s increase in violent crime on Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to lift the state’s coronavirus lockdowns sooner than most states in 2020.

The mayor claims that by simply identifying as a city, Buckhead isn’t “building a wall around the city,” and won’t be able to address what she referred to as the “COVID crime wave.”

White, on the other hand, is determined to take matters into his own and his fellow Buckhead residents’ hands regarding the matter:

“We’re fighting back. We’re going to take control back of our city from these crazy policies, and we have a bill in both the House and the Senate of the Georgia legislature, which when it passes, in April, will put cityhood on the ballot for November of 2022. We know Buckhead city is one hundred percent feasible.”

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Watch: White Atlanta police officer harassed by BLM mob when responding to report of shots fired

(Originally published July 21st, 2021)

ATLANTA, GA- On July 19th, a Twitter user posted a video where a white Atlanta police officer was surrounded and harassed by a Black Lives Matter (BLM) mob as he was responding to reports of a shooting. Watch below:

The video shows the officer attempting to get information about who was possibly involved in the reported shooting, but instead he was told to “get the (expletive) outta here,” among many other things.

At one point, someone in the mob started a chant, “No white cop, no white cop.” Another person yells, “get your white face outta here.” As the officer walks to the patrol vehicle and attempts to get in the car, he is taunted the entire time by the mob.

Right before he gets into the patrol vehicle, a member of the BLM mob gets right in his face, yelling obscenities at him, saying:

“Get your (expletive) out of here…before we knock you the (expletive) get the (expletive) out of here.”

After the officer gets in the car, one woman, in a Black Lives Matter shirt, steps in front of the passenger door window to seemingly defend the officer and tells the mob repeatedly to leave the man alone. She said:

“Leave this man alone. We need some help right now. They done shot somebody. Let him help.”

At the beginning of the video, two other black officers are with the white cop, as they had to rescue him from the mob. Even so, the mob did not let up as they continued to berate the officer. 

In a separate incident, the Washington Examiner reported on a Florida police officer who responded alone to a “shots fired” call and was surrounded and attacked by a mob after arriving on scene. 

Steve Zona, the president of the Fraternal Order of Police in Jacksonville, said in a statement:

“Our police officer was actually responding to a report of gunshots, shots being fired, so equate that to a potential active shooter situation. When he got down there to try and get people to disperse, one of the people from the crowd actually attacked our police officer.”

Footage that circulated social media captured the moment a crowd descended on the officer, who had a rifle slung on his back, and then pushed him to the ground while shouting expletives at him. The video shows the officer regaining his footing as the person recording runs away while laughing.

Zona said that he was disappointed that no one in the crowd stepped in to assist the officer. He said:

“We have tremendous support here in the community and I don’t think what happened to our police officer is a direct reflection of our community here in Jacksonville. I saw it’s a direct reflection of the people there.”

The officer was responding to a call reporting that multiple vehicles in the area were being burglarized. One he arrived on scene, he was informed by a complainant that she heard gunshots fired.

The officer then identified the group of about eight people fighting on a nearby street and approached them while calling for backup.

The officer attempted to separate two of the people while shouting verbal commands for them to stop, which eventually led to the incident being caught on camera.

The officer was able to perform a “takedown and arrest” of the suspected attacker, who was eventually identified as 23-year-old Jermisha Ramsey.

She was charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and street fighting. The officer, who was not named, reportedly suffered multiple abrasions due to the attack. 


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