Trail of death? At least nine bodies discovered during search for Gabby Petitio and Brian Laundrie


DENVER, CO –  The massive search for Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie that spanned the country after the Florida woman vanished in September and was later found dead in a Wyoming national park has resulted in at least nine bodies of other missing people being discovered.

The search for Petito began on September 11 after she was reported missing by family. Her body was recovered  September 19, two days after her boyfriend Brian Laundrie went missing after police named him the sole person of interest in the case.

A nationwide search for Laundrie came to an end when his remains were found October 20 in a Florida swamp.

During the nationwide manhunt for Petito and Laundrie with a massive mobilization of resources and media interest, authorities recovered the remains of nine other missing persons, including one with a tragic story similar to that of Petito.

Emily Ferlazzo, 22, was reported missing by her parents Monday after her husband, Joseph Ferlazzo, 41, returned to her parents’ house in New Hampshire, saying he had not seen her since Saturday.

Like Laundrie and Petito, the Ferlazzos were traveling together, living in a small bus they converted into a home. Joseph Ferlazzo reportedly confessed to shooting her in the head and dismembering her body in the camper.

Authorities reportedly found the camper and bags of human remains, a handgun, and a handsaw. The remains were shipped to the medical examiner Wednesday for identification.

Joseph Ferlazzo has pleaded not guilty despite his admission, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail reported on three other bodies found on October 9 in three different states with the help of the manhunt.

In California, the remains of Lauren Cho of Farmington, New Jersey, were located near where she disappeared on June 28 in Yucca Valley. She was last seen with her friends and former boyfriend shortly before her disappearance.

The Daily Mail wrote:

“Friends say she had planned to move out West with her former boyfriend Chris Orell and live a more ‘creative’ life where she planned to start her own food truck.

“Coroners are in the process of identifying the body and determining a cause of death which could take weeks. The area where the body was found is near where Cho was last seen before she became ‘upset and presumably walked away from the resort, leaving behind her personal belongings,’ her friends told Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.”

Although there is no direct connection to the Petito case, the Daily Mail said the renewed interest in cases similar to Petito’s that have not garnered as much media attention contributed to Cho’s discovery.

Also on October 9, members of the Douglas County Search and Rescue in Colorado found the remains of missing person Sara Bayard off Highway 83 and North Pinery Parkway.

According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Bayard was last seen on June 28 at a gas station in Parker. She was reported missing on July 4.

The Douglas County Coroner has yet to determine the cause of death for the 55-year-old woman.

A third body found on the same day was loosely linked to the search for Laundrie. The Daily mail wrote:

“The third body found on October 9, has been identified as Josue Calderon. The body of the 33-year-old man from Rhode Island was discovered stabbed to death on the Blue Ridge Parkway along the Appalachian Trail below the Yadkin Valley Overlook in North Carolina.

“Before Calderon was identified, rumors began to circulate that the body may belong to Laundrie who the FBI and other investigators have been searching for along the Appalachian Trail.”


The family of one young woman whose remains were recovered during the manhunt called out what they viewed as differences in media coverage for white women and women of color.

Miya Marcano, a student at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida, went missing on September 24. Her body was found on October 2 with her hands and feet bound and her mouth covered with tape, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Armando Caballero, a 27-year-old maintenance employee at who worked at Marcano’s apartment complex, was found dead by suicide at a different complex in Seminole County while authorities were still searching for Marcano. He is the prime suspect in her death.

Daryl Washington, the attorney for the Marcano family, said that Marcano’s disappearance should have had the same level of coverage as Petito’s:

“I think it’s very interesting that we have two of these cases happening pretty simultaneously. And I think what it does is it really gives the world an opportunity to see sometimes some of the differences that you have in the coverage that each case receives.

“This is by no means anything against Gabby’s family. I do think they do deserve the type of attention that they’re getting.”

The search for Petito’s body in Grand Teton National Park, where her remains were found, led authorities to discover the body of Robert ‘Bob’ Lowery of Houston. He disappeared on August 20 after he was last seen carrying camping equipment into Bridger-Teton National Forest.

It was later determined that Lowery had committed suicide.

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Second body found in same area where Gabby Petito’s body was found, ending second missing person case

September 20, 2021


JACKSON, WY – According to a statement from Teton County Search and Rescue, the search for Gabby Petito led to the discovery of a second body in Wyoming that police think belongs to another missing individual.

Reports indicate that the body of the other missing person was located in the same general area where authorities discovered Petito’s body earlier in September.

Following the widespread coverage of Petito’s case, the Teton County Search and Rescue noted in their release that this resulted in the general public adopting a reinvigorated interest in other active missing persons cases.

One such case involved 46-year-old Robert Lowery, who had been missing since August 20th, where the release said new information had been provided to authorities about where he’s last been spotted:

“The widespread news coverage of the Gabby Petito search helped bring light to Lowery’s case, and resulted in at least two members of the public calling local authorities this past weekend with new information about his possible last seen point.

The new information put Lowery on the Black Canyon Trail, wearing a black baseball cap with a gold P, and carrying a black duffle bag with the Nike logo.”

On September 28th, Teton County Search and Rescue conducted a search for Lowery along the base of Teton Pass. The search reportedly consisted of 25 volunteers along with three search dog teams from the area.

Between authorities and volunteers, “search teams hiked more than 75 miles and covered 22,500 feet in elevation” before one of the search teams noticed a black Nike duffle bag “significantly off trail” that was referenced in the tips authorities received earlier.

Nearby where the Nike duffle bag was located, a body matching the description of Lowery’s was found “on a steep, timbered slope” according to the press release.

As of this time, authorities have not determined a possible cause of death in the case. There has been no indication as of this time whether authorities suspect foul play or something accidental transpired leading to Lowery’s death.

A statement from Lowery’s family expressed gratitude toward a specific Teton County Sheriff’s deputy and the entire department for their efforts in helping locate the remains of their loved one:

“We especially want to thank the Teton County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Sachse and his department for all of their work during this month that Bob has been missing…We also thank you all for your support and prayers.”

A GoFundMe has been established by the Lowery family to benefit the late father’s two young children, 12-year-old Meredith and 15-year-old Luke. 

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