On Monday, NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill threw in the towel, resigning after three years of service. 

And upon learning of who would be stepping into the limelight to take over his spot, criticism started pouring in about the fact that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio had hired “another white guy” to head up the Big Apple’s department. 

Shortly after it was announced that NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea would be taking over as the new commissioner, Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz (D-Queens) took to Twitter to slam the mayor’s choice.

catalina cruz race card nypd

Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz just slammed de Blasio for hiring ‘another white guy’ to run the NYPD.


“At a time when the relationship between police and communities of color couldn’t be worse — we chose yet another white guy?” her tweet read.

According to to Cruz, it doesn’t matter about who would be the most qualified, but instead we should pick someone just because of their race. That’s a huge slap in the face to everyone involved. Imagine being picked for something that you weren’t the best candidate for simply because the color of your skin checked a box.

“We have many qualified men and women of color within the [NYPD] who could lead the force in the right direction. What gives?” her rant continued. 


But unlike the normal spread of support that posts like these typically garner, the assemblywoman was met with some harsh criticism, according to some comments uncovered by The New York Post.

“This post is disturbing and racist on so many levels,” one user wrote on the chain of tweets. “You are an elected official fanning flames of racism. Disappointing.”

It seems like Americans are finally getting fed up with being fed the race card about every single thing. 

“With all due respect, that is a racist comment,” wrote another person. “Get over it, qualifications matter, not the color of your skin. We are all part of the human race.”

But Cruz argued back, directly saying that it wasn’t possible to be ‘reverse’ racist, and that people needed to stop pushing that narrative. 

“Reverse racism isn’t a thing. Stop trying to make it so,” Cruz responded. 


So what does Mayor de Blasio think about all of this? When asked about why he chose Shea as replacement for commissioner, he replied that he was simply appointing the best possible candidate.

“Dermot brings a wealth of leadership experience and he knows what policing needs to be in the 21st century,” said de Blasio. “He is a driven man in the best sense. He’s driven to make this city safer. … He definitely has big shoes to fill, but Dermot Shea is ready.”

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Cruz wasn’t done there. She posted a GIF about an hour after her initial tweet featuring a bird that looked surprised with the caption, “Oh no! Look at all the white guys saying the white guy was better qualified!”


De Blasio argued that during his time as the mayor of the city, the department has only become a more diverse place to work. He said he expected to see that continue.

“You will see an intensification of diversity in the leadership ranks in the coming years,” de Blasio said in an interview with NY1 News. 

Commissioner James O’Neill stepped down from his role as commissioner on Monday. He delivered a statement at a news briefing during the announcement of his resignation.

“I came into this job with one mission, and that was to fight crime and keep everybody safe,” O’Neill said. “And we did it, and we continue to do it.”

O’Neill received sharp criticism in the backlash that followed the firing of former officer Daniel Pantaleo for his role in the death of Eric Garner. Police in New York no longer felt that their superiors had their back, and many continued to raise concerns about his leadership, with some even blaming him outright for contributing to the chaos and lawlessness that the city has seemingly found itself in.

O’Neill reportedly accepted a private gig and is planning on moving across the country to California. 

Dermot Shea is expected to take control of the NYPD on December 1.

“We’ve redefined the last six years how we police this great city,” said Shea as he cited crime statistics. “We have done what many thought was impossible.”

But he says his work isn’t finished there.

“We cannot and will not rest until all New Yorkers feel safe,” he said.


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