Don’t leave your kids in the care of these folks.


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Two Ohio day care workers have been arrested and face serious charges after surveillance video appeared to show the pair sitting back while a 5-year-old girl was viciously attacked by bullies.

Police identified the two neglectful workers as 31-year-old Emma Dietrich and 27-year-old Joshua Tennant of Columbus.

The video allegedly shows a group of older students “grabbing, pulling, dragging, swinging, and just ‘bullying’ the victim,” according to New York Daily News.

Emma Dietrich and Joshua Tennant are facing charges of child endangerment after video evidence showed their reaction to a day care assault. (Columbus Division of Police)


The assault reportedly occurred at the Worthington Learning Center in Columbus on August 13. While the older children are bullying and beating the child, the video appears to show Tennant and Dietrich sitting back in their chairs, watching the disturbing incident take place.

Not even when the girl tried “to curl up into a fetal position” did either of the workers that were responsible for her care step in to stop the fight.

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Eventually, Tennant gets to his feet and approaches the circle of children. He allegedly grabbed the 5-year-old victim by her ankle and pulls her up, switches his grip to her other leg and carries her – upside down – to a nearby rug in the day care room.


A video still seems to show Tennant carrying the girl by her leg as his co-worker sits back in her chair. (Columbus Division of Police)


Though the video has not been made public, the Columbus Division of Police released just one frame on Wednesday, showing very clearly what appears to be abuse on the caretaker’s behalf.

The attack allegedly happened in Dietrich’s classroom inside the day care facility. Daily News reported that the police statement claimed “the victim attempts to get away from the other students and they continue to ‘bully’ her by grabbing her and holding her down.”


Lisa Rowe owns the day care where the alleged assault and neglect took place. She said she was “heartbroken” by the news and had fired both of the employees.

Police say the two former employees’ actions may have gone unnoticed, but a child who witnessed the series of events reportedly shared the information with their parents, who then contacted the authorities. 

Authorities have said that the two suspects are in custody and are cooperating with investigators. Tennant and Dietrich each face charges of child endangerment for their role (or lack of), in the assault. 


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