As attacks on the Second Amendment grow, here’s how every gun owner should protect themselves


U.S.A.  Just imagine:  You are sitting in your living room watching a movie with your family.  The night is quiet and calm.

Suddenly, the serenity is interrupted by the front door bursting open, as two gun-wielding assailants, seeking to prey on an innocent family, kick it in.

The two men are shouting unintelligibly and pointing their weapons at your family.

Fearing for your life and the lives of your family members, you reach for your own firearm, and fire at both attackers, who go down.

A family member calls 911, requesting an ambulance and police.  You and your loved ones even administer first aid to the best of your ability to the very men who attacked you in the first place.

You’ve done everything you think is right, with only seconds to respond.

Perhaps in the fairest of worlds, this would be a clear-cut case of self-defense, and close to the end of the story.

However, real life is not always that simple.

Laws vary from state to state, and procedures vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the arrival of first responders may bring a confusing, chaotic set of events.

You may be handcuffed.  Law enforcement will want to question you.  Your weapon may be confiscated.

Charges may be filed against you.

Regarding the first aid you administered, a prosecutor may use your actions against you and say you displayed remorse by trying to save the persons you shot.

What can come next can be a lengthy, expensive march through the criminal justice system, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  A murder trial can take up approximately 1000 costly attorney hours.  

Even if you are acquitted of any charges, further legal proceedings may still follow, such as civil action, retrials, or appeals.

So what is a law-abiding gun owner to do?

The answer lies in dependable, affordable legal coverage for self-defense incidents.

U.S. LawShield is a well-known, highly-respected provider of such coverage.

According to Kristi Heuring, VP of communications at U.S. LawShield, U.S. LawShield was founded in 2009 by a trial attorney.

This attorney, she told me:

“wanted to form U.S. LawShield to help self-defenders and law-abiding gun owners defend themselves and their families.

“He was seeing some of the injustices in the legal system, and how the good guys were being treated like the bad guys.”

The company started out as Texas LawShield, and then branched out to cover other states.  Coverage is now available for 46 states, excluding New York, Rhode Island, Alaska, and Maine.

Over 700,000 members strong, U.S. LawShield offers “legal defense for self-defense.”

Base coverage, which costs only $10.95 per month, covers the member from the moment a self-defense incident happens through the completion of criminal and/or civil proceedings.

All legal fees are covered, with no caps, limitations, or deductibles.  Members pay nothing out of pocket over their monthly fee.

The coverage includes more than firearms for self-defense.  Any legal weapon used for self-defense, from a baseball bat, to a frying pan, to bare hands, and even to a vehicle, falls under the plan.

As a U.S. LawShield member in the above scenario, the second call you would make after calling 911 would be to the U.S. LawShield emergency hotline number, which is answered 24/7/365 not by a call center, but by a vetted independent program attorney in your state.  This call is completely confidential and cannot be used in court.

The program attorney will begin handling legal matters from there, from speaking with the police, to mounting any defense as necessary. 

U.S. Law Shield program attorneys all specialize in self-defense and firearm laws.  Many are former prosecutors who now work for the defense.

U.S. LawShield also features considerable educational materials and resources available to members.

For example, members can call a non-emergency line at any time to be connected with a program attorney in their state to answer legal questions and concerns about firearms and self-defense laws.

U.S. LawShield also provides its members with many informational local seminars and workshops to attend.  There, independent program attorneys update members on laws and how to handle themselves in the event of a self-defense incident.

In addition, U.S. LawShield has a YouTube channel featuring hundreds of videos on various topics.  The channel also hosts a YouTube live event every other Tuesday.  These events feature at least two program attorneys, and often the president of U.S. LawShield, and they often include a question and answer session afterwards.

Heuring told me:

“We want to keep everybody armed and educated, so we try to provide as much information as possible to where we can break down the law and make it more digestible for our members.

“Everyone is a law-abiding gun owner, as far as our members, but sometimes that law can be difficult to understand, and there are so many nuances, so we try to make that much easier for our members to know what they need to do to stay on the right side of the law.”

Add-on protections are also available to combine with the base membership fee of $10.95.

For instance, one of the most popular add-ons is multi-state protection, which proves very useful for members who are traveling with a firearm.  

Members can even call U.S. LawShield to inquire about the best route to take through various states, and about areas to avoid.  They can also download travel guides by state in order to have the best understanding of state-specific laws where they are traveling.

Another add-on is minor child coverage.  Children in the house under the age of 18 will be protected in the event of a self-defense incident.  For example, if a minor child defends himself or herself on the playground and the opposing family sues for emotional distress, U.S. LawShield benefits will apply.

In addition, U.S. LawShield offers a HunterShield add-on for hunters and anglers, covering outdoor-sport-specific circumstances such as accusations of trespassing.

For those in law enforcement, it is very important to note that U.S. LawShield covers law enforcement members for both on-duty and off-duty self-defense incidents, even if the officer carries other coverage through the Fraternal Order of Police or other organizations.  Both criminal and civil proceedings are covered.

One of the most well-known U.S. LawShield members is Jack Wilson, the man who stopped a shotgun-wielding gunman in December 2019 at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, TX.  

The gunman shot and killed two parishioners at the church during a service.  Wilson, a firearms instructor and the head of the church security team, stopped the threat with a single shot to the gunman’s head.

Although he saved countless lives that day with his heroism, Wilson still faced legal action.

Fortunately, Wilson, a U.S. LawShield member since 2013, called the emergency number for U.S. LawShield after the shooting, and program attorney Katherine Reed met him right there at the church.

Reed walked Wilson through the legal processes that followed, and she was with him throughout a long, stressful nine months as Wilson waited for a grand jury verdict.

Finally, in September 2020, a Tarrant County grand jury declined to indict Wilson for the fatal self-defense shooting.

Attorney Katherine Reed stated after the grand jury returned their decision:

“The good thing about [U.S.] LawShield… is that they know the procedures, and they know who to contact.  

“The average citizen has no idea what’s going to happen, and they feel sometimes overwhelmed by the idea that there are these big systems that are thinking about them and considering their cases, and if they don’t understand what’s happening, that could be daunting, and, I’m sure, stressful.

“So, having an attorney on your side to explain some of that procedure hopefully gives some comfort and allows them to live their life while this is pending.”

Wilson also stated after the grand jury decision was returned:

“When the grand jury did issue the No Bill, that was a pleasant relief, to not have that hanging over my head at that point.

“I knew that I didn’t have anything to worry about, going through the grand jury process, because when I made the phone call, talked to an attorney that afternoon, within… about an hour and fifteen minutes, Ms. Reed was on-site….

“If you deal with U.S. LawShield, you do not have to worry, if you use your firearm, about what you’re going to do after the fact.”

For more information on U.S. LawShield, please visit their website here.


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