As Americans suffer, House Democrats are concerned about “gender inclusive” language. Here are Pelosi’s new rules.


WASHINGTON, DC- Hundreds of thousands of American businesses remain closed, millions of Americans remain unemployed, and school children across the country are being educated at home.

However, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is apparently much more concerned about political correctness in the House of Representatives than helping the American people.

Breitbart News is reporting that Pelosi is banning gender specific terms such as mother, daughter, father and son in the House. That is some earth-shattering important business right there.

Law Enforcement Today has learned that Pelosi, along with Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern (D-MA) have revealed a number of rules for the 117th Congress, including the elimination of certain “gender-focused” terms such as “father, son, mother, and daughter.” Priorities.

“This package, which will be introduced and voted on once the new Congress convenes, includes sweeping ethics reforms, increases accountability for the American people, and makes this House of Representatives the most inclusive in history,” the House Committee on Rules said in a statement.

The statement did not include whether by “sweeping ethics reforms” that included sleeping with Chinese spies as a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Pelosi said that she is “pleased to join Chairman Jim McGovern in introducing this visionary rules package, which reflects the views and values of the full range of our historically diverse House Democratic Majority.”

“Thanks to the leadership of Chairman McGovern and our Members, Democrats have crafted a package of unprecedented, bold reforms, which will make the House more accountable, transparent, and effective in our work to meet the needs of the American people, “ said Pelosi.

“These future-focused proposals reflect our priorities as a Caucus and as a Country,” Pelosi added.

Such drastic rules changes are curious, especially given the fact that Pelosi and the Democrats now maintain only a razor thin majority in the House after Democrats were eviscerated in the November 3 election.

As a matter of fact, Pelosi herself is barely hanging on as Speaker and some believe she may actually be ousted when the House elects its leadership next week.

Inside the proposals is the creation of the “Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth,” which requires Congress to “honor all gender identifies by changing pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender neutral.”

For example, clause 8(c)(3) of Rule XXIII, gendered terms such as “father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather, stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother, stepsister, half-brother, half-sister, grandson, or granddaughter” will all be removed.

In their place, terms such as, “parent, child, sibling, parents sibling, first cousin, sibling’s child, spouse, parent-in-law, child-in-law, sibling-in-law, stepparent, stepchild, stepsibling, half-sibling, or grandchild” would be used in their place.

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In addition to the above, the rules package said that the changes would:

…establish the Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in growth; require standing committees to include in their oversight plans a discussion of how committee work over the forthcoming Congress will address issues of inequities on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, or national origin.”

A commentary in the Western Journal written by C. Douglas Golden spelled out the stupidity of such rules. As the editorial spelled out, imagine the stupidity in trying to use such “inclusive language” in everyday life:

“Oh, my parent’s sibling can’t make it tonight. Their gout is flaring up again.”

“You mean…you’re talking about your Uncle Ted, right?”

“Well, I’m not going to make assumptions about him. I mean, them. We’ve never really talked about what they want to be called. When he—well, they get over the gout, maybe we’ll sit down.”


The writer then goes on to say that, although many normal Americans may have a bit of a laugh over this silliness, it is only part of a well-orchestrated plot to legislate speech and dictate what does and does not constitute hate speech. Indeed, many people have had their careers ruined because they had the audacity to refer to someone by their assumed pronoun based on their gender.

He quotes George Orwell: “If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. A bad usage can spread by tradition and imitation, even among people who should and do know better.”

The writer cited an example none other than Pelosi’s daughter, Christine.

Last February, her mother in a well-orchestrated bit of political theater ripped up a transcript of President Trump’s State of the Union speech where all could see. In responding to that, Christine Pelosi said:

“In watching that, her reaction to that speech, I thought to myself, that’s an ‘Italian grandma move,’” she said while appearing on Fox News.

“I saw my grandmother do that years ago when I was in her kitchen when there was a guest at my grandfather’s house…who was rude. She picked up the person’s plate without comment, we heard a crashing sound. She threw the plate away, sat down, and didn’t say another word.”[emphasis added]

So there, in one paragraph, Pelosi’s daughter blew the “gender identification test” three times. Can you imagine trying to put that paragraph together in any type of context that makes sense? Impossible.

With all that our country has gone through over the past nine months, and with a contentious election still hanging in the balance, it is mind-boggling that Pelosi and House Democrats are prioritizing language.

Here they have a member of their caucus on the House Intelligence Committee who had an affair with a Chinese spy and all we hear are crickets. That fact alone should tell you all you need to know about the Democratic leadership in the House.

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