NEW YORK – An arrestee chomped off part of an officer’s finger inside a Brooklyn police station Friday night, law enforcement sources said.

According to the New York Post, the injured officer lost the tip of his left middle finger during the bloody encounter.

The mauling occurred inside a holding cell of the 69th Precinct station house in Canarsie at about 6 p.m., sources said.


Outside New York’s 69th Precinct. (NYPD Twitter)

The officer was rushed to Kings County Hospital. The prisoner, Ainsley Johnson, 34, had been arrested on the charge of criminal mischief.

Authorities did not indicate if the arrestee would face additional charges for maiming the officer, although it would seem likely.

Johnson reportedly has a rap sheet that includes 10 previous arrests for offenses that include forgery as well as resisting arrest.

The injured officer was not identified. When he wasn’t being attacked, other officers in the 69th Precinct celebrated Autism Awareness Month. It’s all in a day’s work!