What military readiness? Army base welcomes drag storytime for kids after Air Force base cancels its shows


Less than a month after a U.S. Air Force base in Germany canceled a series of drag shows, including a Drag Queen Story Hour for kids, nearby army base Kleber Kaserne is hosting its own drag story time event, for kids, according to The Post Millennial 

The event is being hosted by the KMC Theater Guild on June 30 and will feature “Drag Story Time for all ages,” a “history of drag” and a “discussion on theater inclusivity.” The “out of character family-friendly Pride event” will be held live on stage, the report said.

The KCM Theater Guild, according to its Facebook page, “is an all-volunteer organization whose purpose is to support participation in theater activities within the KMC.” Their purpose “is to foster, promote, support, and encourage participation in theater activities within the Kaiserslautern Military Community.”

These drag events are directed at children, not adults, and that is the basis for opposition to their production.

In May, The Post Millennial became aware of a Drag Story Hour being hosted for families at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. After the 86th Airlift Wing became aware of  the event at the base library, it was canceled, along with future drag-centric events.

The Post Millennial reported:

“The base, on which 54,000 American service members are stationed, accompanied by more than 5,400 US civilian employees, had held a Drag Story Hour in 2021, and was slated to hold one again.”

Those plans were derailed once the performance came to the attention of the 86th Airlift Wing.


A spokesperson for the wing said in a statement:

“An advertisement was posted to the base library social media page before the event had completed Ramstein’s established processes for special observance coordination and approval.

“The advertisement has been removed and the event will not take place. Ramstein leaders strive to foster a culture based on inclusion where all people are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their political views, color of their skin, or sexual orientation.

“The base’s established processes will ensure all future special observance events are properly reviewed and approved prior to advertisement.”

An unidentified mother of a toddler who uses the library, and lives at the base told The Post Millennial:
“[She was] shocked to see the Ramstein Air Force Base Library plans to hold an official drag queen story hour for children.
“I find it wholly inappropriate that the military, of all places, will be using public funds to sexualize children.”
Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio sent a letter to the Air Force, suggesting that drag shows were not appropriate entertainment for children.



Librarians and organizers were dismayed about the cancellation. They sent a letter to the community, saying:

“Some disappointing news. Our drag queen storytime was written about in many online blogs in an extremely negative light, including misgendering me, calling the LGBTQ community groomers, and claiming we are sexualizing children. This story has been shared across social media and gathered a decent amount of attention.

“So much so that the Ramstein command decided to cancel all drag events on the base, including the storytime. Later, we were informed that the karaoke and June 11 show are tentatively allowed to continue under different names not referencing drag.

“We are deeply disappointed that discrimination like this continues to be tolerated and are working with LIT, MMAA, 86FSS, and others to find a solution.”


‘It’s child abuse’: Candace Owens unleashes on parents who bring children to drag queen events

June 18, 2022

NASHVILLE, TN – Conservative commentator Candace Owens recently had strong words for parents who take their children to drag queen events, saying “they should have their children taken away.”

Owens voiced her opinion on the matter on her June 15, 2022, episode of “Candace” on the Daily Wire.

She began the segment by suggesting that “Pride Month” ought to be called “Shame Month”:

“Of course, I have been covering the wonderful month of pride, for which I feel no pride for at all.

“I think it should be called ‘Shame Month.’  It’s absolute debauchery.”

Referring the recent news of New York’s taxpayer-funded drag queen story hours at city schools, she added:

“Why did that need to happen?  I don’t know.

“Maybe it’s because it’s very obvious that there is an agenda on our children, and they keep trying to tell you that you’re homophobic if you talk about it, but it’s not homophobia to talk about the fact that they are going after our children.

“I have said on this show, and I have been mocked for it, that it’s very obvious that pedophilia will be around the corner.  Right?

“There’s no reason that we should be seeing images of children putting dollar bills in half-naked men that are dressed up as women, and seeing adults applaud it around as, ‘Oh, this is love, love is love.”

She continued:

“Debauchery is debauchery, and that’s what we’re looking at right now.”

Owens also took the government to task for pushing a drag queen agenda on children, saying:

“Our society has become increasingly disgusting. 

“I spoke about this last week and when you believe, when you start to see that your government is sponsoring that, when they’re putting real dollars behind things like drag queen story hour in New York City, you should realize that something nefarious is going on, because the government does not care about your children. 

“No. The government does not love your children. The government does not want your children to be accepted. The government wants your children to be enslaved to government for the rest of their life.”

Owens went on to postulate that there is a “marriage between government and big pharma,” intended to “tell children they can pick their gender and to confuse them.”

“I believe our government is actually sponsoring mental illness,” she added.


Owens also took aim at complicit parents in no uncertain terms, saying:

“And you’re seeing right now that adults are getting behind this narrative so they can have a woke t-shirt on and say, ‘I love my children. I allowed my child to pick their gender and pick their species.’

“And they feel proud of themselves because they can go and they can say this on Facebook that they are wonderful, accepting, and loving adults. When, in reality, they are underqualified to have children.”


Unrelenting in her critique, she continued by calling such behavior “child abuse,” saying:

“They should have their children taken away from them, because it’s child abuse.

“It is child abuse to put a half-naked adult in the room with a small child and having them read a book. It’s just child abuse. That’s what it is. 

“It’s child abuse to ask your child to take a dollar bill and put it into the thong of a grown adult. It’s child abuse. 

“It’s child abuse for teachers to be telling children, knowing fully well that it is a lie, that they can switch their gender biologically. Right? 

“But to encourage that behind a parent’s back? That’s child abuse.”

Owens concluded:

“The question that remains is, when do parents draw the line and start realizing that the scholarships, and the nice schools are not worth all of this.

“It’s not worth allowing your child to be abused by mentally ill adults.”

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