STOCKTON, Calif. – Armed suspects in Stockton selected the wrong victim when they pointed handguns at an off-duty San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputy earlier in the week reported Fox 40. 

“The off-duty deputy was walking through the parking lot when he was confronted by two armed suspects who were wearing masks. Both suspects pointed their guns at the deputy’s face. And at that point, the deputy didn’t know if he was being robbed, carjacked or if he was being targeted because he was a deputy,” Stockton Public Information Officer Joe Silva said.

So the deputy drew his off-duty weapon and fired at the suspects.

Local residents commented. “At least 10. It seemed like there was a lot of shots,” said Joey Skracic.

Christina Torres heard the gunshots and cautiously walked outside and around the corner from her apartment, to where the shooting occurred. She said the wounded suspect was on the ground.

Torres said the deputy was on the phone with 911, instructing a man who stopped to help, to apply pressure to the suspect’s side where he was bleeding. She said Bradley had a faint pulse and trouble breathing. Another man held a flashlight to provide light, while another woman tried to comfort the suspect.

Torres says the deputy did everything he could to help. “It was just him being attacked and then immediately going into … lets save his life,” she said.

Torres also said not far from the circle of helpers was evidence the suspects left behind. “We all seen the mask. Everyone seen the mask there. And the pool of blood. Not once sat there and said, he’s a piece of you know what. We were all concerned for him, saying ‘Oh God. I hope he makes it.'”

A handgun was found at the scene. “It was loaded and it was a stolen firearm,” Torres said.

The suspect hit by gunfire was pronounced dead at the scene by responding medics. The other ran away.

Police identified the deceased suspect as Keenan Bradley, 21, of Stockton.

Department spokesman Silva confirmed the weapon was loaded and had previously been  reported stolen.