Armed with a gun, what would you do?

You are armed with a gun. You only carry it to defend yourself and those you love.

Several loved ones come running to you, out of breath, terrified, panicking, and screaming … someone just pointed a gun at them.

That someone, is now coming your way. That someone, is now right in front you. That someone, has now raised the gun, and is pointing it at you and your loved ones.


Menacing man terrorizing Brooklyn neighborhood. (NYPD)

You have fractions of a second to make a decision. What will you do? If you’re reading this sentence now and you haven’t made a decision, you and your loved ones have already been shot dead. Now you are just another victim, another statistic … another, “He was a good man” which we read about in the news every day.

(Public domain)

NYPD Police received several 911 calls reporting a black man in a brown jacket pointing a gun at people in the street in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn last month.

Police arrive, and make contact with the subject of the 911 calls. The same subject then gets into a two-handed shooting position and points the gun at police.

In response, officers shoot the individual nine times. Further investigation revealed that the man was not holding an actual gun, but was holding a pipe-like object and brandishing it like gun.

“F*** the police. They shot him because he was black!”

Protesters have again taken to the streets chanting “No justice, no peace,” “Black lives they matter here,” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho, killer cops have got to go.”

I was born and raised in Crown Heights. It is a neighborhood where the majority of people living there are minorities. During this incident, minority community members called 911 reporting that there is a minority male pointing a gun at people.

Video has been released (scroll to bottom) showing this same minority male, pointing what appears to be a gun, at other minorities in the community.

The subject’s race didn’t change the fact that members of the same race in the same community, believed that he had a gun. So how did this become about skin color? Would the pigment of the skin of the suspect change your decision in the beginning scenario?

This was a tragic event, where after receiving several 911 calls about a man with a gun, and actually having that same man point (what looked like) a gun at them, officers had to make a decision. Their decision was to protect. The same way your decision in the beginning scenario would have been to protect.

The truth is this became a controversial shooting because hatred, race-baiting, and manipulation replaced logic, facts, love, and peace.

The weak minded enjoy the negativity and it is their safe space. They claim to desire equality, unity, and justice, but their actions speak differently.

Moreover, they wait for the opportunity during these tragic moments to spread the lie, instead of telling the truth … that we are more connected than separated.

Jay Stalien grew up in the “hood” in Brooklyn, NY. He watched out-of-control black-on-black crime from childhood. As an adult he wondered who would help bring the violence to an end, so he stepped up to become a police officer. He began his career with the Baltimore Police Department before a lateral move to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he works as a police officer.