Arizona University Professor Suspended For Critical Comments of BLM


PHOENIX – An Arizona university professor has been suspended over controversial comments he made about Black Lives Matter activists nearly a year ago.

Professor Toby Jennings of Grand Canyon University created division recently after the university posted a link to a ministry forum from last September. In the message, he said the Black Lives Matter movement has different voices and some of them are not good.

“You have folks that participate in it on one side that are very thoughtful about the matter and then on the other side, you have people on the opposite side of that who frankly should be hung and I did say that on video,” the black professor said during the forum. “They are saying things that are not helpful in any shape or form or human dignity or flourishing.”

As you might imagine, it was his comment indicating they “should be hung” that has landed him in hot water.

GCU officials told Fox 10 Phoenix that Jennings was advised that his comments during the forum, called “God’s concern for the poor: What’s missing in social justice,” were offensive. However, it was not brought up to the school’s top executives.

As a result of Jennings’ comments, members of the Black Lives Matter movement were outraged when it was shared recently.

In response, Jennings was suspended for the upcoming fall semester. Yet with his suspension came an apology from the Arizona university professor.

Members of the BLM movement told Fox 10 Phoenix that the school’s response was not enough.

“My heart is broken, not because GCU is our enemy, but they claim to be our brothers and sisters,” said Pastor Warren Stewart, Jr. “Brothers and sisters please stop avoiding talking about ways racism . . . makes us uncomfortable.”

Brian Mueller, president of Grand Canyon University, said the critics of the school in this case are wrong.

“It was terribly wrong, but it is an isolated incident and it does not represent who our faculty is and it does not represent who our students are,” he said.

You can read the entire GCU statement here.

(Photo: Screenshot Fox 10 broadcast)

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