What the —

                  Every couple of days you see someone in the media mention police killing someone.  For the most part,they paint the incident as one where the police deliberately and wantonly killed a poor minority with no legal justification.  A little investigation into the shooting reveals the person shot had been attacking the officers or someone else. The officers were completely justified in the use of deadly force and the blame should be squarely placed on the shoulders of the person shot. 

                  That truth doesn’t sell ad space so instead, the officers are demonized by the media, politicians, and others pushing their own agenda create their own truth and spout it loudly from the microphone and internet.  These false truths are growing more ridiculous every day.  As a result, police officers are now facing outlandish new laws and policies that assume the officers are the bad guys and unnecessarily put them in harm’s way every time they go to work.  Additionally, they reduce the effectiveness of the police and increase the risk to citizens

                  In Chicago, the CPD is now beginning to be trained in the federally mandated consent decree.  The decree was written without any input from the officers whose safety it jeopardizes. The details are trickling out at this point but some of the ideas are pure foolishness.  One brilliant idea that has filtered out is that no supervisor will supervise more than five cars in a tour of duty.  Prior to this, it wasn’t uncommon for a sergeant to have eleven or twelve cars on their logs.  The rumor iswhen there aren’t enough supervisors to go around, the additional officers will be assigned desk duty. 

                  It shouldn’t take a genius to see that unless there are a significant number of new sergeants promoted and assigned to the streets, there will be very few squad cars on the street and tons of officers taking traffic reports on the desk. 

                  Around the country, communities, businesses and schools are banning armed police officers. Law Enforcement Today published an article this week talking about students who suggested active shooters could be handled with non-lethal tactics. With all the fake news today, I don’t know what is true. The truth is often more ridiculous than anything the Onion’s writers could produce. 

                  If I’m to believe the media, this is what the people of this country want.  If so, I can only say “What the f#@& is wrong with you? Have you lost any bit of common sense you might have once had?”

                  My FTO taught me on my first day that it is often wise to pull your sidearm and hold in down along your leg out of sight so should you need your gun, it is already in hand.  If you don’t need it, you re-holster and no one sees it.  The fraction of a second you save may save your life.  FBI stats say average police shootings happen in just three seconds, involve three shots fired, and takes place at nine feet. 

                  Now officers will be spending half of their tour documenting pulling their weapon.  With fewer officers on the streets, I see a problem here.  If you don’t, I am sure you will be one of the first victims of this new policy.

                  Officers deal with more than enough pressure, as the suicide rate proves.  I’m sure there will always be those who will step up to the plate to protect those who need it.  I’m also sure the number of officers will go down everywhere that these inane policies are enacted.  Since there are no programs to reinin criminals, just police officers, it’s clear crime will go up. 

                  As I learned years, ago life is a pendulum.  It will swing the other way, sooner or later.  Unfortunately, until then, people will die and lives will be ruined.  Who will profit from these extreme policies? Look around you and see who’s promoting them.  They run for elected office, get government funding for their pet projects, and enjoy more than fifteen minutes of fame in the media. They profit and you lose. 

                  Should you disagree with their agenda you are labeled, racist, Nazi, or something else just as deplorable. 

                  To counter these agendas, you must resolve yourself to not sit idle.  Take a stand; support those running for election who share your values.  Police sadly, often fail to vote.   Make sure you do.


Stay safe, run low and zigzag.


Robert Weisskopf (ret. CPD Lt.)


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