PENSACOLA, FL- We’ve received confirmation that the FBI is hunting for several Saudi students from Navy Station Pensacola.  They disappeared after Friday’s mass shooting at the base.  And there are now concerns it may have only been a preview of a much bigger attack to come.

Investigators say they’ve now detained 10 Saudi military students from the base.  Originally that number was six.  But more disturbing is that a number of others are unaccounted for.

That information follows chilling new details that have emerged, including word that three Saudi serviceman joined al-Shamrani for a dinner party the night before the attack.  At that dinner party, they apparently watched videos of mass shootings. 

It gets worse.  The New York Times is reporting  that al-Shamrani and three other Saudi students traveled from Pensacola to New York last week.

That’s where they apparently visited several museums and are thought to watched the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony. 

That tree lighting took place on Wednesday evening – just 36 hours before the shootings took place.  

Sources tell Law Enforcement Today that investigators are trying to get to the bottom of the motive for the trip and find out who they met with while they were there.

According to one source, investigators are looking into the motive for the trip to the city and whether or not they met with anyone there. 

We’ve also learned today that at least one of the Saudi students who watched the videos of the mass shootings at the dinner party was recording outside the building while the shooting took place.

According to U.S. officials, they’re still trying to determine whether it was motivated by terrorism.

But Florida U.S. Sen. Rick Scott calling the shooting — which was the second on a U.S. Naval base this week — an act of terrorism “whether this individual was motivated by radical Islam or was simply mentally unstable.”

More details have been pouring in with regard to the six Saudi nationals that were detained for questioning Friday at a naval air station in Pensacola, Florida.

Initial reports had indicated that a Saudi gunman had opened fire there, which wound up killing three people before he was shot dead by officers that were onsite, according to officials. Now it seems the gunman has been identified.

The FBI, who is overseeing the investigation into the shooting that happened Friday morning at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, weren’t too keen on releasing details on the the identity of the shooter.

While the FBI may have wanted to play the investigation close to the chest initially, other official sources revealed that the gunman was an aviation student from Saudi Arabia named Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani.

The revelation of the identity of the shooter isn’t the most troubling though, as there seems to be some motive that can be attributed to the attack on the naval air station. The SITE Intelligence Group, which keeps a close eye on jihadist media on various platforms, discovered some disturbing manifesto that Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani had posted on Twitter that stated:

“I’m against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil.”

That sentiment of “America is evil” could be attributed to a healthy amount of social justice warriors on college campuses these day, but as the manifesto reads on, it gets a lot more grim:

“I’m not against you for just being American, I don’t hate you because your freedoms, I hate you because every day you supporting, funding and committing crimes not only against Muslims but also humanity.”

So how does one with outspoken anti-American sentiments find themselves on an American naval air station? Well, according to officials, Alshamrani was said to be a student in a U.S. Navy training program for foreign military personnel.

According to Commander Bill Gibson, the officer who runs the very program that played host to Alshamrani, described the program back in 2017 as working toward:

“Immersing international students in our U.S. Navy training and culture, build partnership capacity for both the present and for the years ahead. These relationships are truly a win-win for everyone involved.”

However, Friday’s tragedy would hardly be described as a “win-win” by anyone, and the events has caused many officials and lawmakers to taking a serious second look of the security measures and vetting that goes into selecting trainees.

Senator Rick Scott from Florida took to Twitter to state that he’s calling for a “full review” of the Navy training programs after investigators erring toward calling the shooting an act of terrorism:

“I’m very concerned that the shooter in Pensacola was a foreign national training on a U.S. base. Today, I’m calling for a full review of the U.S. military programs to train foreign nationals on American soil. We shouldn’t be providing military training to people who wish us harm.”

Scott wasn’t the only Florida Senator disturbed by what the outcome of this program yielded for the state, as Marco Rubio also posted on Twitter his thoughts on Friday’s events:

“Todays attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola is both tragic & deeply disturbing. Foreign military aviators sent to the U.S. for training undergo extensive security & suitability vetting.

And no student is allowed to carry weapons inside this facility.

Military trainees aren’t allowed into these programs if the vetting turns up any derogatory information & our foreign partners that conducts their own vetting as well. But today’s tragic attack has exposed some serious flaw in that process which must be discovered & corrected.”

Defense Secretary Mark Esper spoke to the press on Friday after the horrific display, saying that he wanted “to make sure we’re doing our due diligence to understand what are our procedures,” concerning the training programs that lead to this outcome.

When speaking to the press, Esper also described the shooter as a Saudi national who was a second lieutenant in flight training.

According to sources at the air station, the shooting had taken place inside of a classroom where students of the program spend the first initial months of their training there.

Based upon that scope, it can be deduced that the shooter was likely a recent addition to the program.

The New York Times had also reported that three of the six detained for questioning had allegedly filmed the shooting as it happened, but there’s currently no indication that those who filmed the incident were connected to the gunman.

It’s worth pointing out what appears to be a weakened vetting program for those coming into America.

On September 11, 2001, 19 men hijacked 4 planes and orchestrated one of the darkest days in our nation’s history. Four of those terrorists came to the US on visas and then stayed after the expiration.

There was no accurate method for tracking overstays or their whereabouts. Nearly two decades after terrorists exploited the U.S. government’s inadequate, more than 700,000 foreigners with expired visas remain at large in the country.

The latest government figures, as reported by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), show 702,000 overstays in 2017.

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It has been almost 18 years since that horrific event and the government still hasn’t found a way to accurately and adequately track visa over stayers. According to a Judicial Watch report, they obtained Department of Homeland Security (DHS) figures in 2015 showing that 527,127 foreigners with expired visas remained in the country.

Are Saudi nationals who took part in Pensacola naval base shooting planning terror attack in NYC?

(Flicker – 9/11 Photos)


Thousands of those are from nations with links to terrorism. Per that report, the breakdown is: 1,435 from Pakistan, 681 from Iraq, 564 from Iran, 440 from Syria, 219 from Yemen, 219 from Afghanistan and 56 from Libya.

Following the 9/11 attack, Congress created the U.S. Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator Technology system to track the entry and exit of foreign nationals by using electronically scanned fingerprints and photographs. Five years and $1 billion later, it still has serious flaws.

The GAO has since published a report that said nearly half of the nation’s immigrants who are no longer here legally, entered the U.S. legally and overstayed their visas undetected.

As stated by Judicial Watch:

In the years that followed the government did little to improve what has developed into a dire national security disaster.

In 2011 yet another federal auditconfirmed that the U.S. had lost track of millions who overstayed their visas and two years later the crisis intensified when DHS lost track of 266 dangerous foreigners with expired visas.

The government determined that they “could pose a national security or public safety concerns,” according to the director of Homeland Security and Justice at the GAO.

You read the correctly. The Department of Homeland Security lost track of 266 dangerous immigrants with expired visas.

The latest GAO report shows that about 52.7 million nonimmigrant admissions to the U.S. through air or sea ports of entry were supposed to depart in fiscal year 2017.

 Part of the problem is that DHS relies on third-party departure data. This includes commercial carrier passenger manifests. In other words, the government is depending on airlines and cruise ships to help it enforce visa violations.

Now, to make matters worse, we have presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren who plan to decriminalize improper border crossings and visa overstays.

Are Saudi nationals who took part in Pensacola naval base shooting planning terror attack in NYC?

Liz Warren called the entire criminal justice system racist ‘from front to back.’ (Wikipedia Commons)

She’s introduced her plan to decriminalize immigration, welcome more refugees and focus enforcement on only security threats. Her open borders approach is in stark contrast to the stance taken by the Trump administration.

Warren, a Massachusetts senator, said the Trump administration’s harsh treatment of migrants, to include separating undocumented children and parents at the border, is based on a law known as Section 1325.

It allows for criminal penalties for illegally entering the U.S. or entering legally and overstaying a visa. Warren wants to repeal the provision and indicated that she would use executive power to reduce its enforcement as president. 

“We should repeal this criminal prohibition to prevent future abuse,” Warren wrote in a post.

She vowed that as president she would:

“immediately issue guidance to end criminal prosecutions for simple administrative immigration violations” and “refocus our limited resources on actual criminals and real threats.”

So, to translate: Warren wants to allow anyone who wants to walk into this nation to do so with no consequences. She wants to give free reign to anyone and everyone. Given that she is in favor of free healthcare for those not here legally, her plan could get extremely expensive.

This plan came in conjunction with President Trump’s announcement that he will take executive action on the 2020 U.S. Census to include a citizenship question in the population count.

There are also credible indications that mass arrests of thousands of undocumented people are expected to begin Sunday, assuming sanctuary proponents don’t tip them all off first.

Are Saudi nationals who took part in Pensacola naval base shooting planning terror attack in NYC?

Warren, like most of other Democratic hopefuls, refuses to grasp the concept that making an illegal action legal doesn’t make the inherent problems go away. 

Among the other aspects that she cannot grasp, the senator is just one of the crowd when it comes to accusing the current administration of atrocities that were actually perpetrated in the Obama years.

Obama’s immigration shortcomings notwithstanding, Warren said she would create a Justice Department task force to investigate what she referred to as criminal abuses of immigrants by Trump administration officials.

An excerpt from Bloomberg News states:

“In his 2016 campaign, Trump mobilized voters with an anti-immigration message focused on building a wall and removing undocumented people, successfully capitalizing on grievances about demographic and cultural changes that have made the U.S. more diverse. Warren’s plan is sure to amplify the president’s claim that Democrats are embracing an “open borders” immigration policy — most of her rivals have not gone as far.”

Warren’s plan is merely political pandering. It is aimed at a growing pro-immigration constituency in the Democratic Party, the Latino community specifically.

“Immigrants have always been a vital source of American strength. They grow our economy and make our communities richer and more diverse. They are our neighbors, our colleagues, and our friends,” Warren wrote. “President Trump sees things differently. He’s advanced a policy of cruelty and division that demonizes immigrants.” 

Warren is calling for the outlawing of private detention facilities and limiting detentions to people who pose a security or flight risk, who could be tracked and monitored with technology. She wants to end ‘warrantless’ arrests and instead focus on smuggling, trafficking and spotting counterfeit products.

So, Warren’s plan does not fix the issues with the current issues of tracking visa overstays, it decriminalizes them. Not only will there be zero incentive under her plan for migrants to come into the country, there will be no incentive for them to remain on the abiding side of the law once they are here.

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