Lawsuits directed at large cities where police officers are involved in shooting incidents are growing and becoming a new revenue path for so-called ‘victims’.

The foremost issue here is that the truth is disregarded, and the public receives a racially imaginary view of the truth. Facts and reality are ignored, and a newly developed false narrative is now in play.  Any trustworthy information is displaced and the racially or monetary motivated, doctored narrative soon replaces evidence and eyewitness accounts.

masked executioner

Chicago crime scene. (Screenshot Fox News broadcast)


Chicago recently witnessed a race-based incident where a group of black citizens drove through a predominantly white enclave of Chicago while returning from a funeral. Obviously, emotions were elevated and enhanced when a racial, verbal yelling match took place over minor traffic law violations in the aftermath of the funeral procession.

Words led to racial slurs thrown out by both whites and blacks. The incident progressed to a white firefighter being punched and kicked by a group of blacks. A white off-duty police officer came to the man’s aid announcing his position, drawing his weapon. A second officer drew his weapon and displayed his police credentials including his badge. This drew the ire of a black driver who returned to his vehicle and armed himself stating, “I have a gun too.”  The subject then leaned over a vehicle and pointed his weapon at the officers, who immediately fired, striking and killing him.

Trying times



Outrage soon captured the moment and yet another deadly Chicago Police shooting was painted across the biased city newspapers. Cries from the phony narratives soon created the false narrative of racial slanders initiating a shooting of another innocent black man by the racist white Chicago Police. Lawsuits followed and pictures and video from the incident were soon disappearing.  Racial tensions were heightened and black activists took to the streets for retribution.



The dishonest narrative was soon found to be invalid when a courageous soul displayed the picture of the black man leaning across a vehicle with pistol in hand taking aim at the officers. After the ensuing investigation, the offices were found to have complied with all state and federal laws as well as police department rules and regulations regarding use of force. 


Another recent event initiated a lawsuit against Chicago Police officers in a shooting incident where a 17-year-old man was shot and killed by police.  Once again, the narrative was altered to falsely describe an unarmed black ‘child’ being gunned down by racist white cops as he and his girlfriend were driving to a local restaurant to enjoy a belated celebratory dinner.


The accurate account of the incident: it began as a traffic stop by Chicago Police where the driver fled from the police. After a short car chase, the vehicle crashed and the four occupants fled on foot. As the left rear passenger exited the vehicle, a police officer shot him. Found next to the fleeing vehicle was a pistol as well as another found in the vehicle under the driver’s seat. The investigation is currently under investigation by the civilian Office of Police Accountability. The federal civil lawsuit was already filed seeking monetary compensation before the full investigation is completed.

The focus of this article is to bring to light the misappropriations of truth and honesty when incidents related to race and police work is involved. Too often, truth is set aside and money is the primary focus using race as a conduit to riches. These false narratives further divide our country.


I fully understand there are law enforcement officers that have racially biased views, but those views are across the racial spectrum. It’s virtually impossible to eliminate all prejudice and bias on police departments: particularly when the sources for news are advocating certain racial agendas.   

I challenge you, the reader, to try an exercise I used on my students for 10 years of teaching higher education. When you read an article about a racially charged incident, change to colors of those involved. Use orange, blue, yellow or purple instead of the usual black and white. Read the facts using neutral race colors and make an informative decision to the outcome of your opinion. I think you’ll be surprised.

Protesters hurled insults and threats at police as they investigated a shooting from June 19th. (ABC 5 Broadcast)


To all my brothers and sisters in blue, lock and load and protect each other. And as always, stay safe.

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