RICHFIELD, Minn. – An arbitrator has reinstated a Minnesota police officer that was fired after a Twitter video appeared to show him hitting a Somali-American teen last year, according to Fox News.

Richfield police confirmed the arbitrator reversed the termination for Officer Nate Kinsey Wednesday.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office and a special prosecutor reviewed the case, but they declined to charge the 10-year veteran, although that did not preclude the police department from terminating his services, which they did after an internal investigation.

The incident “illustrates the pitfalls of jumping to conclusions based on partial video and audio recordings,” said Sean Gormley, executive director of Law Enforcement Labor Services, the union representing Kinsey.

In the cell phone video on Twitter, Kinsey tells 19-year-old, Kamal Gelle, to leave Adams Hill Park. The teen says the officer pushed him, which is apparent in the video. The bigger question is the justification behind the action.

You can view the video below:

Officer Kinsey was responding to a suspicious person call and is seen on video ordering Gelle to leave, shoving his back. While Kinsey’s push was apparent, the teen also appeared reluctant to comply with the officer’s directives.

City Pages reported Kinsey ordered the teen, “Move when I tell you to. We’re working right here now f—–g move!”

Police Chief Jay Henthorne said the city is weighing appeal options.