AP reporter who called Floyd riots non-violent (despite $2 billion in damage) claims Capitol siege was ‘egregious’


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

USA- Hey, it was only $2 billion in damages, right? How much was the damage at the U.S. Capitol? We’re estimating it was probably five to six times less than that. Maybe in the tens of thousands of dollars?

Well according to an Associated Press reporter, the riots that followed the death of George Floyd, which resulted in the aforementioned $2 billion and the deaths of numerous people, while injuring thousands of police officers were “not violent.”

The Federalist reports that, according to Jon Lemire of AP, during a segment with left-wing hack Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC, he said:

“In June, these nonviolent protesters [emphasis added], racially mixed, a lot of young people fueled by the Black Lives Matter movement, those outraged by the death of George Floyd, a black man killed under the knee of a white police officer in Minnesota. There was no violence there.”


No violence, huh? Two billion in damage incurred over just two weeks of last summer’s riots, along with violent riots that claimed the lives of an estimated 30 people. What exactly is Lemire’s definition of violence?

We’re not sure, but he thinks that what happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 is much more egregious, according to Lemire. You know, the “violent insurrection” that directly claimed one life, that of one of the protesters, Ashli Babbitt who was killed by a police officer believed to be from the Capitol Police. That officer, eight weeks later, has still not been identified.

“These were Trump supporters, they were white…If the racial makeup of that group had been different, the response at the Capitol likely would have been different as well,” Lemire said.

Oh yeah, that’s right…because all cops are racists. We get it. I guess we are back to cops being the bad guys now after the show put on by Congressional Democrats last month.

Of course, Lemire also had criticism for former President Trump, who continues to reside in liberals’ heads nearly two months after leaving office.

He criticized the former president for being “MIA” on Jan. 6, alleging that he watched the events on television, accusing him of “enjoying the footage, cheering on witnesses, his supporters at the Capitol, enjoying the spectacle, not checking on the health of his vice president who of course whose life was in danger.”

Lemire…such a drama queen.


Oh, and Lemire also was concerned about the “great QAnon insurrection” of March 4, which left-wing media outlets hyped breathlessly for days, only to see nary a protester anywhere near the now Mogadishu-like US Capitol complex, surrounded by razor wire-topped fencing, Jersey barriers, and National Guard troops, the center of Democracy and freedom more closely resembling an armed camp.

“This is going to be a story going forward as the Biden administration braces itself for other potential threats, including, maybe tomorrow,” Lemire warned, while hyperventilating about the QAnon conspiracy theory.




Of course, Lemire isn’t the only brain-dead journalist who called the burning down of cities, early Christmas looting, and people getting beaten with all manner of weapons “non-violent.”

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Ali Velshi of MSNBC, while standing in front of a burning building in Minneapolis as violent rioters gathered around the inferno behind him famously yelled into his microphone, “It is not, generally speaking, unruly. But fires have been started”


Hey, they were probably trying to keep warm in the 80 degree late May heat.

Others still lay justification on the mayhem and violence, claiming it was an “expression of anger and frustration” after years of racial oppression and police brutality.

“The common theme that ties all of this together is an expression of anger and frustration over what people feel like has become an all-too-familiar story,” said CNN’s Omar Jimenez while a chyron reading “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting” scrolled across footage of burning buildings in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


So think of what Lemire was inferring. Turning Washington, DC into an armed camp because of the deaths of one person directly related to the Jan. 6 siege at the Capitol, one of the protesters is ok.

Yet he’s inferring that defunding the police because of so-called “systemic police racism” in cities that were rocked by roving bands of scumbags for weeks and months last summer in the name of “justice” is ok?


Is it a wonder the media polls in the teens as far as approval from the American people?

Lemire is a clown. Like the rest of the lamestream media.

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