Attack on Christians: Historic Cathedral vandalized, tagged with anarchist and anti-police graffiti


HELENA, MT- Over the past year, we have seen Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs running rampant in major cities virtually unabated, supported by Democrats, Hollywood “stars” and professional athletes.

The mayhem was primarily concentrated in large cities such as Chicago, Portland, Seattle, New York and Philadelphia. Now however, it appears it has moved to smaller cities in what were heretofore believed to be “safe” communities.

This week, Helena, Montana was the scene of anti-Christian vandalism with apparent Antifa-related symbols and graffiti.

According to the Independent Record, the Cathedral of St. Helena was one of a number of buildings and vehicles in the state capital of Montana that was vandalized, according to police.

In an email on Monday, Lt. Cory Bailey of the Helena Police Department said officers were responding to numerous calls reporting vandalism, while saying there were no estimates of damage, nor the number of buildings and vehicles that were damaged.

The vandalism at the cathedral marked the second time in a week that a church in the city had been vandalized. On either May 9 or 10, the First Presbyterian Church, which is across the street from the Cathedral of St. Helena was damaged, according to church members.

On Monday, Charles Dyce, a maintenance worker at the cathedral looked at the damage and shook his head, not believing what he was seeing.

Dyce told the outlet, “It’s ridiculous. Nobody has any respect. My feeling is the people inside is what builds these churches, people should have respect for everyone else.”

Attack on Christians: Historic Cathedral vandalized, tagged with anarchist and anti-police graffiti
Cathedral of St. Helena vandalism-YouTube screenshot

Sadly, groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter have no respect for anyone, including themselves.

A number of people who were in the area also expressed their contempt for whoever painted the building with typical Antifa symbolism as well as spray painting “God is Dead” on the building.

“I hope they catch whoever did this,” yelled a woman who was driving by the scene.

Attack on Christians: Historic Cathedral vandalized, tagged with anarchist and anti-police graffiti
More “mature” vandalism from Antifa thugs in Helena, Montana-YouTube screenshot

Meanwhile, a man who was downtown running errands, Chad Christiansen took note of the vandalism, taking pictures of the damage and posting it on Facebook, where it was shared across a number of Helena-related groups.

“It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are, you don’t disrespect a sacred place like this,” he said.

Dan Bartleson, director of communications for the archdiocese of Helena told the Record the vandalism wasn’t there on Sunday during church services.

He noted that the church would be removing the graffiti, however due to the age of the surfaces which were spray painted, it could take some time in order not to damage the surfaces. He said that the stone and wood that were damaged were carefully preserved and original to the church, which requires care in restoration.

Bartleson said the archdiocese wouldn’t be making an official statement at this time, with the Bishop, Austin Vetter being out of town. He said the archdiocese was working with law enforcement authorities to hopefully find out who is responsible.

The cathedral sits in the middle of the city, with work starting on it in 1908. According to a website, the first Mass celebrated in the cathedral was celebrated on Christmas Day, 1914, and the church was consecrated in 1924.

The church was funded primarily by a local mining magnate, Thomas Cruse. The cathedral was modeled after the Votivkirche located in Vienna, Austria by architect A.O. Von Herbulis. That cathedral was under construction while Von Herbulis was studying in that city.

At the First Presbyterian Church, Rev. Scott Wipperman said that someone had broken into that church a week earlier and damaged several pieces of furniture, as well as broke some glass. One member of the church, Kelly Craigle estimated the damage at $20,000.

Rev. Wipperman told the outlet that a knife had been jammed into the door to enter the church, noting that a knife handle was found in the Cathedral of St. Helena parking lot the week before, and a knife was found in a door to that building, however the prospective burglar wasn’t successful in entering the cathedral.

While Wipperman said nothing was stolen during the Presbyterian church burglary, however several pieces of furniture were broken, and the vandals inflicted other damage. He noted that several doors were unable to be repaired and will have to be replaced.

He said members of the church were disheartened over the senseless damage to the church, but as is typical for Christians, he said they would pray for whoever did the damage.

“We have been praying for those who broke into our church and will pray for the person who broke into the Catholic church,” he said. “We will pray for them and for God’s peace.”

The incident in Helena marks another in a series of anti-Christian crimes that have been occurring across the U.S., which also includes a series of anti-Semitic attacks in cities such as Los Angeles and New York. 

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Last month, we reported on Antifa causing damage to a church in Portland. For more on that, we invite you to:


PORTLAND, OR – During a declared riot from April 16th in Portland, Antifa-inspired rioters took aim at a local church and museum during their spree of vandalism and violence.

Reportedly, representatives from both the church and local museum targeted by the rioters noted that it has been the second time that the buildings have been besieged in the past year by rioters.

According to reports, the church and museum vandalized during the evening of April 16th or the First Christian Church and the Oregon Historical Society. Both of the buildings had windows among their facades shattered during the riot.

When speaking with the local NBC outlet, First Christian Church Lead Pastor Cynthia McBride stated the following about the recent vandalism:

“I felt frustrated because even the effort of putting plywood and having to repair windows again takes funding away from the important work we do to feed the vulnerable.”

Even though this is the second instance that the First Christian Church was vandalized during widespread rioting, McBride suspects that her church wasn’t specifically singled out:

“It’s more people who seem to be caught up in the angst of the moment.”

Back in October of 2020, the Oregon Historical Society building was subjected to extreme vandalism.

The museum’s director, Kerry Tymchuk, expressed frustrations regarding the building being targeted again after having invested in reinforcements to mitigate future damage by way of rioters:

“Here we are again, it is depressing on many levels.

“We invested in windows that were impenetrable so they weren’t able to get in as they did last time and throw flares in to the building or steal things, which they did last time.

“If history teaches us anything, it’s that vandalism and violence or not the answer.”

When the Oregon Historical Society was first targeted by rioters in October of 2020, a local homeless man in Portland made headlines when he had seen the damage caused by rioters and donated one of the few dollars to his name in an effort to help restore the building.

The solitary dollar left by the local man was accompanied by a handwritten note that read:

“Hello, I’m homeless so I don’t have much to give you, just some of my bottle collecting money. But I saw your windows got broken and I wanted to help. You once gave me a free tour before the pandemic, so this is my thank you! – Oscar @MyHomelessMeals”

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