It’s entirely possible to see things you disagree with and just carry on with your life… but as we know, there are some who just can’t seem to keep quiet.


“Saw your advertisement about getting a bunch of Nazis together with Inforce next weekend in our great state of Rhode Island.  Just know that Antifa is alive and well out there!  We will make sure you all regret bringing your right wing death squad training camp to our back yard!  You fucking holster sniffing gun bunnies are NOT WELCOME and you WILL pay dearly!!”

That was the email that came into Law Enforcement Today after we posted about an upcoming shooting event going down next weekend.

Looks like we’ll have to cancel…. was NOT the response that came from INFORCE when we forwarded them the note.

In fact, not only are these awesome Americans not even a little bit upset about it, they’re using the opportunity to invite them to come and express their First Amendment rights.


The event features top tactical trainers from around the country like Tony Sentmanat from RealWorld Tactical, demos from sponsored shooters and law enforcement personnel, rifle, pistol and skeet areas will all be setup to go with Range Safety Officers standing by. 

“Most of these people who want to enact strict firearm legislation have never even held a gun,” said President Matt Wolfe. “Maybe seeing what really goes on here might open some minds.”

Tactical trainer and retired Miami SWAT member Tony Sentamanat will be teaching courses at the all day event. (Facebook)


They’ll still have to pay the $40 entry fee, but that opens up a huge opportunity for them once they step inside. Free ammunition is being offered at the various ranges at the Wallum Rod & Gun Club for attendees to shoot.

“These events aren’t the crazy spectacle they’re often made out to be,” said Wolfe. “It’s basically a bunch of friends who gather together to learn, share and bond over their hobby. And that’s their right as Americans.”

If any of these keyboard warriors want to man up and have a real conversation – Wolfe is more than willing to make that happen. He said that he would even provide a staging area for them to hang out and make their voices heard.

But under no circumstances will any violence or unruly behavior be tolerated. Once the officers at the event call it — it’s over. 

Right now it seems that they’re more content with hiding behind anonymous emails and social media posts, but Wolfe made it loud and clear.

“Shoot me a message. Let’s talk.”

Grab tickets to the 2019 Own the Night shoot right here!