Antifa terrorizes Seattle. Police told to stand down while Thin Blue Line flag torched in front of them.


SEATTLE, WA- Whenever you have some event that pertains to anything pro-police, or pro-Trump, or really anything that is a gathering of those right-of-center; you can count on the likes of Antifa to make an appearance and act like buffoons.

Just yesterday in Seattle, Washington, Pro-Trump activists held a “Mega MAGA March” that was crashed by the soy-milk infused likes of Antifa.

In a video that was released by New2Share’s YouTube channel (seen below), we’re immediately regaled with some black clad protesters who are attempting to ignite a Blue Lives Matter flag directly in front of the police.

Despite the copious number of unsavory things said throughout the over nine-minute video that would make most cringe, there was a moment of levity when police sprayed the ignited flag (and protesters) with a flame retardant to stop the initial burning.

However, from that point on, the demonstrators become more aggressive, and more intolerant toward police and those in support of the march.

Antifa members began following those who were participating in the march, claiming that those who are in support of Trump are “fascists” and likened Trump to Hitler by referring to him as the “fuhrer”.

Sources tell Law Enforcement Today that the administration within the Seattle police department has made it very clear… officers are not to “disrupt” the protestors.

“We’ve been instructed to let Antifa do their thing… up to and including physical violence. We can only step in when people really start getting hurt. It’s unreal,” said one officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.  

Every recorded interaction of the video showcased one very common theme: Antifa is not a tolerant group by any means.

They call everyone who isn’t their ilk “fascists”, while literally employing the techniques that plagued Italy after the first world war. They converge and surround desolate people, attempt to intimidate them for not agreeing with them, and scream the obscenest things toward our men and women donning a uniform.

At one point during the video, police were enforcing what is commonly known as a “bike line” to thwart the Antifa demonstrators from making their way into the conservative march.

Considering the amount of videos that have cropped up over the past 3 or 4 years, where leftists attacked conservatives for simply being conservative, police had no intention of Seattle hosting that kind of fray.

Apparently one social justice warrior during the video was suffering from some sort of mental breakdown, as that is the only way to logically describe the woman adorned in a green hoodie who was having a conniption episode.

While clamoring in cadence with a heard, but unseen, drum; this “brave” young woman screamed about kids being put in cages and how we need to arrest our leaders. The nonsensical rant was akin to when you deny your toddler candy at the checkout counter of a store.

At one point, cameras caught one of the Antifa members berating an African American police officer, saying:

“They don’t give a f*** about you. They hope we do some s*** to the cops. You are their fodder.”

The Antifa member was likely implying that the conservatives like law enforcement getting assaulted by Antifa, because then conservative can say, “look at what they did now”.

However, conservatives don’t like being able to provide examples of extremism committed by Antifa, because even when they do, nothing much happens or changes.

If you’re like myself, it’s difficult to watch these kinds of videos and interactions and not get mad. As a reformed felon, seeing innocent people being terrorized by black-clad goons in the streets evokes a feeling that makes me want to reconsider abiding by the laws governing assault and battery.

These peaceful marches and gatherings of conservatives, that are habitually being countered by Antifa, are becoming more and more violent. So how are conservatives supposed to congregate without being harangued wherever they assemble: do we act in a way similar to those harassing us or do we take the high road as we’ve done thus far?

It’s impossible to really know how to move forward to allow peaceful gatherings to ensue for those right of center. Centrists, libertarians, republicans and conservatives have every right to convene without having to worry about being screamed at for a red hat or a thin blue line shirt.

Just last month was our favorite Antifa crackdown of the year… and it came when a female MMA fighter dropped an anti-Trump Antifa ‘professor’ who attacked people at a veteran ceremony in Portland, Oregon.

It would have been amazing if Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” could have been playing in the background when this went down.

At a flag wave honoring veterans, a female “professor” allegedly started a fight in Portland, Oregon.

She picked the wrong victim.

MMA fighter Tara LaRosa dropped her in about two seconds, using her jiujitsu skills.

Female MMA fighter drops anti-Trump 'professor' who attacked people at veteran ceremony in Portland

LaRosa was livestreaming the flag wave on an overpass above Interstate 84.  That’s when the fight broke out between the woman and a female from LaRosa’s group.

Members of the group were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Below, you’ll find a video showing LaRosa on top of the woman, who pleaded with LaRosa to get off her. She also called herself a “professor.”

The woman cried that she couldn’t breathe (hint: if you can talk, you can breathe), all while others with LaRose told the woman on the ground “you assaulted someone,” and “you’re going to jail”.

“We didn’t f*** with you! You f***ed with us!” someone in LaRosa’s group is heard saying.

LaRosa finally let her go, warning her: “If you get up don’t attack anybody.”

“I just got done having brunch with my friends,” the woman is heard crying.

Then she accused LaRosa’s group of “antagonizing the city I live in.”

“Stop f***ing trying to fight; we’re not here trying to fight,” LaRosa is heard saying. 

The woman then walks away and sits with her back to overpass fence.

Female MMA fighter drops anti-Trump 'professor' who attacked people at veteran ceremony in Portland

“You don’t know what Donald Trump is!” the woman yelled. “I don’t agree with Trump!”

In the middle of her livestream, LaRosa put her cellphone away so she could take down the woman. When it was all over, she pulled her cellphone out and showed her interaction with police.

A “violent woman got violent,” LaRosa said, explaining that “I pulled her off using jiujitsu techniques … I keep people safe; that’s what I do.”

According to LaRosa, her group was on the overpass, facing passing cars and waving flags, when the woman approached them from behind.  LaRosa said the woman noticed their insignias and repeatedly said “f*** Proud Boys.”

That’s when the woman attacked a female from the flag-waving group.  At that point, LaRosa said, it was fair game.

She added in her report to the police that the woman punched her eight to 10 times and bit her breast through her clothing.


Police didn’t make any arrests, but apparently they referred he incident to the district attorney for review. They did not share the name of the woman LaRosa took down.

Proud Boys is NOT deemed an extremist group, according to the FBI in Oregon.

Antifa has always managed to be elusive when it comes to getting justified sentences for the behavior of individuals within the group during their riotous demonstrations throughout the United States.

But last week, some justice was finally served to an Antifa thug who viciously assaulted someone coming to the aid of another individual being assaulted.

This past June, Antifa demonstrators took it upon themselves to beat up conservative journalist Andy Ngo and others in Portland, Oregon. In one particularly gruesome attack, local conservative Adam Kelly had his head split open with a baton.

He suffered a concussion and needed 25 staples to close the wounds. Gage Halupowski, the 24-year-old man who pleaded guilty to second-degree assault in the attack, was sentenced to 70 months in prison this past Friday.

Andy Ngo, the conservative media journalist who was also assaulted at the very same event, posted the following on Twitter regarding the outcome in court, while including images of the injuries sustained by Kelly:

“Antifa militant Gage Halupowski sentenced to nearly 6 years in prison for striking a man on head from behind w/a baton during riot. He was masked at the time & assaulted an officer while trying to escape. His lawyer says sentence is too severe.”

Halupowski’s attorney, Edward Kroll, argued the nearly six-year sentence, citing it as:

“One of the harshest sentences I’ve seen for someone with no criminal background and young age.”

While Kroll admitted that his client had made “a really terrible decision” and recognized that the Antifa thug had been captured on camera, his rebut to the sentence was that at least two other people assaulted Kelly with weapons as well.

You know, much like when you catch your kid doing something bad and when it’s time for consequences, they say “well they did it too”, pointing at their peers around them.

Still, having the audacity to say that a six-year sentence is “one of the harshest sentences” for what some could describe as attempted murder is almost laughable.

I understand that a lawyer’s job is to defend their client and mitigate any negative outcomes geared towards their client as well, but that doesn’t mean you have to say objectively stupid things in the process.

Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Melissa Marrero didn’t buy into the rhetoric of the sentencing being harsh at all, in fact, she thinks the defendant got off easy. She said both Kelly was lucky to have survived the attack, which she described as:

“completely unexplainable, completely avoidable and didn’t need to happen.” 

Marrero also noted that first-degree assault and riot charges were initially considered in the case, which the assault charge alone carries a potential 90-month sentence.

As for the “at least two other people” mentioned by Halupowski’s attorney, Marrero had also noted that another person has already been indicted and that more are currently under investigation regarding the June 29th attacks.

Marrero also made sure to address any speculation that she’s siding with a particular political ideology in her pursuit of justice, saying:

“My office has individuals charged on both sides of the political spectrum. We are not picking sides based on political affiliation, political views or anything like that.”

That’s exactly how it should be. People, on either side of the political spectrum, should not be engaging in unprovoked attacks on the streets because they disagree with them

The biggest issue with the far-left, militant group is that they feel justified in their actions, even the gratuitous assaults they commit. For some reason, Antifa and their sympathizers think as long as they call someone a “fascist” that they have a free pass to cause grievous bodily harm to them.

They demonize their political opponents by comparing them to Hitler and then engage in the kind of red-shirt tactics the fascists and other totalitarians employed to take power. No matter who your preferred candidate is in an upcoming election, you should go to prison when you start hurting people because you don’t like how they vote.

What made the attack on Kelly even more egregious was that he was actually trying to help two innocent bystanders who were actively being assaulted on the street. A local man by the name of Sam Resnick said he was walking toward a Starbucks when antifa activists, whom he personally knew from a previous dispute, shouted slurs at him and shoved him.

Thereafter, a man later identified as John Blum came to pull off the assailants attacking Resnick. According to Resnick, when recounting Blum coming to help him, stated “the mob just started attacking” Blum for helping him.

It was at that point that Kelly had seen Blum and Resnick being assaulted, with Blum being struck several times in the head with batons by the Antifa mob, that he decided to help the two individuals. It was during that selfless act to help the two men that Kelly started getting engulfed by the mob and struck in the head repeatedly.

A GoFundMe fundraiser raised $14,317 to pay for Kelly’s medical care after the assault.

Well, Halupowski has plenty of time to reconsider his methods of disagreement while in prison. Unfortunately for him, there’s no “safe spaces” inside of prison, and he’ll quickly find out just how tough he is on day number one when he hits the yard.

In the meantime, New York went in the opposite direction with the sentencing of an Antifa thug.

This week we reported that an Antifa extremist was jailed for 18 months for assault while Proud Boys members got four years.

A member of the far-left group Antifa was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Wednesday for the brutal attack of a Trump supporter, while a pair of members of the far-right group Proud Boys were handed down a sentence of 4 years each for a similar incident.

Here’s the kicker: the attack on the Trump supporter was unprovoked, while the Proud Boys members maintain that they acted in self-defense. 

Why the major difference for the punishments if they were both similar crimes?

Let’s dive in. 

32-year-old David Campbell pleaded guilty to two counts of felony assault in September after he was caught brutally beating a Trump supporter who was leaving a political event in a Manhattan club. 


Prosecutors say that a 56-year-old man was leaving the ‘Night for Freedom’ party in January of 2018 when a member of Antifa began following him through the streets of the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. Campbell was one of approximately 80 masked members of the group protesting outside of the venue.

During the attack, prosecutors said that Campbell choked and punched the man.

Mike Cernovitz, the original organizer of the event, said that now that the case is closed he plans on launching an investigation into the group. 

“Now that the criminal case is closed, I will also be taking legal action against Mr. Campbell and his confederates. It is time to find out who is funding Antifa,” Cernovitz said to the New York Post. 

Campbell took a plea deal in the case and was sentenced to 18 months behind bars for the attack.

So, Campbell went to the event and then followed his victim, targeting him and beating him. Let’s look at the next situation.

The Proud Boys, a self-declared free speech group, didn’t get so lucky with their punishment. Following a brawl between group members and Antifa protesters on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in October of 2018, two Proud Boys are now facing sentences of four years in jail each. 


Maxwell Hare, 27,  and John Kinsman, 40, were sentenced by a New York City judge on Tuesday, with the sentences coming in at six-months over the minimum sentence for alleged gang assault, attempted assault and riot.

The altercation took place after group founder Gavin McInnes gave a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club. When attendees were leaving the venue, Antifa members gathered to protest. Instead of releasing the groups into the streets to clash, members of the NYPD instead diverted the Proud Boys members toward a different street while directing the opposing group another way. 

As the Proud Boys walked down Park Avenue, they told authorities that they saw a group of masked Antifa members walking toward them. Instead of walking away, the group said they ran toward each other and began fighting. While prosecutors argued that the Proud Boys started the fight, they maintained that they were acting out of self-defense. 

A video captured outside the scene of the fight seems to show masked members throwing a bottle before the fight ensued. 

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Antifa terrorizes Seattle.  Police told to stand down while Thin Blue Line flag torched in front of them.


The bloody battle ended as quickly as it began as a total of 10 Proud Boys members were arrested in connection with the incident. 

Regardless of the way the fight started, how is it that they’ve managed to get more than twice the punishment for nearly the exact same crime?

“This was not a schoolyard brawl,” the prosecutor said. “These are adults who should know better.”

We’re not arguing for either side, but it sure seems like a double standard, considering Campbell was also an adult who should have known better. 

Police did comment that if they would have been able to identify the Antifa members involved in the fight, they would have also charged them, but they were never brought in. And even in they had faced charges, they probably wouldn’t have faced as stiff a punishment. Those that were contacted by authorities reportedly refused to cooperate in the investigation. 


The judge commented on his ruling. 

“I know enough about history to know what happened in Europe in the ’30s when political street brawls were allowed to go ahead,” Judge Dwyer said. “We don’t want that to happen in New York.”

Both Proud Boys members apologized for their actions, saying they regretted their mistakes.

“I’m sorry about the whole mess. I regret the entire incident,” one said. “I made a mistake.”


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