Police: Antifa sent threat letters to officers at their homes. They’re now in jail for plotting an attack.


LYON, FRANCE– French police elite unit, Research, Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence (RAID), arrested two men on Thursday who were plotting an attack against them.

While the names of those arrested haven’t been released yet, it was reported that RAID arrested the men after they had taken possession of the firearms needed for the attack. They are said to both be around the age of 50, both with criminal records.

According to a report by LyonMag, members of the “ACAB Collective” made the threats against the police in December via letters sent to the officers’ personal home addresses. ACAB cleverly stands for “All Coppers Are Bastards” and is used by Antifa across multiple countries, including the US, Germany and France.

You may recognize the acronym from the many times Antifa has spray painted it on people’s personal property during protests all across the nation.

Last August, Antifa also planned an attack against police, this time the group allegedly plotted to burn down an entire hotel during the G7 conference when the police were inside.

Five Antifa members were arrested in connection to that incident and charged with criminal conspiracy to commit an offence and destroy property, although four of those five were released fairly quickly.

In our own country, Antifa has not slowed down just because there’s a pandemic threatening public health.

Law Enforcement Today has reported on multiple examples of them remaining active.

Here’s a report from March in case you missed it.

While the rest of us are working this pandemic, some hauling medical supplies and groceries, others treating and testing people, others maintaining law and order, ANTIFA has decided that now would be a good time to ratchet up hate and violence.

Because that’s exactly what our country needs right now.

According to Michio Hasai of the NOQ Report, while millions of Americans are on edge over the Wuhan virus, subsequent economic downturn, and political responses to both that include “stay at home” mandates for many areas, unofficial domestic terrorist group ANTIFA has some members promising to turn violent as a result.

Andy Ngo, Editor-at-Large for The Post Millennial, has been the tip of the spear in outing ANTIFA for months. He follows their moves and, perhaps more importantly, their Twitter accounts to discern their plans and expose their radical ideology.

The group claims to be against fascism but has demonstrated the use of fascist tactics to promote their agenda.

Now, that agenda may include (once again) turning violent:

Ironically, while ANTIFA member Jaymie Jamison (aka Nicholas James Armstrong) is making his threats about using rifles, he can’t legally own a firearm, according to King County, Washington court records.

Portland’s mayor is not going to do anything. It is apparent that state officials aren’t either. So, what now? Someone has to step in and do something.

The domestic terrorist group Antifa is at it again. They literally run the streets of Portland. The police departments hands are tied from slowing them down.

In fact, on Saturday, the officers who tried to intervene were eventually chased away by Antifa members throwing eggs, rocks and bottles at the officers. Members of the Portland Police Bureau went across the street and stayed there. 

And as the police watch, powerless to act, Antifa members deface a war memorial with graffiti saying things such as, “F— Cops” and “All cops are bastards.” 

Three arrests were made. 

Portland police arrest Antifa "heroes" after violent attacks and "kill cops" written on war memorial
Portland police arrest Antifa “heroes” after violent attacks and “kill cops” written on war memorial

But it gets worse than just the graffiti. Independent journalist Brandon Brown was attacked for the second time in two months. He was poked with umbrellas, pushed, grabbed, kicked, hit with rocks and eggs, and finally, he was sprayed in the face with “bear spray,” a form of mace intended to hurt and blind attacking bears.

At the end of this video, you can see Portland Police standing and watching. 

Another journalist was chased by the mob. He went to the police across the street, and there response was startling.

“We’re not coming out to save you” and  “We’re not going to be helpers for you.”


Andy Ngo, no stranger to the brutality of Antifa, reached out to Portland police to ask about their refusal to assist. There response was equally as disturbing. 

So, assaults committed in plain view of the police need to be reported and investigated? Because they aren’t going to intervene and protect an innocent person from being attacked. 

The Deputy Chief Chris Davis tweeted about the “Great job done” by everyone at the event. At first it seemed to be a parody account, but it was retweeted by the official Twitter account of Portland Police. 

We have to ask the question again. 

So, what now? 

It isn’t just in Portland. Back in December in Seattle, at the same protest where Brandon Brown was originally attacked and had his equipment stolen, police were told to stand down. 

Whenever you have some event that pertains to anything pro-police, or pro-Trump, or really anything that is a gathering of those right-of-center; you can count on the likes of Antifa to make an appearance and act like buffoons.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Just yesterday in Seattle, Washington, Pro-Trump activists held a “Mega MAGA March” that was crashed by the soy-milk infused likes of Antifa.

In a video that was released by New2Share’s YouTube channel (seen below), we’re immediately regaled with some black clad protesters who are attempting to ignite a Blue Lives Matter flag directly in front of the police.

Despite the copious number of unsavory things said throughout the over nine-minute video that would make most cringe, there was a moment of levity when police sprayed the ignited flag (and protesters) with a flame retardant to stop the initial burning.

However, from that point on, the demonstrators become more aggressive, and more intolerant toward police and those in support of the march.

Antifa members began following those who were participating in the march, claiming that those who are in support of Trump are “fascists” and likened Trump to Hitler by referring to him as the “fuhrer”.

Sources tell Law Enforcement Today that the administration within the Seattle police department has made it very clear… officers are not to “disrupt” the protestors.

“We’ve been instructed to let Antifa do their thing… up to and including physical violence. We can only step in when people really start getting hurt. It’s unreal,” said one officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.  

Every recorded interaction of the video showcased one very common theme: Antifa is not a tolerant group by any means.
They call everyone who isn’t their ilk “fascists”, while literally employing the techniques that plagued Italy after the first world war. They converge and surround desolate people, attempt to intimidate them for not agreeing with them, and scream the obscenest things toward our men and women donning a uniform.

At one point during the video, police were enforcing what is commonly known as a “bike line” to thwart the Antifa demonstrators from making their way into the conservative march.

Considering the amount of videos that have cropped up over the past 3 or 4 years, where leftists attacked conservatives for simply being conservative, police had no intention of Seattle hosting that kind of fray.

Apparently one social justice warrior during the video was suffering from some sort of mental breakdown, as that is the only way to logically describe the woman adorned in a green hoodie who was having a conniption episode.

While clamoring in cadence with a heard, but unseen, drum; this “brave” young woman screamed about kids being put in cages and how we need to arrest our leaders. The nonsensical rant was akin to when you deny your toddler candy at the checkout counter of a store.

At one point, cameras caught one of the Antifa members berating an African American police officer, saying:

“They don’t give a f*** about you. They hope we do some s*** to the cops. You are their fodder.”

The Antifa member was likely implying that the conservatives like law enforcement getting assaulted by Antifa, because then conservative can say, “look at what they did now”.

However, conservatives don’t like being able to provide examples of extremism committed by Antifa, because even when they do, nothing much happens or changes.

If you’re like myself, it’s difficult to watch these kinds of videos and interactions and not get mad. As a reformed felon, seeing innocent people being terrorized by black-clad goons in the streets evokes a feeling that makes me want to reconsider abiding by the laws governing assault and battery.

These peaceful marches and gatherings of conservatives, that are habitually being countered by Antifa, are becoming more and more violent. So how are conservatives supposed to congregate without being harangued wherever they assemble: do we act in a way similar to those harassing us or do we take the high road as we’ve done thus far?

It’s impossible to really know how to move forward to allow peaceful gatherings to ensue for those right of center. Centrists, libertarians, republicans and conservatives have every right to convene without having to worry about being screamed at for a red hat or a thin blue line shirt.

At the end of the day, people have to start fighting back against Antifa.

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