Antifa rioter identified by police as homicide victim found burned and buried at homeless encampment


PORTLAND, OR- Police have identified Antifa rioter, 33-year-old Joseph Robert Sipe as the victim of a gruesome and violent homicide in May.

Sipe, who had been previously arrested on suspicion of throwing a Molotov cocktail at officers during a protest in 2020, was found dead buried at a homeless encampment earlier in the year.

According to reports, on May 25th, police were called because a woman had spotted a human hand sticking out from under the wood in a fire pit at a homeless camp in Northeast Portland. Authorities confirmed that the hand belonged to Sipe’s cadaver.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that he was stabbed multiple times. Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney Sean Hughey wrote in a probably cause affidavit that a container of camping fuel and a bloody knife were discovered nearby. The cause of death was ruled to be blunt force or sharp force trauma.

Police later found and arrested 41-year-old Aaron David Christopher nearby in the 6500 block of Northeast Halsey Street. Christopher was charged with felony second-degree murder and felony first-degree abuse of a corpse over Sipe’s death. Christopher pleaded not guilty and is set to go to trial in August 2022. 

According to reports, riot-related charges against Sipe were still pending at the time of his death. Sipe had been charged with one count of riot and one count of unlawful possession of a destructive device in connection with a violent Antifa riot on September 24, 2020.

The Portland riot was organized in response to a grand jury decision to pursue a lesser charge of the police-involved fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor. Thirteen people were arrested during the demonstration, including Sipe.

According to court documents, Sipe admitted to lighting the wick of a Molotov cocktail and then launching the device behind a line of uniformed police officers as cops moved along Southwest Main Street.

Sipe was initially arrested on four felonies, including first-degree attempted murder, first-degree attempted assault, first-degree arson, and possession of a destructive device. A federal hold was placed on him to avoid an immediate release.

However, all but the initial charge were dropped and a source with knowledge of the incident allegedly stated that those charges were dropped because investigators could not verify the firebomb’s landing spot.

Another man, Malik Muhammad, was eventually arrested and charged with throwing the device, among other alleged acts of violence and vandalism. 

Before Sipe was declared deceased, he was reportedly pleading not guilty to the felony riot and felony unlawful possession of a destructive device charges. He missed court dates on December 8th and December 15th and again failed to appear at the hearing on April 20th.

A bench warrant for his arrest was ordered on the same day in April. Sipe reportedly told investigators that he had previously been in the Marines, but had been discharged after going “AWOL.” 

He had come to Portland from Georgia, where he had a prior assault conviction about nine months before his arrest and he had been experiencing homelessness. He had also been diagnosed with schizophrenia and had substance abuse issues. 

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‘You know what to do Portland’: Antifa once again threatening violence at upcoming patriotic event

July 23rd, 2021

PORTLAND, OR- According to a recent Twitter post from independent journalist Andy Ngo, Antifa accounts are threatening violence against an alleged upcoming Patriotic Event in Portland on August 22nd.

As stated in his tweet, it has yet to be confirmed who is behind the digital flyers for the reported “United We Win” event, but user @dakisback2, made a clear statement after re-sharing a tweet from @potato_bloc on how Antifa plans to show up:

“Far right nationalists are descending upon PDX on August 22nd. You know what do do Portland.”

The original flyer for the “United We Win” event was mimicked by Antifa members who plan to show up at the same place and time and as it states in their flyer, “Bloc Up and Bring PPE,” essentially threatening those at the “United We Win” event that there will be violence.

According to reports, last year, on August 22, 2020, there were dueling demonstrations in downtown Portland between pro-police and pro-Donald Trump supporters, and Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters. 

Reportedly, far-right organizers organized a noon event with the stated goal of “saying no to Marxism,” which drew multiple plans for counter-protests from far left-wing groups. Another event, called the “Mother of All Back the Blue Rallies” launched at the Justice Center, also around noon.

Within 15 minutes of the noon rallying launch, protesters changed “USA, USA, USA” and waved American flags on the steps of the Justice Center. Across the street in the park, others were chanting, “Black Lives Matter.”

By 12:30 p.m. that day, hundreds of people filled the park, streets, and sidewalks representing both sides. Both sides also equally used a variety of weapons and tossed numerous objects at each other. Video snippets on social media showed a handful of protesters from both sides clashing and pushing each other.

Numerous people had shields, wood or metal batons, and some on both sides carried paint ball guns. Reportedly, protesters on both sides thew rocks, water bottles, and shot paint balls.

As of this writing, it is unclear if the alleged upcoming “United We Win” event will be a protest or demonstration, but what is clear is that Antifa refuses to let people peacefully protest and exercise their First Amendment. They plan to be violent and cause destruction in a city that has seen over a year straight of nightly rioting.

In another recent Twitter post, Ngo shared how Antifa in Portland put out an “alert” about Canadian firebrand paster Artur Pawlowski’s planned event in Portland on August 7th. Antifa indicated that they would be there to “shut it down” and will use violence to do so.

A recent article in the Post Millennial proves just how destructive Antifa mob members are. An alleged Antifa member faces federal charges over $164,000 in riot damage.

The accused rioter was caught on surveillance video causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages to federal property at three separate Portland riots.

The suspect, identified as 33-year-old Aaron Amoss, of Fairview, Oregon, has close ties to Antifa. A masked man, identified as Amoss, was recorded throwing projectiles at the courthouse’s windows in the early hours of March 14th. 

That same week, federal officials began dismantling the heavy duty fencing that was erected last year to protect the building from rioters. Unsurprisingly, Antifa extremists gathered almost immediately to vandalize the courthouse again, forcing officials to put the fencing back up.

Amoss is accused of doing more than $143,000 in property damages that day. The federal criminal complain suggests that Amoss is affiliated with or is a member of Antifa. A senior special agent with the Federal Protective Service, wrote in the affidavit:

“Protest events in Portland are primarily attended by people in ‘black bloc,’ a term used to describe the all black, nondescript clothing. Antifa and other groups have stated that the intent of wearing ‘black bloc’ is to protect members of the group willing to take ‘direct action’ by making it difficult for law enforcement to identify individuals and further anonymizing them.”

Amoss’ social media posts further suggest he is an Antifa member. Reportedly, in a Facebook post at the height of the daily riots in July 2020, he instructed Portland protesters to wear facial coverings to evade identification and potential arrest by federal authorities. He wrote:

“Wear facial coverings everywhere and switch up your routes daily. Do not become predictable.”

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Antifa continued their violent rioting and anarchy – but this time LAPD was ready to strike back

July 18th, 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA- Violent rioting continues to take place in several large cities across the country, Los Angeles included, yet the destructive mess Antifa leaves behind seems to left out of the mainstream media reporting.

Antifa continues to deface and destroy property, causing issues around the Wi Spa, where several protesters were recently arrested after a dueling protest over transgender rights at the Los Angeles spa.

On Saturday, July 17th, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) reportedly had enough as they moved in to disperse violent Antifa members. There were protesters and counter-protesters, making the situation more chaotic. 

The protests stemmed from a video that went viral earlier in the month, in which an irate customer complained to the staff at Wi Spa about a transgender woman’s exposed genitalia in the women’s section of the spa.

During the protest, not only were Antifa members attacking other protesters, but they also assaulted officers. On officer was reportedly caught on video using his baton on two Antifa protesters after one pulled down their mask to spit on the officers face.

According to Detective Meghan Aguliar, a spokeswoman for the LAPD, police declared an unlawful assembly in front of the spa in Koreatown around 11 a.m. when demonstrators against transgender access to the spa’s facilities clashed with counter protesters and some in the crowd, mainly Antifa members, threw smoke bombs and other harmful objects at officers.

Several dozen people were arrested for ignoring orders to disperse.

Later, when the rioting settled, police found stun guns, knives, and pepper spray discarded on the street. Aguilar did not have an immediate arrest count, but confirmed that no officer was injured and no protester was transported to any hospital.

The New York Post reported that the dueling demonstrations were spurred by the same video that sparked the violent protests outside the spa on July 3rd. In the video clip, that went viral, the irate woman said:

“He is a man. He is not a female. There are girls down there, other women who are highly offended by what they just saw and you did nothing. You sided with him.”

The spa defended its practices in a statement, by saying:

“Like many other metropolitan areas, Los Angeles contains a transgender population, some of whom enjoy visiting a spa. Wi Spa strives to meet the needs of all its customers.”

Fox News reported that a flyer posted online by the southwest chapter of the Youth Liberation Front, which was described by the Seattle Times as a “persistent militant voice,” encouraged followers to gather at Wi Spa at 10:00 a.m. on July 17th to “SMASH TRANSPHOBIA” and “SMASH FACISM.” The group reportedly tweeted:


During the dueling protests on July 3rd, videos show bystanders attempting to break up some fighting, but violence erupted on repeated occasions throughout the day.

LAPD officer Mike Lopez, a department spokesman, stated that no arrests had been made during that demonstration, but at least five crimes had been reported against five separate victims. He said in a statement:

“Three of them were victims of assault and batter, and the other two were assault with a deadly weapon.”

Mainstream media continues to ignore Antifa and their violent, destructive ways. Antifa continues to argue that they do not have to remain peaceful, which seems to be true as evidenced by how the radical left keeps dealing with them.

In several large cities across the country, Antifa members continue to destroy businesses and property without any concern or punishment and in many of these Democrat run cities, the court cases keep getting thrown out. 

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Four Antifa-supporting “activists” facing multiple federal charges over Portland anarchy, including explosive charges

June 3rd, 2021

PORTLAND, OR – Four Antifa terrorists have been arrested and are facing federal charges for crimes committed during violent protests and rioting over the last year. Charges range from destruction of federal property to possession of explosives.

Richard Timothy Hernandez, 56, of Portland, has been charged with three counts of destruction of government property.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, federal investigators obtained evidence that Hernandez participated in three separate riots in the city. During the riots, Hernandez allegedly broke more than a dozen windows at the Hatfield Courthouse and ICE Portland Field Office.

On March 14, Hernandez reportedly threw as many as 74 rocks at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building, causing more than $21,000 damage. He reportedly threw 13 objects at the courthouse causing $143,513 damage.

Rowan McManigal, previously known as Daniel McManigal, 19, of Lake Oswego, has been charged with conveying false or misleading information about possessing incendiary chemical agents on federal property.

McManigal pulled wires from the ICE Portland Field Office’s card reader and intercom in December 2020 during rioting, according to the Department of Justice.

Reportedly, about 30 people had gathered at the ICE office and began to vandalize the property. McManigal allegedly stood in a walkway in front of the building’s main entrance for several minutes before his arrest.

Officers searched McManigal’s belongings and found a hoax explosive device with a hand-drawn hazmat placard. McManigal admitted that the device only contained water and was made to “waste people’s time.”

A third person involved in the riots was Tracy Lynn Molina, 48, who stands accused of failing to comply with a lawful order outside the ICE building, disorderly conduct, and assault on a federal officer.

All three defendants were released from custody pending trial and ordered not to return after business hours to the ICE building, the downtown federal courthouse, or the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building in Portland.

At her hearing, Molina objected to the prosecutor’s attempts to ban her from all federal properties pending trial.

“Seems kind of overdone for a made-up lie,” she told the judge. She added that she’s Native American, has family on a reservation, and that she visits the Veterans Affairs Medical Center often.

The judge limited the restrictions to the three listed facilities.

Malik Fard Muhammad, 24,  who was previously arrested and jailed on 26 charges, is also now facing new federal charges of possession of unregistered destructive devices, engaging in civil disorder, obstructing law enforcement, and using explosives to commit a federal felony.


According to federal authorities, Muhammad participated in Portland riots in September and October 2020 where he intentionally jeopardized the lives of police officers, destroyed public property, and committed and encouraged other acts of violence.

Muhammad was arrested in April on eight warrants out of Portland after police said he threw multiple firebombs at officers and buildings during the protests.

He has since been charged with 26 state felonies in Multnomah County Circuit Court, including attempted aggravated murder, first-degree attempted murder, first-degree criminal mischief, riot and unlawfully possessing a firearm, the Department of Justice said.

Muhammad was present during a Sept. 5 “large civil disturbance” in east Portland in which demonstrators threw fireworks, Molotov cocktails, and bottles at police, according to court documents. Prosecutors say text messages on the man’s phone indicate he gave rioters baseball bats, and surveillance footage from a Goodwill store reportedly shows him buying the bats and several growler bottles.

He also took part in two riots in late September, where Molotov cocktails were thrown at police. On September 23, an officer’s leg caught fire from one of the bombs allegedly thrown by Muhammad.

On October 11, 2020, he was again arrested for using a metal baton to smash windows in downtown Portland. He had a loaded firearm in a pocket at the time of his arrest.

The Department of Justice wrote in a statement:

“Muhammad’s trip to Portland does not appear to be an isolated event. Investigators obtained evidence that he traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, in August 2020 to meet with anti-government and anti-authority violent extremist groups to conduct firearms and tactical training.”

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Florida criminal who was arrested in Portland in 2020 arrested again – this time for bringing a shotgun onto a bus

May 31, 2021


PORTLAND, OR – A 24-year-old man who was arrested during a riot in Portland back in 2020 where he allegedly smashed business and church windows was arrested again earlier in May, with authorities saying the suspect was unlawfully carrying a loaded handgun and shotgun onto a TriMet bus.

Police were called out to the area of SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and SW Bertha Boulevard at approximately 1:00 p.m. on May 29th in response to an armed man on a TriMet bus.

When officers arrived at the scene, they reportedly encountered 24-year-old Jarrod Deferrari who was allegedly carrying a shotgun, shells, a loaded handgun, “restricted” knives and brass knuckles.

Authorities say that Deferrari was removed from the bus without incident or injury but noted that the suspect was uncooperative during the arrest. Deferrari was reportedly charged with unlawful possession of firearm, two counts of possession of loaded firearm in a public place and four counts of carrying a concealed weapon.

This isn’t Deferrari’s first encounter with authorities in Portland, as he was arrested back on November 4th of 2020 for allegedly using a hammer to smash the windows of Riverside Tobacco, St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church and Alco Properties.

The riot from November 4th where Deferrari allegedly participated in was an evening where a total of twelve people were arrested for a variety of offenses – with one suspect, 23-year-old William K. Beecher, arrested for allegedly throwing a firework at officers during the chaos. 

In Deferrari’s arrest report from November of last year, it was noted that he is not from Portland – but apparently resides in Sunrise, Florida.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office noted that the damage caused during the November 4th incident by the suspect was over $7,000.

The District Attorney’s Office is still working this case from last year against Deferrari, where he was reportedly charged with felony riot and three counts of criminal mischief in relation to the incident.

Also, on May 21st, Washington County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an unoccupied home off of SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway where there were reports of smoke emanating from the home.

Deputies were said to have encountered Deferrari at the unoccupied residence, where he was charged with criminal trespass with a firearm. 




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