Watch: Antifa members hijack peaceful rally to go after police in Portland



It was a relatively peaceful day, all things considered. Millions of people across the country gathered in major cities to protest climate change. And overall, the demonstrations remained calm.

But in Portland, Oregon… things took a turn when masked members of the group Antifa hijacked the protester’s chants about saving the world and instead turned it into a rally against police.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who you might remember as being brutally attacked by the group earlier this year, told Fox & Friends that the relatively calm rally got stirred up when black-clad protesters began using the public gathering to harass police who were monitoring the area.

Ngo said that the Antifa members congregated near the Portland ICE facility and threw rocks and other projectiles at officers.

Watch: Antifa members hijack peaceful rally to go after police in Portland
Videos caught at the scene showed protesters telling police to shut up and getting right up in their faces. (Fox News)


Videos posted to Twitter showed protesters get right up in the officer’s faces, screaming expletives at them and calling them pigs. 

This video was posted by Ngo, showing the ‘masked militants’ who threw projectiles at police outside the immigration facility running from federal officers. 


One young man can even be seen getting right in an officer’s face and telling him to ‘shut the f—k up.’

Ngo said that the chants that had originally been directed toward the ‘impending threat of end of the world’ and the need for change, but when the masked protesters showed up, cries about the climate were quickly changed to go after police.

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Watch: Antifa members hijack peaceful rally to go after police in Portland


Ngo said in his interview that the average age of these demonstrators who are becoming violent seems to be getting younger and younger, as many of those seen at the rally were essentially kids.

“What’s concerning about this to me is that this movement is able to recruit younger and younger people. I mean, any of these masked people are really children,” Ngo said.

Another video posted from the turmoil showed a female officer recovering behind a cruiser after being pepper sprayed, though it was not clear if she had been assaulted by protesters or if she had gotten exposure from a police deployment.


Federal authorities arrested one man after he was seen allegedly throwing rocks at officers.


Details of his booking appeared across social media, complete with the cache of weapons found on his person. 


Ngo says that the entire movement has managed to condemn anyone who wears the badge, and without actual consequences, the tension will only increase.

“You see how they’ve bought in to this narrative that the police are evil and they have no hesitation in not just showing disrespect to law enforcement, but hatred and trying to actively get in the way of the arrests.”

Portland is well known for its relationship with Antifa. 

In August, a video caught members of the group, decked out in their black gear and helmets, telling officers that they should kill themselves. 

Officers stand their ground as protesters hurl insults. (Screenshot – Twitter)


“Shoot yourselves!” one man can be seen saying. “Suicide is the only way out!”

While these are just the words of a cowardly ‘activist’, this only further shows the horrific way the counter-culture is treating the men and women who are sworn to protect our communities. The divide continues, and officers are paying the price. 

“You know you’re a parasite,” the man continues in the onslaught of hate. “Last year more cops died by suicide than in the line of duty. It’s because you know your job is morally and ethically bankrupt.”

A video was captured showing the protesters taunting the officers. Watch below. 


Another officer was taunted and called a ‘race traitor’ for being a part of law enforcement.


Another person spits at a line of cops as she walks past.


Until recently, the group has gone relatively unchecked for its behavior. 


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