Antifa ‘journalists’ who advocate for violence sue gay conservative journalist for reposting their videos


PORTLAND, OR – Two “antifascist”, Antifa activists posing as journalists have filed suit against Andy Ngo, a popular conservative writer, claiming he violated copyright laws by embedding video they shot during protests in Portland in his own tweets.

In the lawsuit, filed Dec. 8 in the Oregon U.S. District Court, Grace Morgan, 33, and Melissa Lewis, 31, are seeking an injunction to stop him from any future acts of infringement plus $300,000 in compensation for damages, according to their attorney.

Calling themselves “experienced photojournalists,” they claim that Ngo repeatedly posted videos taken by the plaintiffs of Black Lives Matter protests and civil unrest in violation of their “exclusive copyrights.”

The suit claims Ngo tweeted the videos in violation of copyright laws, despite him tagging and crediting the two as the originators of the video. The complaint reads:

“Defendant has made a practice of illegally copying and uploading Plaintiffs’ videos onto his own Twitter account (‘@MrAndyNgo’).

When he uploads Plaintiffs’ videos to his own Twitter account, Defendant includes a credit for Plaintiffs (e.g., ‘From Melissa ‘Claudio’ Lewis’).”

Antifa 'journalists' who advocate for violence sue gay conservative journalist for reposting their videos

The copyright infringement complaint involved two tweets Ngo posted on October 2, in which he embedded video shot the night before by Morgan and Lewis. Morgan’s video captured a bonfire set by protesters and rioters in a street in Portland.

Lewis’ video a standoff with law enforcement at a gate during the riots.

Lewis and Morgan claim that because they are left-wing journalists and Ngo is a right-wing journalist, that Ngo’s supporters have harassed and attacked the two plaintiffs because of the videos being retweeted/ The complaint states:

“Because Plaintiffs are considered ‘left-wing’ journalist and Defendant is a ‘right-wing’ journalist, when Defendant uploads Plaintiffs’ videos, Plaintiffs are deluged with harassing comments from Defendant’s followers.

This has resulted in instances where Plaintiffs were physically attacked by Defendant’s followers. As a result of this harassment, Plaintiffs have both blocked Defendant from following them on Twitter so he would be unable to see their Twitter posts and videos.

“Despite the fact that Plaintiffs have blocked Defendant from following them on their Twitter accounts, Defendant continues to upload and post Plaintiffs’ videos on his Twitter account.

Defendant does this action despite knowing that every time he does so, Plaintiffs incur further harassment from Defendant’s followers.”

Twitter allows users to embed videos in tweets while still providing credit and a link to the original uploader. Ngo said that the lawsuit is not designed to address copyright, but to try to silence him:

“Being an effective journalist means people will try to silence you. I was beaten several times by #antifa. Now two antifa videographers in Portland filed a lawsuit against me. Why? Because I retweeted them on Twitter.”

Lewis is openly self-described as an antifascist. The lawsuit complaint states:

“Plaintiff Lewis is an activist, journalist, and videographer. Her works have been featured in the New York Times, ABC, and she writes for local Portland publications.

Melissa specializes in frontline footage, and has captured vital video of local police brutality, federal police brutality, chemical weapons use on citizens, far-right extremism, and militia activity.

“She has worked with her community for over two years as an antifascist, citizen journalist.”

Lewis has a long history of activism disguised as journalism. Lewis tweeted during rioting at the Multnomah County Justice Center on June 18, 2020, telling Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters:

“Get over to the JC, more bodies = more revolution!”

Lewis also supported riots against the Thanksgiving holiday on November 25, 2020, calling for a “decolonial day of action”:

“Black & Indigenous ppl are calling for a national decolonial day of action. They want ppl to participate by decolonizing their city with autonomous/anonymous DA.

“F*** thxgiving (sic) & black Friday! Decolonize by dismantling capitalism & white supremacy. No peace til (sic) our genocide ends!”

Morgan is also a left-wing activist claiming to be a journalist, as is evidenced by a tweet she sent out May 25, calling for supporters to join her and Black Lives Matter in protest and riot in the streets for the one-year anniversary of George Floyd:

“So, all the people who said they wanted to be out on the streets fighting with us this time last year, but couldn’t because of the virus – now that you’re vaccinated – we’ll see you out tonight right?”

She also posted a tweet with photographs of her target shooting with Antifa “super soldiers”:

“So far, I’ve spent Election Day at the rock pit, getting comfortable / learning how to shoot guns with the Antifa super soldiers. HBU?

“(Literally I have had no interest in doing this my entire life until about a month ago).

The Center for American Liberty has launched a legal defense fundraiser for Ngo. Attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon commented:

“This lawsuit is Antifa agitprop masquerading as a copyright claim, disconnected from reality both in fact and in law.”

The Center for American Liberty tweeted a link to donate to Ngo’s defense fund:

“All American journalists have the right to publicly critique others’ reporting. But that right is under attack by some on the Left…”

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LET Unity

Report: Antifa member encouraging violence against conservative Andy Ngo works as “mentor” for kids with autism

August 19, 2021

The following article contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author. 

PORTLAND, OR- Yup, this is just the kind of person who should be working with autistic youth.

The Post Millennial is reporting that a man behind a long-time campaign to target journalist Andy Ngo, a self-described umbrella-carrying, black helmet-wearing member of domestic terrorist group Antifa, in fact works as a “mentor” for autistic youth when he’s not burning down buildings and beating people up (as part of a gang of course).


Jonathan Dylan Chase, a 38-year-old member of the brown shirt enforcement brigade of Democrat party, works at the Synergy Autism Center in Portland, and is a “one-on-one” mentor for autistic youth, and has used his Twitter account “@Jonathan_C_PDX” to target Ngo for assault. He did so as recently as this past Monday.

“Andy doxxes us every day, why the fuck isn’t Andy’s address all over Twitter? Why isn’t there a DA [direct action] at his house every f-ing night?” Chase wrote on Twitter, where his profile is comprised of all manner of antifa emblems and propaganda.

That tweet, along with many of Chase’s appeared to have been since deleted, however an archived copy is available.

Interestingly, Twitter’s “terms of service” ban exactly what Chase is advocating for on Twitter. Of course, Twitter also allows the Taliban on their platform so there’s that.

Twitter’s rules and policies state that a user “may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people” and “may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone or incite other people to do so.”

That is, unless you support the agenda of the Democratic Party. Then you’re fine. Chase’s account was still active as of Thursday despite his repeated violation of the company’s “policies.”

This Tuesday, Chase continued his apparent man-crush on Ngo, when he urged his fellow Antifa pals to dox Ngo’s private information.

“Who knows where Andy lives these days? Someone has to flip the script and dox his ass,” Chase wrote on Twitter.

In yet another example of Chase fomenting violence against Ngo, in January Chase published a tweet in which he asked, “Antifa riot at Andy’s [Ngo] starts when?”

Last October and November, Chase again pushed for violence against Ngo, suggesting that any such assault would be easy to pull off since Portland police officers “aren’t doing their jobs.”

“This whole thing could be done in a much easier way,” he tweeted. “The cops aren’t doing their jobs anyway, so let’s just drag Andy out of the basement and give him a stern talking to in the street until he’s convinced to cease his evil ways,” he wrote last October.

In November, Chase made an even more ominous post, saying: “Bob Murray is dead, time for a new foil. I second the nomination of Andy Ngo.”  Law enforcement sources tell Law Enforcement Today that they’re aware of and investigating Chase’s seemingly dangerous threats against Ngo.

 Ngo, The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large has been a frequent target of Antifa due to his relentless exposure of the left-wing terrorist group. After Antifa paid several visits to Ngo’s home in Portland, he was forced to leave the country.

Ngo has been assaulted by Antifa thugs on numerous occasions, the most recent occurring in Portland this past May. Ngo was forced to seek refuge inside a downtown hotel, while the Portland Police Bureau had to deploy dozens of riot police to hold off the umbrella mafia trying to break inside.

To further prove that Chase doesn’t belong within a half-mile of autistic kids, Chase supported the murder of a Daytona Beach, Florida police officer, Jason Raynor, who was shot in the head by a black nationalist in June and who recently succumbed to those injuries.

Chase responded to a tweet by the Daytona Beach Police announcing Raynor’s death by posting a meme that said, “Good.” Yet, a scumbag like this still finds himself on Twitter; Jack Dorsey is such a hypocrite.

On his Twitter bio, Chase describes himself as a “musician, author, and public speaker.” In 2014, Chase delivered a Ted talk at a Salem, Ore., event titled, “Music as a window into the Autistic mind.”

The Post Millennial said they reached out to Chase for comment, with the response consisting of an “expletive-laden email claiming that Ngo was a ‘nazi’ and wishing death upon Ngo and the staff of The Post Millennial,” the outlet said.

Law Enforcement Today reached out to Chase’s employer, which did not respond to our request for comment. On the employer’s website under “About Us,” Chase is listed as managing “the Synergy office including scheduling and new client intakes.”

It continues to note that he “has currently shifted his attention to social justice issues occurring in our Portland Metro” and “is currently taking a hiatus from the Synergy work.” Yeah, it’s hard to work with autistic kids and destroy the city and beat people up at the same time.

Probably the most amusing factoid about Synergy Autism Center is under the bio for owner Barbara Avila. According to her bio, she “specializes in…coaching parents to become better guides for their children of any age.”

Yes, “better guides.” While employing someone who engages in terrorism in his off time.

Parents of autistic children would be well-advised to keep their children far, far away from Synergy Autism Center while they employ a complete lunatic like Chase.




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