Antifa bombard People’s Convoy with paint, rocks from Portland overpass; trucker answers with bullet


PORTLAND, OR – The Portland Police Bureau reported that officers responded Friday to a “group throwing objects off the Northeast Glisan Street overpass over Interstate 205, and that a shot had been fired.”

The dry report seemed to go out of its way to downplay the fact that Antifa terrorists had attacked the People’s Convoy in Portland, Oregon, and could have caused injuries and even deaths.


Police called it one incident in an “extraordinarily busy evening” but perhaps they are growing desensitized to the absolutely insane criminal behavior that is routinely tolerated the entire length of America’s left coast.

Here’s the entire report about what could have become a deadly incident:

“At 6:54p.m., North Precinct and East Precinct officers responded to a report of a group throwing objects off the Northeast Glisan Street overpass over Interstate 205, and that a shot had been fired. Portland Police were monitoring a protest ‘convoy’ that was driving through Portland and counterdemonstrators confronting them.


“Officers determined that the shot fired call was likely related. They did recover evidence of one shot fired, but no known victims. Several officers were required as a group of about 15 people were yelling at and harassing the officers as they conducted the investigation. No immediate arrests were made, but the investigation is continuing.”

The truckers were attacked by known Antifa members who dropped projectiles, paintballs, eggs, and other objects at passing motorists in hopes of injuring drivers and stopping the convoy.

The attack, which could have turned deadly, was openly organized on Twitter, according to PJ Media.


Video from the incident shows a group of approximately five people on the Glisan Street overpass. From the high position, they appear to be throwing objects and making offensive gestures at vehicles.

The five, who were wearing masks, stationed themselves on an I-205 overpass, which ribbons through Portland’s east side, and threw objects at passing motorists and convoy participants. They displayed a sign reading, “Trump Lost.”

The assault on the vehicles forced all motorists to stop, causing a backup on the interstate that creates a beltway around parts of Southwest Washington and Portland.


The attackers appeared to drop the objects recklessly, potentially harming people who presumably are not their targets, as well as the truckers who were exercising their First Amendment rights to speak and their Fifth Amendment right to move freely.

In return, at least one round was fired from someone within the People’s Convoy, police reported.

At one point, a yellow, decommissioned fire truck used its water cannon to spray the Antifa attackers.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, a notorious Antifa member called John Colin Hacker, who is being prosecuted for attacking Ngo in 2019, was part of the group throwing paint onto vehicles on the freeway below.

The People’s Convoy began in California and traveled to Washington, D.C., in early March to protest the Covid-19 vaccine mandates. The truckers and other supporters then drove back to the west coast, with some drivers making their way to the Pacific Northwest.

Report: Tourists ‘afraid’ to visit Portland due to Antifa’s presence and continued violence

November 3, 2021

PORTLAND, OR – In the last year, Portland has made its way to the end of the list of cities where tourists and conventioneers want to spend money and time.

According to several reports, the city is leaderless with police officers fleeing, whether it be early retirement or moving to another state. Add Antifa’s heavy presence on top of that, even people in nearby towns are avoiding the once vibrant city.

The city’s “Travel Portland” tourism CEO, Jeff Miller, said that no one wants to visit the socialist utopia the leftists have molded. Miller told the commissioners:

“Portland has declined to the lowest levels of being a likely destination for delegates to attend a conference.”

Miller then discussed the few things causing the problem, saying:

“Portland-specific issues that are related to civil unrest and public safety concerns have exacerbated the negative occurrences of declining attendance and group cancellations.”

Miller told Mayor Ted Wheeler and the city council:

“Continued attacks and breaking glass on buildings throughout the city, but especially downtown, continued to affect this hard to overcome sentiment. Our central city occupancy in September lags every competitive city we tracked.”

Reportedly, the only worse city was Minneapolis, which was also set on fire by Antifa and were police are disrespected and hated as well as the Left having a firm hold on the criminal justice system.

During a Zoom meeting, city commissioner Mingus Mapps, the commission’s travel liaison, told his fellow commissioners that things are very, very bad. He added:

“Here’s the problem. Around the world, too many people associate Portland with homelessness and homicide. Today, a significant chunk of humanity is afraid of spending time and money in our city.”

It seems that people are not into crime-friendly places where someone could be fatally shot at while hanging out at a club downtown, be clubbed on a downtown street, be called a fascist by the club-wielding mob, or where, for political reasons, police won’t be able to find a body when it goes missing or arrest someone for a murder.

Stepping around human feces and tents is also a turn off for many travelers. There have been expansions in the “homeless” camps around the city, which see a higher than normal use and sale of illegal narcotics.

And, instead of telling people to drive their cars or RV’s away, the city assumes responsibility for these individuals, using more and more of taxpayers money to put them in hotels or build them a condo.

As of recent, Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler, who pushed to defund the police after being threatened by Antifa, just announced that the city needs more cops.

He is allegedly begging retired officers to come back by offering them more money and is planning to spend even more money to reimagine policing.

Mapps told Travel Portland:

“I will tell you the convention business in Portland for the next five years is dead.”

The year before the pandemic, the Oregon Convention Center hosted 50 conventions, attended by more than 145,000 people and hotels across the city hosted another 301 large meetings attended by more than 174,000 people.

Only 33 conventions have been booked for 2022 so far, while 37 are scheduled for 2023. Individual hotels have scheduled just 93 meetings for 2022 and 36 for 2023. Few planners have scheduled events further in the future, with only 15 conventions and five group meetings in the books for 2024.

According to Travel Portland, the size of the groups booking events has been down anywhere from 35 percent to 65 percent. Mapps and James Jessie, Travel Portland’s chief sales officer, pointed to public safety issues and Portland’s reputation as the primary factor in the slow rebound.

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