Antifa and anti-police protesters build snow barrier to block Seattle PD from responding to emergencies


SEATTLE, WA – Video has surfaced of an attempt to block Seattle Police vehicles inside of the East Precinct’s driveway, as anti-police protesters erected a snow barrier that briefly prevented officers from pulling out of the precinct driveway.

The nonsense reportedly took place on the evening of February 13th, as video shows a handful of anti-police protesters cheering at the feat that they accomplished…which was piling up some snow in front of the precinct driveway.

Video captured during the idiocy showcases some of the protesters feigning innocuous behavior, with some claiming that they were just having a “snowball fight”.

In some of the footage, one can see that a police cruiser attempted to simply plow through and/or over the snow that was packed in front of the precinct driveway – which proved to be unsuccessful.

In same said video, the fact that these anti-police protesters were cheering at said effort betrays that this was an effort to antagonize police officers.

Additional police officers wound up responding to the area to clear out the anti-police protesters so that the snow could be cleared out and Seattle Police could go about their business as usual – but the interaction between police and the group that had gathered was of course contentious.

A video that was uploaded from the perspective of one of the anti-police protesters on Instagram showcased 15 minutes of this interaction, where claims of them, “just having a friendly snowball fight,” were touted.

One of the responding officers wasn’t in the mood to debate said framing or semantics, and instructed the crowd that it’s not legal to, “block police from exiting a police vehicle precinct.”

Of course, this spawned cries and clamoring from the anti-police group that they weren’t “blocking” the building or driveway and incessant whining ensued when police had to start physically motivating people to move away from the area.

For whatever reason, one of the anti-police protesters that joined in on the frankly juvenile display was on crutches who decided to become antagonistic with officers by trying to block one officer’s bodycam. Meanwhile, officers can be seen in the background shoveling the snow.

Now, the whole display appears to have only amounted to some back and forth between officers and the ridiculous obstruction that was erected by the anti-police crowd. But it’s also a complete act of buffoonery to literally block emergency vehicles under the guise of protesting.


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Because not only is it illegal, but it can also result in hindered police response times because now officers have to take time out of their shift to literally shovel snow instead of responding to active calls.

And what these top-notch cretins also put themselves at risk of while filming their exploits was the possibility of civil action if their efforts resulted in a delayed response by police to an emergency call where someone wound up getting hurt.

The whole ordeal is a perfect example of why the anti-police crowd is rife with nonsense and agitators trying to manufacture scenarios that can escalate.  

But then again, this is Seattle, Washington – so these antics are hardly surprising. 

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Just recently, the anti-police crowd in Seattle were up in arms because a suspect who allegedly killed one woman, shot another, and then opened fire on police was fatally shot by returned fire by officers. 

We at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on those outraged about what really should have been a “nontroversy” instead of a controversy. 

Here’s that previous report. 


SEATTLE, WA – Activists based out of Seattle are reportedly upset over the recent police-involved shooting of a suspect alleged to have shot two women – killing one – and shot at police.

And even after Seattle Police released video of the encounter with the suspect – people online are still proclaiming that this was some sort of murder enacted by police.

According to Seattle Police, the suspect – who some have proclaimed is a man by the name of Greg Taylor –  had shot two female victims within the 2300 block of South Massachusetts Street on the evening of February 9th, with one of the victims later succumbing to their wounds and dying.

The incident began after a 911 call came in at around 9:16 p.m. that evening, with the caller reporting that they’d heard numerous gunshots going off near 24th Avenue South and South Massachusetts Street.

Police say that several other calls were coming in around the same time, describing a man firing a weapon along that same area – with one caller describing the suspect as a male in a dark jacket and pants and wearing a red hat.

By the time officers arrived on the scene, they’d immediately heard gunshots going off.

Eventually the suspect had reportedly started walking towards the responding officers, raising his weapon and firing at police.

Officers at the scene responded with returned gunfire, shooting the suspect. Aid was rendered to the suspect after police returned fire, while other officers on the scene began scanning the area for potential victims.

It was during the search of the area that police had located the two victims shot earlier, who were both inside of a vehicle that was parked in a parking lot located off of 2300 South Massachusetts Street.

Seattle Fire Department responded to the scene, taking over emergency care related to the incident.

The suspect was declared deceased, whereas the two shooting victims were transported to Harborview Medical Center. One of the shooting victims died while in transit to the hospital, as the other was last reported as having suffered live-threatening injuries.

Police later recovered a weapon on the scene said to have been used by the suspect, which appears to be a Springfield Armory .45 ACP handgun.

suspect weapon
Image of suspect’s alleged weapon used – Seattle Police Department

Despite all of the aforementioned, there’s numerous Seattle-based activists online working to organize protests and sew discord, as they believe that this officer-involved shooting wasn’t justifiable.

One of the hot takes shared online regarding the shooting of the suspect is that the situation “was absolutely avoidable” and that somehow the fact that it’s Black History Month is relevant when there’s an active shooter situation:

“Plenty of white and passing people get taken in alive after recklessly firing guns and worse. For a black man to be shot in the chest by police in front of an African American museum, in Black History Month was absolutely avoidable.”

And, of course, the tweet was followed with an infamous ‘say his name’ sentiment.

Protests were planned for the day following the officer-involved shooting of the suspect, referring to police officers as “executioners” with regard to the incident reportedly involving an active shooter the night prior.

It’s a rather telling phenomenon, in that these sorts of protesters would amass together even when a suspect is alleged to have killed one woman, shot another, and then proceeds to open fire on police officers.

And to make matters all the worse, and also being extremely insulting to the actual victims in this case, these protesters even set up a memorial for the man accused of killing one woman and critically injuring another woman.

One could only imagine if a friend or family member to any of the victim’s from the double shooting were to see this going on.

Which, considering the spread of bizarre adoration for a now-deceased alleged murderer, it’s very likely some of them have stumbled upon this sort of rhetoric being spewed.


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