‘Antifa’ anarchists violently attack anti-mask protesters in bloody fight, leaving one person stabbed


LOS ANGELES, CADueling protests turned into an outright street brawl, as an organized demonstration dubbed as the “Choose Freedom March” that was protesting against mandatory vaccinations clashed with another group who organized a protest dubbed “No Safe Space for Fascists” which that group apparently arrived only to counter demonstrate against the “Choose Freedom March” group.

In short, the brawl was chaotic and at least one person was stabbed during the incident, with reports suggesting that the man stabbed originated from the “Choose Freedom March” group.

The clash between the two groups transpired on August 14th outside of Los Angeles City Hall.

The “Choose Freedom March” organizers had billed their rally as a simple demonstration to oppose the likes of mandating vaccinations, vaccine passports, mask mandates, and the sort.

Apparently, fliers circulated for a counter demonstration against the “Choose Freedom March” that labeled the group as “fascists”.

Demonstrators from the “Choose Freedom March” arrived at City Hall at around 2:00 p.m. for their pre-planned rally. At around the same time, a few dozen counter protesters from the “No Safe Space for Fascists” group had amassed around the corner of 1st and Spring Street.

At roughly 2:30 p.m., both of the groups converged at 1st and Spring Street and the brawl ensued.

Video shows a handful of various clashes and skirmishes, with some of the instances involving multiple demonstrators encircling isolated counter protesters and calling them out as being “Antifa”.

Shouts of “unmask them” could also be heard emanating from the crowd as the fights transpired. 

Even with video having captured portions of the brawl, it’s really unclear as to which group through the first punch.

Local media reports note that demonstrators from both protest groups have blamed the opposing group for being the instigators of the clash.

LAPD Captain Stacy Spell noted that organizers from the “Choose Freedom March” secured a permit for their demonstration, and said police are actively investigating the fight that broke out:

“We are on scene to maintain order after a fight broke out between Antifa and people gathered for the permitted event. We are aware of one male that was stabbed and is being treated by Fire Department personnel. No arrests have been made but [the] investigation is ongoing.”

Police on the scene of the fight were able to get the groups separated and establish a skirmish line to avoid further clashes between the two groups. At least two observers documenting the incident were injured during the fracas.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we gather additional insight into the developing case.

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LET Unity

In other reports regarding Antifa-styled groups, we at Law Enforcement Today recently shared an editorial that shone a light on a summer camp operating out of Portland, Oregon, that is serving as a segue for children to become left-wing extremists. 

Here’s that previous editorial from earlier in August. 


This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

PORTLAND, OR – As insane as it might sound, the city of Portland plays host to a summer camp (aimed specifically at young children) that is setting up youths to pursue a path to political extremism later on in their lives.

The summer camp is called Budding Roses, and the summer camp was founded by a literal “Anarchist Federation”.

According to Budding Roses’ “About” section of their website, the following is written regarding the founding of this Portland summer camp:

“Budding Roses was founded as a project of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Foundation, inspired by global examples of mutual aid and popular education projects like the Paideia Free School in Spain and the Black Panther’s Free Breakfast Programs, and Paolo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.”

Further along the “About” section of Budding Roses’ website, the people behind this summer camp proclaim their efforts are meant to turn children into the next generation of protesters in Portland:

“We believe that empowering youth to become critically engaged with social justice issues lays the groundwork for transformational social change tomorrow and today.

We see returning campers taking on leadership roles at camp, getting involved in their communities, holding banners at marches, and initiating discussion about social issues with their parents.”

This is perhaps some of the most well-thought, innocuous-seeming language ever employed to openly admit that Budding Roses is crafting the next round of professional protesters (a.k.a., future rioters) to terrorize Portland.

For instance, we’ll go back to the founders of Budding Roses – which is the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

According to the mission statement of Black Rose Anarchist Federation, the organization claims to be made up of “revolutionaries who share common visions of a new world” where they hope “people collectively control their own workplaces” – also known as Marxism – and “society is organized for peoples’ aspirations, passions, and needs rather than profit.”

And Black Rose Anarchist Federation claims in their mission statement that this Marxist society can only be accomplished by overthrowing “the state and capitalism” – also known as political violence:

“We believe that this vision can only be brought about through the revolutionary power of the working class organized in the workplaces, community, schools, and streets to overthrow the state and capitalism and build a new world from the bottom up.”

It’s not a coincidence that Black Rose Anarchist Federation named their summer camp “Budding Roses” – the summer camp is being used as an indoctrination camp to put children on a pathway to eventually join in the efforts to “overthrow the state and capitalism” once they become teens and young adults.  

It’s of little surprise to see that Black Rose Anarchist Federation also promotes Antifa in their blogs, promoting the 2017 book by Mark Bray “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook”. But then again, it would make sense that Black Rose Anarchist Federation would promote Mark Bray’s Antifa book – considering that Mark Bray is a member of Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

During the summer of 2020, when concerns of the pandemic lead to numerous in-person gathering establishments being closed down, Budding Roses was among those entities that closed down the summer camp for the period.

But that closure prompted Budding Roses to create a “Summer Kit full of activities that campers could do remotely”, according to the curriculum portion of the camp’s website.

This portal, which is still active, gives an inside look at the tools employed by Budding Roses to help them create the next generation of black-bloc rioters that will be destroying businesses, attacking police, and the sort in the years to come.

One of the activities included in the summer camp is a “Walking Tour of Radical Portland”, where children are urged to visit these sites in the city “where radical events have taken place throughout history and today” – which include the Macadam ICE building where “Occupy ICE” transpired and the Plaza Blocks outside of the federal courthouse and Multnomah County Justice Center that was habitually terrorized in 2020.

There is of course a “What is Police Abolition” guide that paints defunding police and ending policing altogether as a good thing – as the guide from Budding Roses reads:

“Abolishing police means looking at how we can care for each other instead of punishing people and communities for being poor. We would all be a lot safer if everyone had access to the things they needed. That could mean a lot of different things!”

If that isn’t enough indoctrination to turn children into future radicals, Budding Roses ensures that campers have access to the “Budding Roses Protest and Chant Book”.

Through this protest and chant book, young children in Portland can learn such Antifa classics like “no borders, no nation, stop deportations” and “cops and borders, we don’t need them, what we want is total freedom”.

There is also an instructional booklet download for these young campers to learn about the effects of tear gas, and also provides illustrated pictures on how to contain tear gas that police use when people are rioting.

Perhaps the icing on the cake is the guide on “Reflections of Privilege and White Supremacy”, where there’s an activity portion specifically “for white youth” that tasks kids with asking themselves “What parts of white supremacy do you see in yourself or in your family”.

Budding Roses may call itself a “summer camp”, but it is something more nefarious. It is an indoctrination camp meant to radicalize youths into becoming violent rioters in Portland.


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