Anti-police protesters want justice for Ronald Davis. Here’s the video of their ‘victim’


ST. PAUL, Minn. – He was shot by Minnesota police. Right after, protesters took the streets demanding justice for the ‘victim’. Well now, police in St. Paul have just released the body cam footage that shows what actually went down during fatal shooting of Ronald Davis.

The body cam video is frightening, and shows firsthand how quickly a situation can turn into a fight for an officer to stay alive. (Video published below)

The situation began on September 15 when Officer Steve Mattson of the St. Paul Police Department was rear-ended by Ronald Davis. 

As soon as Officer Mattson stepped foot outside of his cruiser, he was already being attacked.

Anti-police protesters want justice for Ronald Davis. Here's the video of their 'victim'
A screenshot from the St. Paul officer’s body cam shows Ronald Davis attacking him with a knife. (St. Paul PD)


The video shows the suspect charging at Mattson with his right arm held above his head, brandishing a knife. Mattson has almost no time to react.

But incredibly, he does. Officer Mattson immediately springs out of his vehicle and screams in surprise. As he tries to escape the knife-wielding suspect, he falls to the ground. 

He screams again, swearing.

Anti-police protesters want justice for Ronald Davis. Here's the video of their 'victim'
Davis charges at the officer with a grimace on his face moments before the fatal shots were fired. (St. Paul PD)


As he goes down, the officer’s flashlight fell from his belt. Davis reportedly picked it up, continuing to come at Mattson with the knife in one hand and the officer’s flashlight in the other.

Amazingly Mattson is able to climb back onto his feet, draws his weapons and screams at Davis to stop his attack.

“Get away from me! Drop the knife! Drop the (expletive) knife! Drop the knife!” the officer can be heard shouting before finally pulling the trigger and shooting Davis multiple times. 

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Anti-police protesters want justice for Ronald Davis. Here's the video of their 'victim'


Davis can be seen falling to the ground as Mattson runs to take cover behind his squad car. He frantically radios for backup.

Records showed that only about 12 seconds had passed from the time Davis came sprinting at Mattson with a knife to when Mattson pulled the trigger… but as you watch the video, it seems like a lifetime.


12 seconds. That’s all that stood between life and death for the Minnesota officer. Davis was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Immediately after the shooting, before the body cam footage had been released, anti-police protesters began condemning the officer, taking to the streets to demand ‘justice’ for Ronald Davis, whom they said was a victim of racial profiling.


They say that Davis wasn’t aggressive and couldn’t have possibly been a threat.

“It’s disgusting that the people who are supposed to protect us are out here killing us,” said one protester. “When I heard the news, I was shocked because he was a very respectful, kind person. He would say, ‘Yes, sir; yes, ma’am. He wasn’t an aggressive person, even though he was big.”

Another said the officer should be terminated immediately.

“When you shoot that gun, when that cop shoots that gun, they shouldn’t have a job anymore. It shouldn’t be a paid vacation with administrative leave.”

We hope that every single protester out there sees this video and knows the truth about what kind of person Davis was. 

“He really was a gentle soul and a wonderful person, not a person who would act in the character as the Saint Paul police have described him. We know the St. Paul police are the deadliest police department in the state,” said another.


St. Paul authorities say they are willing to take responsibility when they get it wrong… but this was absolutely not one of those instances. 

“While I recognize the trauma that has been caused by a history of policing practices throughout our country that have disproportionately affected communities of color, I also cannot stand by — I simply can’t sleep at night — knowing that a good officer, and all of our officers, are being assailed by people who don’t have the facts,” said St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell.

He says the department has “a proven record of taking responsibility,” but said, “This is not one of those times.”

Axtell showed the footage to Davis’s mother before releasing it to the public.

You can watch the fatal shooting below. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.



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