Anti-police protester slaps camera out of NYPD detective’s hand


NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – The violence towards police continues across America even after the election.  On November 8, an anti-police protest took place in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

During the protest, a female slapped a camera out of a police detective’s hand.

According to The New York Post, video footage captured a disturbance between a New York City Police detective and one of the anti-police protestors. 

The protestor reached out and forcefully knocked the detective’s camera out of his hand as he was filming the scene.

At Approximately 4:40 p.m., the protest was nearing the intersection of 10th Avenue and 38th Street as 25-year-old Nelae White and her fellow protestors were screaming out chants of “No Cops, No KKK, no fascist USA,” according to The New York Post.

As the detective was attempting to film the protest with his personal camera, White stopped to speak to him.

White, a Bushwick Brooklyn resident, intentionally and without provocation from the detective, violently reached out and slapped the camera from the detective’s hands, knocking it to the ground.  

After White damaged the detective’s camera, she attempted to flee the scene but was stopped and tackled by uniformed officers. White then resisted the officers as they attempted to arrest her for intentionally causing the damage to the detective’s camera. 

As White fought with the officers while they attempted to handcuff her, several protestors in the march riding bicycles were knocked to the ground. There were no injuries reported by any of the protestors that were knocked to the ground.

Additional officers were able to form a line to keep the remaining protestors from interfering with the officers as they were placing White under arrest.

The New York City Police Department released footage of the incident, and critics immediately began blaming the detective for inciting the incident. 

One critic made the allegation the detective “antagonized the violence.”

Another Twitter comment said, “Why was the cop in her face” and “She probably felt threatened”, however, there is no video evidence to support any of the allegations against the officer.

Another critic tweeted:

“I see a young lady exercising her first amendment rights, a cop sticking a camera in her face, that has to be 3 feet away from her, or even closer for her to be able to reach the camera.  It looks like the cop instigated that. She’s going to sue, and the city will settle.”

One supporter of the detective tweeted:

“Wow, her actions are totally out of line. While we have the right to protest, we do not have the right to ignore police.”

According to The New York Post, other than Nelae White being arrested for Criminal Mischief, there were no other arrests made in association with the Anti-Police Protest on Sunday.

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LET Unity

Demonstrators in Portland honor gang member who shot two and pulled gun on police

October 2, 2020


PORTLAND, OR – After over 110 days of demonstrations and riots in Portland, protestors gathered on Wednesday, September 30, 2020, to honor a Rollin’ 60s Crips gang member who shot two people and then pointed a gun at police.

On September 30, 2018, according to the OPB, two officers were present at an area known for frequent gang activity.  Fights and a gun had been reported.

The officers observed a fight break out among several people and noted that one person fired several shots at close range at the group.

That person, later identified as gang member Patrick Kimmons, ran away from the group while tucking his revolver in his pants.  One officer commanded Kimmons to put his hands up, but instead Kimmons began to pull out the revolver.  The other officer told Kimmons to drop the gun.

Both officers shot at Kimmons as he continued to advance without complying.  Kimmons died later at the hospital from gunshot wounds.

A grand jury found in October 2018 that the officers’ actions were justified, noting that the use of deadly force was “a lawful act of self-defense and/or defense of a third person.”

Shortly after that ruling in 2018, protestors took to the streets in disagreement with the verdict.  Despite surveillance video showing evidence to the contrary, Letha Winston, mother of Patrick Kimmons, claimed that her son’s hands were up and his back was to police.

On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Winston and hundreds of other protestors were back with a vengeance, marking the second anniversary of Kimmons’ death at the location of the shooting.

Winston’s remarks carried some severe language not suitable for the children in the gathering.

Calling for “justice” for Kimmons, she said to her supporters:

“I am here, I will climb mountains, I will stand on the Empire State Building, I will go to the White House and tell Donald Trump, “F*** you up your a**.”

She then told the crowd that it did not matter that her son was a gang member because he had a high school diploma and:

“was taking up a motherf*****g welder’s degree and was almost there… until y’all cowards took my son’s life.”

To cries of, “Cowards!” from the crowd, she added:

“You [the police] are wrong.  You are disgusting.  You are a filthy low-life and criminal acting…You are disgusting.”

Winston added a call to action, saying:

“When they show up, we show out.”

She then described how Blue Lives Matter supporters have been gathering near the Justice Center during the past two weeks, and added:

“I’m sorry, my brothers and sisters, we can’t have that either.

“We are here to take our streets back. 

“Why do we allows them to stand in front of the Justice Center like that?  Disrespectful!”

She continued:

“They came here to start trouble.  We will finish it.”

To her credit, she told the crowd at that time that they did not need to burn things down or place hands on Blue Lives Matter supporters.

However, she went on to say:

“You will not win this battle.  You will not win this fight.  We will fight, we will fight, we will fight, we will fight….”

“By any f***ing means necessary.”

Such a turn of phrase echoes previous statements Winston has made when declaring “war” on Portland police.

Portland activist Regina Gray, who was arrested in August for interfering with a police officer, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest, added her two cents to the proceedings.

She claimed to the crowd that Kimmons:

“was murdered because of white supremacy.  Because of the anti-blackness that has existed since the beginning of time.”

To cheers from the audience, she added:

“The only way that we can prevent future murders like this is by abolishing the police.”

Unlike Winston, another unidentified speaker at the demonstration was not above suggesting “burn[ing]” in support of their protest.

She said to the crowd:

“[S]ometimes you got to do something to get somewhere, am I correct?

“Burn, motherf***er, burn!”

She also added:

“If we got to go across the bridge and do what we gotta do, then we’re gonna do it….

“If they come shoot they gun at us, we need to be ready to cock that back.

“It’s time, my brothers and sisters. Stop playing.  It’s not a game.”


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