Outrage after police-bashing Philly District Attorney covers up wall dedicated to fallen police officers


PHILADELPHIA, PA– A controversy erupted Friday evening when a photograph made its way to members of the Philadelphia Police Department of a wall in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, which is dedicated to fallen city police officers, being covered by a portable backdrop, for anti-police District Attorney Larry Krasner.

The police union has publicly called this move disrespectful.

Mike Neilon, of the Bellevue Communications group, tweeted “this is a disgrace”, in regards to the covering of the wall, and that Krasner was:

“disrespecting our @PhillyPolice heroes killed in the line of duty. Shameful that these officers are not honored. Take down media props. Another reason he must go.”

Jane Roh, spokesperson for Krasner, responded on Twitter to Neilon that:

“the emergency of the pandemic has required different spaces in this city to be used for specialized purposes. We are legally required to cover the Wall of Remembrance when this room is used for certain purposes. *We* follow the law.”

Roh then went on to insinuate that the Philadelphia Police Department and its members, unlike the DA who follows the law, were lawless by linking an article of a Philadelphia detective from the departments major crimes auto squad being arrested.

They even followed with another article highlighting select cases of Philadelphia police criminal misconduct, showing her, and it’s assumed her bosses, true disdain for law enforcement.

By this point, Law Enforcement Today Senior Contributor and Board member of the National Law Enforcement Charity Brothersbeforeothers.org, Rob O’Donnell had seen enough and responded to the DA’s Spokesperson with an article of his own, showing a member of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office arrested last year for child endangerment stating:

“Yes, you guys are the models of public service.”

He also went on to question why the public spokesperson would have her Twitter account locked for comments from anyone except those who she follows or mentions?

Philadelphia FOP President John McNesby was more blunt in his response to Spokesperson Roh on Twitter, replying, “I call Bullshit” to the lame excuse that the memorial was blocked simply because they were “following the law”.

At this point, instead of moving on, and in typical progressive fashion of never letting an unrelated tragedy go to waste, Krasner’s Spokesperson replied:

“What’s bullshit is you have zero to say about the heroic officers who died during the Capitol insurrection and in its aftermath why is that exactly”

As a career Law Enforcement professional for almost 30 years, I personally found this statement to be abhorrent.

To use the death of a police officer anywhere in the Nation to score cheap political points, especially coming from the Krasner Administration who have shown time and time again their disdain for law enforcement.

By this time, even the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw had enough and responded to Roh on Twitter, saying:

“The discussion at hand was about honoring and respecting officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. A simple ‘it was temporary’ would have sufficed. In the future, considerations should be made to find a space where covering up a memorial to our heroes wouldn’t be necessary.”

Over the past year, we have seen the Covid-19 pandemic used, and even at times weaponized, to limit speech, religion, right to peacefully assemble, work, get a free and appropriate public education, and to manipulate an election.

However, this is a first we’ve seen the pandemic used as a guise to disrespect our nation’s Law Enforcement who have remained on the front line day in and day out since the pandemics very first case.

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Philadelphia judges who keep releasing violent criminals are finally under fire from police officials, city leaders

December 16, 2020

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Philadelphia court system is getting its proverbial head handed to it on social media. At least three police captains, a department inspector, and a city councilman have issued blistering criticism over how recent firearm violation cases were handled in the courts. Their anger and frustrations were shockingly evident.

On Twitter, Philly police brass publicly throttled a Philadelphia magistrate who set bail for a defendant who had close to a dozen prior firearms violations.

The captain from the 12th District located in southwest Philadelphia posted on Twitter Saturday night. Commanding Officer Scott Drissel tweeted:

“This is a disgrace. DAO working with us helping to get high bail and OUR wishes and arguments were denied,” . “The community is demanding why and if these magistrates and judges have law-abiding citizens’ best interests in mind?”

Prosecutors requested that bail be set at $1 million, but the request and an appeal were denied.

Police officials say that instead, the amount set was 10% of $67,500. This comes as shootings and homicide rates are at historic levels.

Inspector Derrick Woods wrote in a Tweet:

“This must be addressed. Philly has 464 homicides and more than 2,000 shootings but the bail decisions do not reflect our reality. These are repeat violent offenders who continually break the law without meaningful consequences.”

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson also waded right into the feud Tweeting:
“We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of repeat gun offenders! The city is safe for no one. 450 plus murders! Unacceptable!”
The Philadelphia Court System is refusing to comment on the matter and is not identifying the magistrate involved.

Philadelphia has some of the highest violent crime rates in the country, and the second-highest (Chicago is the highest) murder rate among the ten largest cities this year.

As of November. 30, 454 people had been murdered in Philadelphia. That is up 39% from this time last year, with another full month to go.

The number of homicides so far this year is higher than any year since 1990, which had 500 homicides.

For the fourth year in a row, Philadelphia has seen more homicides than New York City, where the population is more than five times bigger.

John Apeldorn of the Citizens Crime Commission said, “I think it’s like the perfect storm right now.”

Apeldorn adds that in addition to the heroin and opioid epidemic and warring gangs involved in the drug trade, criminals have been emboldened by the sidelining of police:

You have police officers because of the defunding and things like that, morale is low, they’re lining up to retire. The criminal element knows this, they’re out there committing their crime and crime is going up.

“I think we’re experiencing a trickle-down effect from the start of the pandemic with just crime going up to the riots and things happening in Philadelphia.”

The incoming Biden administration and his pick for Attorney General is of great interest to the law enforcement community.

The frontrunner in Biden’s search for Attorney General is Doug Jones, a Democratic Senator from the state of Alabama. Jones is a center-left liberal who has been a groundbreaking voice for prosecutorial reform to end mass incarceration.
Jones recently wrote on his website:
“While I sought harsh punishments for violent offenders as U.S. attorney, not all cases require severe sentences. Judges and prosecutors should be given flexibility and be empowered to decide the fate of those before them in the justice system.”
Biden is also considering Judge Merrick Garland, who was denied a seat on the Supreme Court in 2016 by the Republican-led Senate, for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and Sally Yates, a former deputy attorney general, sources said.

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