TEMPE, Az. – An anti-police group out of Tempe has begun doxing Phoenix police personnel and their supporters in what some are calling a personal attack against the blue. 

The group began threatening the department and its supporters after a video showing Davon Ames and Iesha Harper’s encounter with Phoenix Police went viral in May. You might remember the story.

A family was shopping at a dollar store when their young daughter walked out with a doll that wasn’t paid for. The parents say they didn’t know about the doll, but surveillance video showed the girl showing it to her mother before the two walked out of the building. Workers called the police to report the alleged theft, and when responding officers pulled the car over, some say they went too far. 

Surveillance video showed the girl walking out with the doll with her father close behind. (YouTube)


The mother, who is six-months pregnant, was not arrested or charged with shoplifting.

The video exploded on social media, sparking outrage from activists. But guess what the video didn’t show?

The video didn’t show that the man failed to stop when police originally tried to pull him over. The video didn’t note that he had been arrested in May for assaulting two police officers. All it showed was the final result of the stop, which had escalated into a situation where Phoenix Police felt that they needed to draw their weapons.

And social media blew up.


Now it seems as though this group is gunning for not just members of the police, but additional personnel and even supporters.

The Arizona Independent reported that the Facebook group, Tempe Against Police Violence, began sharing personal information from Phoenix City Manager Ed Zucher, City Councilman Sal DiCiccio, police officers, 911 dispatchers, and others in what appears to be an effort to intimidate and silence anyone the group perceives to be an enemy.


Doxing is the online practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifying information about an individual to extort, coerce, inflict harm, harass, shame, or organize vigilante justice.

And that’s exactly what this group is doing.

Apparently the radical group was formed back in 2016 in protest of the officer involved shooting that led to the death of 19-year-old Dalvin Hollins. According to the Arizona Republic, Hollins, a suspect in a robbery of a Walgreens drugstore, was shot by Tempe Police Lt. Edward Ouimette. After being wounded, Hollins allegedly hid in a maintenance room on the campus of a senior living center, where he died. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office declined to charge the officer, who was later named in a multi-million dollar lawsuit by Hollins’ mother.


Last week at a Phoenix City Council meeting, members of the community gathered to show support for the local department.

One police dispatcher made it clear to the council that they are under attack.

Andrea Max, a 911 dispatcher told members of the council that she had received calls while at work threatening to kill her family. “They don’t even know my family,” she said. “They don’t know me.”

But the doxing is not all that’s planned from the group. They’re planning a protest for July 2.



They listed their intentions for the protest as well as a link to Itsgoingdown.com.

Part of their message read as follows.

“Sal Diccio has attacked us, and proudly defended the terroristic Phoenix police department! Nohl Rosen and the Rally for Law Enforcement plan to be there again July 2nd to once again speak in support for the killer racist police.

It’s time to take action and show them the action we are willing to take. whether we March, Rally, Protest city council you name it! we will continue to take action till there’s real change inside the Phoenix police department.”

Phoenix officers and dispatchers are receiving death threats. (AF.mil)

Councilman Sal Diccio posted a video to Facebook bringing attention to the radical actions of the group, hoping to spread the message that a false narrative is circulating.

Our police need your help

Pls Share: Extreme anti-police groups are doing everything they can to destroy our police officers. They are calling our officers murderers and rapists because they want to control and destroy our police department. I need your help to protect our police and put a stop to this dangerous insanity. I will post here to let you know as soon as the special council meeting has been scheduled. Please let the other councilmembers know you support our police and please share this video.Mayor Kate Gallego mayor.gallego@phoenix.gov602-262-7111Councilwoman Thelda Williams council.district.1@phoenix.gov602-262-7444Vice Mayor Jim Waring council.district.2@phoenix.gov602-262-7445Councilwoman Debra Stark council.district.3@phoenix.gov602-262-7441Councilwoman Laura Pastorcouncil.district.4@phoenix.gov602-262-7447Councilwoman Betty Guardado council.district.5@phoenix.gov602-262-7446Councilman Michael Nowakowski council.district.7@phoenix.gov602-262-7492Councilman Carlos Garciacouncil.district.8@phoenix.gov602-262-7493

Posted by Councilman Sal DiCiccio on Friday, June 21, 2019


According to its website, “It’s Going Down is a digital community center from anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements. Our mission is to provide a resilient platform to publicize and promote revolutionary theory and action.”