Did you happen to catch the tweet sent out by Chelsea Manning on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day? Forgive the language . . . but in case you missed it, it was “f*** the police,” #DisarmThePolice #WeGotThis #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the convicted criminal and man (genetically speaking) who just announced a bid for Senate in Maryland.

Now it’s unclear whether Manning has a shot from a legal perspective. After all, Chelsea Manning, born Bradley Edward Manning in 1987, is a former United States Army soldier who was convicted by court-martial in July 2013 of violating the Espionage Act and other offenses.

We’re talking about someone who leaked nearly 750,000 classified or sensitive military and diplomatic documents.

Manning was ultimately charged with 22 different offenses, including one which could have resulted in a death sentence – aiding the enemy.

Flash forward past the guilty verdict and 35-year sentence at a maximum-security prison to . . . drum roll please . . . the Obama administration.

Had this been a straight, white, conservative male . . . the administration would have toasted the incarceration. But it wasn’t. And so the same administration that declared global warming is a settled science but apparently biology isn’t commuted Manning’s sentence.

Manning now wants to represent you in service to our country. This is the same man (woman – whatever – apparently I’m also confused about his “gender”) – who proudly tweets about how “we live in a full blown domestic occupation” and wants you to “imagine a world without sprawling police forces”.

Fifteen years ago, we would have laughed this off.

Then again, 15 years ago, this clown would have never seen the light of day again.  Want to know why?  Because under THAT administration (and, thank GOD, this administration as well), there was actually concern about national security and protecting America from threats both foreign and domestic.

But sadly Manning has become the poster boy – errr – girl – for a party that has zero respect for the law of the land or empowering law enforcement.

Here’s the problem with people like Manning running. When you demonstrate that you don’t care about the national security of our country . . . and you openly call for disarming our law enforcement, you increase the likelihood and frequency of attacks against our police officers.

Read: more tweets like Mannings = more dead men and women who hold The Thin Blue Line.

We are very quickly coming to a point in America where it’s no longer about left vs. right, but about right vs. wrong.  About good vs. evil.

It’s starting to appear that the greatest threat to the American way of life . . . is right here in America.


– Kyle Reyes