Anti-2A lawmakers completely ignore facts, push sweeping gun control legislation


Written by Kevin M. Washington 


Gun grabbers say they want to reduce or eliminate gun rights for public safety.  However, the statistics regarding deaths by guns do not support that position.

Let us take a look at the actual numbers of firearms related deaths in context of all deaths in the US.

Here are all the causes of death in the US in 2018.  Ref: Center for Disease Control – – National Center for Health Statistics


Note:  the total number of firearms assault (homicide) related deaths in 2017 was 14,542 of which 616 were police using firearms in the line of duty. 

According to the PEW Research Center, suicide is the leading cause of death related to firearms:

“How many people die from gun-related injuries in the U.S. each year?


In 2017, the most recent year for which complete data is available, 39,773 people died from gun-related injuries in the U.S., according to the CDC. This figure includes gun murders and gun suicides, along with three other, less common types of gun-related deaths tracked by the CDC: those that were unintentional, involved law enforcement or whose circumstances could not be determined. It excludes deaths in which gunshot injuries played a contributing, but not principal, role. (CDC fatality statistics are based on information contained in death certificates.)

What share of U.S. gun deaths are murders and what share are suicides?

Though they tend to get less attention than gun-related murders, suicides have long accounted for the majority of U.S. gun deaths. In 2017, six-in-ten gun-related deaths in the U.S. were suicides (23,854), while 37% were murders (14,542), according to the CDC. The remainder were unintentional (486), involved law enforcement (553) or had undetermined circumstances (338).”

Now we need to look at what percentage of those deaths occur in “mass shooting” incidents.

Again, from the PEW Research Center:

“How many people are killed in mass shootings in the U.S. every year?

This is a difficult question to answer because there is no single, agreed-upon definition of the term “mass shooting.” Definitions can vary depending on factors including the number of victims and the circumstances of the shooting.

The FBI collects data on “active shooter incidents,” which it defines as “as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.” Using the FBI’s definition, 85 people – excluding the shooters – died in such incidents in 2018.

The Gun Violence Archive, an online database of gun violence incidents in the U.S., defines mass shootings as incidents in which four or more people – excluding the shooter – are shot or killed. Using this definition, 373 people died in these incidents in 2018.

Regardless of the definition being used, fatalities in mass shooting incidents in the U.S. account for a small fraction of all gun murders that occur nationwide each year.”

Again, to reemphasis that last sentence:  “…fatalities in mass shooting incidents in the U.S. account for a small fraction of all gun murders that occur nationwide each year.”   Yet politicians come out of the wood work every time there is a mass shooting incident to scream that we need more gun control.   When by far the major number of deaths related to firearms are due to non-mass shooting related homicides. 

What is the breakdown of the type of firearms used in firearms related deaths?  

From the PEW Research Center:

“Which types of firearms are most commonly used in gun murders in the U.S.?

In 2017, handguns were involved in the majority (64%) of the 10,982 U.S. gun murders and non-negligent manslaughters for which data is available, according to the FBI. Rifles – the category that includes many guns that are sometimes referred to as “assault weapons”– were involved in 4%. Shotguns were involved in 2%. The remainder of gun homicides and non-negligent manslaughters (30%) involved firearms that were classified as “other guns or type not stated.”

So rifles were involved in 4% of the 10,982 gun murders in 2017. 

For a visual perspective, here in chart for is the data for 2018.



This means there were 297 homicides committed with rifles, not all of which are the dreaded “assault rifle” out of a total of almost 11,000 murders.  Yet politicians are yelling about banning “assault rifles” even though any “assaults” committed with those rifles represent less than 0.03% of all murders committed in the nation!  That is political fear mongering to garner votes and nothing else.  It is absurd to violate the rights of millions of Americans in response to the actions of a few individuals.

Let us put that into context by looking at the causes of accidental death in the United States for 2017:

Top 10 causes of accidental death: 


Preventable deaths now claim 466 lives per day in the U.S., according to recently updated statistics. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the number of deaths from unintentional, preventable injuries – aka accidents – rose 5.3% between 2016 and 2017.

Preventable deaths in one year have now reached their highest number in recorded U.S. history: 169,936 in 2017.

Of the three leading causes of death, preventable injuries was the only category to increase, largely because of the opioid crisis. An American is killed about every three minutes by a drug overdose, a motor vehicle crash, a fall, a drowning, a choking incident or another preventable incident.

Here are the top 10 causes of preventable deaths, the number that occurred in 2017 and the percent change from 2016:

  1. Poisoning (including drug overdose): 64,795, +11.1%
  2. Motor vehicle: 40,231, -0.2%
  3. Falls: 36,338, +4.8%
  4. Suffocation by ingestion, inhalation: 5,216, +8%
  5. Drowning: 3,709, -2%
  6. Fires, flames, smoke: 2,812, +3%
  7. Mechanical suffocation: 1,730, -2.9%
  8. Natural heat, cold: 1,269, +6.7%
  9. Struck by, against: 806, +2%, and
  10. Machinery: 572, -6.2%.

In response to the CDC report, the National Safety Council says there is no such thing as an accident. The NSC says we know what to do so save lives, but as a nation, we haven’t consistently prioritized safety at work, home and on the road.

In addition there is no relationship between the number of guns available and the homicide rate:

Reference:  Zero Hedge article -2019 Was A Bad Year For The “Only Cops Should Have Guns” Narrative

  – Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,


According to 2019’s gun manufacturing data from the BATF, total gun production and importation in the US has increased significantly over the past twenty years. If we look at total guns produced in the US (not counting those exported) and added to total guns imported, we find new gun production increased from around 4.5 million in 1998 to more than twelve million in 2017.1 Over that same period, homicide rates decreased from 6.3 per 100,000 to 5.3. In fact, after years of rising gun production, the US homicide rate fell to a 50-year low in 2014. This correlation doesn’t prove more guns reduce crime, of course. But this relationship strongly suggests the benefits of increased gun ownership — namely greater self-defense capability on the part of private citizens — are greater than the potential costs.


Moreover, new data on homicides released in September 2019 shows the homicide rate in the US has fallen two years in a row since 2016, and is nearly down to half of the national homicide rates reported during the early 1990s.

It is obvious that if politicians were focused on public safety as an issue there are far more pressing issues facing our nation than the very small percentage of deaths caused by rifles and in particular “assault rifles”.   Any death of our countrymen and countrywomen causes us pain and sorrow.  However, at a social level we must apply the same principles that the medical profession uses:  Triage. 

Triage is:  in medical use) the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.

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Feds moving to stop passengers from flying with pets as 'emotional support animals'


All the preventable deaths and illnesses represent wounds or illnesses to the body of our country as a whole.  We need to triage those and focus on the most critical.   Having politicians distort the issues we face for their own aggrandizement and as a way to seize power is not helping us to address the problems.

If public safety is the issue, why are politicians letting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to come over the border which allows an open portal for gang members to come into the US?  Why are they not choosing to tighten the borders and pour taxpayer funds into drug treatment programs? 

Politicians and gun grabbers like to wave to bloody shirt of school shooters to generate fear. However, none of them are demanding that armed guards be stationed at schools. Why not? Everything our society deems to be critically important is protected by armed guards, including the gun grabbing politicians! Why is ok to guard money in banks or the corrupt political class and not guard our children? What lunacy is that?

Since criminals and mentally disturbed people are obviously not going to obey the law, why aren’t politicians working with law enforcement to address the crime problem and working with the medical community to determine how to provide better management of mental health issues?

The fact that politicians refuse to address the root causes of crime and provide assistance for our citizens suffering from mental health issues proves that the politicians are only grand standing for votes by fear mongering.   They want power and don’t care how they get it.

The one thing standing in the way of a socialist/communist/fascist dictatorship is an armed American population.  Trying to disarm the American population through gun confiscation is a guaranteed trigger for civil war.   The liberal elites don’t want to take control of a destroyed country.  What would be the point?  They just want control. 

The answer is a very difficult one. Our society must change at a fundamental level.  It must evolve so that the root causes of crime and drug abuse are addressed and mental health services are much more available and effective. It means the DEMAND for drugs must be significantly reduced.  That takes the legs right out from under the gangs because no demand means no money for them.   But reducing demand means a huge increase in education as well as shutting down the Hollywood driven glorification of drug use. It also means intense focus on economic prosperity for a much larger portion of the population. If you have something to lose you are much less likely to engage in behavior where you will lose it. This means strict immigration control because our system cannot provide a high standard of living for a vast population. There must be a balance between productive citizens and those who cannot produce due to unavailability of employment opportunities or because they simply use the system to survive.

 Finally, drug companies who are effectively drug dealers, pushing addictive opioids onto an unsuspecting population including doctors, must be either brought to task or replaced by responsible companies.  

There is only one way this would happen.   As a nation we need to live up to the principles of America and that means devotion to the nation and its people.  

Self centered elites who break the law all the time for personal gain of power and money are a criminal class.    They are not in any way interested in devotion to our people or our country. 

Gangs and organized crime are parasitic entities that feed on the body politic.   They are not in any way interested in devotion to our people or our country. 

America first means devotion to our people because our people ARE America.  America is our families, our neighbors, our communities. It means protecting our families, our neighbors, our communities from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  It means we come together as Americans first.  Religion, race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic class, all the things the elites use to divide us must be set aside as we rally beneath one flag.   One land, one people, united.

This is not a complicated concept.   It is very simple.  I cover your back and you cover mine.  Period. At all times and under all conditions. Anyone or anything that tries to set us against each other we reject.  Anyone who pledges allegiance to our flag is accepted so long as they are an American first.

Shoulder to shoulder we can drive out the enemies of our state and of our people.  The corrupt political and business class.   The criminal class.   The predatory media and treasonous intellectual class.  We drive them out, take back our country, and build the true American dream.  Not looking back to some mythological American that never existed for large portions of the population.  But looking forward because that is what the dream is, the dream of what can be.

If our country is to be saved then we must be the ones to save it. There are no Gods or heroes to do it.  The job is ours.

Be safe.

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