Another racial hoax? Protest planned at CT high school for “incident” that video shows probably never happened.


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MANCHESTER, CT- We’ll take “Things that never happened for 1,000…Alex.”

Or at least never happened to the extent that is being alleged. Last month, a high school football game took place between East Catholic High of Manchester, CT., and Montville High School, located in southeastern Connecticut.

The contest took place on East Catholic’s home field.

After the closely contested game, which East Catholic won in overtime, it is alleged that a racially motivated incident occurred between East Catholic football players and fans toward the Montville cheerleaders, according to a Montville High cheerleader named Nadya Wynn, 16.

According to WFSB in Hartford, at the game’s conclusion, Wynn said they were getting their belongings together after the game when the alleged incident occurred.


“The student section came rushing down and over to where we were standing, and they were cheering on their team at first and we ignored them and walked to get our bags. The football team [East Catholic] came in and started stomping on our stuff.”


Wynn said the cheerleaders got their things together and started walking toward the bus.

“These three or four kids said, ‘Go home n-word, go home n-word’ to me and they were just screaming,’ she said.

We know that at least part of that story is not true. In exclusive video obtained by Law Enforcement Today, as well as photographs of the post-game, the East Catholic football team never went near where the Montville cheerleaders were gathered. In other words, the football team did not “stomp” their bags as Wynn alleged.

As might be expected, the superintendent of Montville responded to the allegations in a statement:

“Based upon the serious nature of accounts we have received regarding the incident which occurred at Friday night’s football game against East Catholic (which was hosted by East Catholic), I have requested that CIAC [Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference] conduct an external investigation. CIAC has appointed an investigator to gather the evidence necessary to gain a complete understanding of the event.”

East Catholic’s president, Sean Brennan issued a statement as well the following Monday:

“We continue to investigate issues raised at last Friday’s football game against Montville High School and, while we do not believe anything inappropriate was said, we take this matter seriously and have met with our student body to reiterate our Student Code of Conduct and the behavioral expectations we have for our students.

We have been in contact with the CIAC and will cooperate with any next steps, and I ask if anyone has information which would assist in our investigation, please feel free to share it with me.”

As one might expect, the alleged incident fired up the race hustlers, including a woman, Keren Prescott, who has made it her life’s work over the past year or two to insert herself into stirring up racial strife in Connecticut towns.

Last year, for example, she targeted a business in Somers, CT., for Black Lives Matter protests because they had the audacity to support police.

Somers, a rural town located about 20 miles north of Hartford is a sleepy, well-to-do community which is hardly ground zero for the KKK. Likewise, she also organized BLM protests in the adjacent town of Stafford Springs, also not a town known for racial strife. In other words, Prescott is a “solution” in search of a problem.


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According to the Journal Inquirer, Prescott seized upon the allegations made by the Montville student to once again make matters much worse. After the alleged incident, Prescott and a group called PowerUp CT organized a series of protests over what they claim are continuing racial issues at East Catholic.

“All these acts are horrible, but when I saw spitting was involved that just sent me to another place,” said Prescott, who last year was spit at by a woman during a protest at the state Capitol building in Hartford.

Prescott was apparently unhappy with Brennan’s statement, saying he was “showing his true colors” by dismissing Wynn’s account of the incident.

“That means one of two things to me: That means he doesn’t believe any of what these girls say happened, or he believes this stuff happened, but he doesn’t deem it as inappropriate,” Prescott said.

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During the incident at the state Capitol last year, the woman who was accused of spitting at Prescott was given accelerated rehabilitation and has to complete 100 hours of “anti-hate” curriculum over two years as a form of probation.



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Prescott however wasn’t happy with that, probably hoping the woman would have gotten the firing squad. As a first-time offender, the suspect, Yuliya Gilshteyn had the ability to apply for the program.

“This just set a precedent that you can spit on black people if you’re white, you can call them a racial slur, and you can commit a hate crime and you will go unpunished,” Prescott whined. “All it did was pave the way for more hate crimes like that to happen.”

Prescott also hates herself some Donald Trump and supporters of the now former president. 



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A real wordsmith. 

Here’s another protest in yet another sleepy Connecticut community, Winsted:



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Of course, Prescott also hates police:



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Prescott wanted towns which play East Catholic to boycott playing against the school until students are held accountable.

She also said she was going to write the CIAC and demand disciplinary action for an incident of which there is no evidence backing the allegations.

For his part, Brennan said the school, which has a minority population of about 30% doesn’t have any type of rampant issues with racism, The Day reported.

He said any such incidents of racism are handled by the school, including one video from last year where two students used racial slurs on a social media site. He said any such incidents result in consequences for those who offend.

Brennan noted that last year, the school started a “Students of Color” union at the request of students, and said staff members have done diversity, inclusion, and equity training. He also met with and agreed to work with a group called Veterans for Black Lives Matter and the Connecticut Youth Forum.

According to The Norwich Bulletin, Montville High School officials released a letter last week in which they accepted an apology from East Catholic. The CIAC has said both schools will be sending student reps to an upcoming training session on sportsmanship.

“We look forward to bringing together student leaders from both of our schools to ensure we all learn from this incident,” officials wrote.

As far as Prescott goes, she is nothing but a professional agitator. Her Instagram account is full of pro-BLM, anti-police posts. While the organization is based in Manchester, CT., Prescott seems obsessed with trying to find racism in small Connecticut towns.

She also bought into another racist hoax, the discovery of “nooses” at an Amazon construction site in the town of Windsor, a suburb of Hartford. 



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They decided to show up for a Trump support rally in Glastonbury, another upper-middle class community just east of Hartford, again hardly a stronghold of the KKK. 



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A tour through her Instagram account found a number of protests organized throughout northern Connecticut, most not in response to any particular incident but because Prescott and her group are simply trying to remain relevant.

As expected, she is also a big fan of George Floyd. On the one year anniversary of Floyd’s death, she posted on her Instagram, referring to him as a “father, son, friend, brother and lover.” She forgot criminal and drug addict.



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Prescott is planning a 12-hour protest at East Catholic on October 21 (honestly, does this woman actually have a job?). Despite there being zero video evidence (and face it, everyone has cameras on their smartphones) that what is alleged to have occurred after the football game did in fact occur, Prescott is intent on stirring up trouble and furthering the racial divide. It apparently must make her feel important.



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Law Enforcement Today will follow up on this story if more information becomes available. 

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