Just when I thought colleges in America couldn’t sink deeper into a Communist-dug ditch under the waving flag of “socialism”, it turns out I was wrong.

Beginning this fall, students at the University of Kansas will be able to sign up for a new course in the U.S. and Great Britain.  It’s called “Angry White Male Studies”.

Course number HUM 365 will “explore the deeper sources of the emotional state of an angry white male”, all while diving into “recent manifestations of male anger”.

“Employing interdisciplinary perspectives this course examines how both dominant and subordinate masculinities are represented and experienced in cultures undergoing periods of rapid change connected to modernity as well as to rights-based movements of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals,” says the course description.

There’s a prerequisite you have to take first.  It’s called “Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies”.  

Unless, of course, you want to just dive right in.  Apparently the professor for Angry White Male Studies can give students a pass on the pre-req.

Ok, here we go.  I’m done with this shit.  Time for the Angry Black Cop to weigh in.

First of all, what the actual f is the purpose of this course?  To further a racial divide in America?  To stereotype against men?  To create this illusion that if you’re a white dude, you’re pissed off?

Well let me tell you something. I’m a black guy and I’m pissed off.  I’m a cop and I’m angry.  I’m a Marine and I’m angry.

Let me tell you why I’m so damn angry.

All across the news last month, we heard about these rich people manipulating the system to get their kids into colleges to take dumb ass courses like “Angry White Male Studies” so they can go on in life to be… a victim.

That’s it.  A damn victim.

These parents, by way of getting their kids into colleges through their wealth, have declared that their kids are too stupid to succeed in life on their own merit.  They’ve raised a generation of pansies and are setting them up for complete failure in life.

Then we have other parents who are busting their asses to pay for their kids to go to these overpriced daycares for fully grown toddlers to have their feelings pandered to.

Let me tell you something, parents.

You’re failing your kids. Miserably.  You want them to be successful in life?  Make them do shit themselves.  Make them pay for shit themselves.  When all of a sudden little Johnny realizes he’s dumping $60k a year into a pit that’s teaching him about “angry white men”, perhaps he’ll actually value that money a little more and do something worth while with it.

Or better yet?  Maybe he’ll join the service.  Or go into law enforcement.

We have a generation of pansies right now that have never tasted their own blood, but believe they are warriors because they sit behind a damn keyboard.  Their “boots on the ground” are marching while wearing pink hats, screaming at the sky because the big scary President hurt their feelings.

Ok, fine – you don’t want them to go into the military or law enforcement.  I get it, you believe that anyone who serves and protects is an “invading force”.  So let me ask you this.

What the hell kind of job do you think “angry male studies” is going to get them? 

Let’s take a look at THOSE job opportunities:

  • Starbucks barista
  • College paraprofessional
  • Democrat in Congress
  • Welfare recipient
  • Professional victim

My family grew up broke as SHIT. We lived in the ghetto.  My brother joined a gang when he was 9-years-old. When he was 13, he was shot and killed. Execution style.  Back of the head.  While I was forced to watch. 

It was in that moment that I knew I had to get out.  Out of the ghetto.  Out of the life I had always known. 

My father was in prison. I never knew HIS father, who died in prison.

I had to break the cycle. I was 17-years-old.  I didn’t even know what “break the cycle” meant.  I just knew I had to get the hell out.

A few years later, I found myself “boots on the ground”… overseas.  

As a Marine. Because that’s what a God-damn man does. They fight for their country.  The overcome the deck being stacked against them.

My best friend was a white boy from the Midwest.  First white dude I’d ever hung with.  Because society had always told me we stayed with our own.

But my service taught me otherwise.  My time overseas taught me that we are all brothers and sisters.  You judge people, but you judge them on whether or not they’re an asshole – not by what they look like or who they pray to.

We came back after our second deployment.  And my boy became that “angry white male”.  You know why? Because he lost his mission. Because he was treated with pure disrespect and hatred.  People think that shit only happened to Vietnam vets?  Nope.  Not if you live in a liberal state like he ended up in.

You want to know what happened to that “angry white male”?  To my boy? Who I had cried with?  Shed blood with?  Survived with after not one, but TWO IED’s hit?

My boy ate his pistol one night.

Ended it.  Game over.  Couldn’t stand the pain.  Couldn’t stand the people.

That was when I decided to become a cop.

An angry black cop.

Who has been called an Uncle Tom.  A traitor. Other words that, quite frankly, I don’t want to share with you because they’re just gonna piss me off more.

But let me tell you something. This angry black cop has been blessed by God.  It feels like God keeps putting me in situations where I get to save people.  Maybe it’s to make up for the fact that I couldn’t save my kid brother.

I’ve been blessed to save an old woman in a bad wreck. Kids.  So many kids.  White people. Black people.  Yellow people.  I guess.

I say I guess because I don’t give a shit.  I don’t give a shit what you look like.  Who you sleep with.  Who you pray to.

You’re in trouble?  There’s one color that matters – blue.  We will be there.  Because that’s what we do.

You’re an anti-cop politicians or “activist” or celebrity?  We’re still going to be there.  Hopefully us saving your ass will help you realize the error in your ways as well.

Probably not.  But whatever.  If it doesn’t, then that shit’s on you.

“Angry White Male Studies”.

Good luck with that. 

But forgive me for not taking you or your “college” seriously when your ass gets out on the street one day. 

I’ll put my education at the School of Hard Knocks against your school of whining little rich brats any day.

Editor Note: The article submitted by this officer reminded us of a story by our good friend Officer Jay Stalien regarding race and policing.  In case you missed it…

Hate From Your Own Race

It sucks. Sometimes it’s hard to process. Other moments you ask yourself why you do the job. How do you keep going?

Last night I got berated for three straight hours for being a black cop.

Yes, three hours!

I heard every version of the N-word you could possibly think of. Hearing it wasn’t the issue. It’s who I heard it from.

I was the backup officer on a domestic battery in progress. Witnesses called 9-1-1 stating they observed a black man chocking and hitting a black woman.

When we arrived, they were still in a struggle and had to be separated. The black female had cuts and bruises all over her elbows and shoulder. She was disheveled.

Based on witness statements and interviews with both parties, we determined the male was the aggressor. He was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

I was always taught that women should be honored and treated with respect. Call it cliché, but I still believe that. In my heart I felt like we did a good deed, … helping a battered woman.


“The American culture today hates blue. Try being black and blue.” – Jay Stalien

However, no good deed goes unpunished.

I, the back up unit, became the enemy of the women I was there to help. She was upset at me. She was disgusted at the sight of me. She hated my very presence. She hated what I stood for. She hated, … that I was black.

Blue racism

(Screenshot from New York SBA video “Blue Racism”)

I guess it’s something that I’ll never get used to. Even after seven years working as a cop, it stings to hear it just as much as it did on day one.

“Black pussy ass n*****. Tryna be the white man. You black and you just gonna stand there and not do nothing. You black bitch ass cop. You worse then the white cracker, f**k you.”

Hate from your own race. Being made out to be a traitor against your own kind. It never sits right, and I’ll never understand it.

The American culture today hates blue. Try being black and blue.

Jay Stalien grew up in the “hood” in Brooklyn, NY. He watched out-of-control black-on-black crime from childhood. As an adult he wondered who would help bring the violence to an end, so he stepped up to become a cop. He began his career with the Baltimore Police Department before a lateral move to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he currently works as a police officer.