BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Three NYPD police officers were hospitalized with injuries after a cop-hating mob in the Brooklyn housing projects attacked them during a party on Saturday, the NY Post reported.

By the time it was over, eight people were in police custody for charges of disorderly conduct. 

Residents of the Marcy House projects were reportedly celebrating ‘Marcy Day’ by having barbecues and parties throughout much of the day on Saturday. When fights broke out and things began to get out of control, police attempted to break up some of the unruly gathering. That’s when things turned violent.

“Everyone was just having their fun, no gang-banging… everyone sitting around, enjoying Marcy Day,” said a woman who lives in the Marcy Houses.

But when police attempted to get some of the larger crowds to disperse without success, some officers used pepper spray in an attempt to control the situation. 


Locals who were pepper sprayed in the crowd use milk to wash their eyes. (Instagram)


A number of videos posted to Instagram show a large police presence running in the direction of the commotion. One person can be overheard saying, “They’re about to shoot, I’m getting the f— out of here.”


Although no shots ended up being fired by police, bystanders and residents began throwing projectiles at the police, resulting in three officers being injured. 

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Angry cop-hating mob attacks and injures police in Brooklyn projects


Some officers were struck by “air mail,” objects thrown down at cops from rooftops, police at the scene in Bedford-Stuyvesant told The Post. Some of the items included glass bottles, rocks and other projectiles.

Officers reported that after they had attempted to disperse the crowd using pepper spray, a number of gunshots rang out nearby. No injuries were reported from the gunfire, but the noise sent cops running toward the area. 

As the area descended into chaos, some people left the scene, but others only grew angrier. 

“Straight up cowards!” one man in the crowd shouted at cops at just after midnight. “You don’t know how to do anything you f–king coward!”

Police say that after they attempted to break up the crowd, roving mobs of cop-hating locals roamed the Brooklyn streets, continuing to follow and antagonize police officers in the area. 

It was reported that by early Sunday morning, eight people had been arrested for their role within the disorderly mob. 


Videos from Instagram showed the aftermath of the disturbance. The post read:

Just was in the middle of a riot on my way home from the deli. Cops beating people up, spraying people with mace, slamming people’s heads into car windshields.. i had permission to film the first guy pouring milk into his eyes, the concerned guy telling me to stop filming wasn’t aware.. but anyways #marcyprojects check out all the police running there was about 40 of them

update: someone was shooting at the cops from the roof across the street…

The battles against police rage on in New York just shortly after videos went viral showing locals dousing police with buckets of water. Tensions have been high within the city, prompting multiple violent outbursts against the NYPD by large crowds. 


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