This past Friday, Angel Mom, Agnes Gibboney received a message from Twitter that one of her tweets had been flagged for abusive behavior and had violated Twitter Rules.


She was put in Twitter jail.


Given that social media censorship of conservatives has been so extreme, let’s dive into the issue. Was her tweet really bad … or perhaps was the person targeted in the tweet the reason why Agnes Gibboney’s voice was shut down?


Before we go into the deep details of this violation, let me explain what an Angel Mom is.


Angel Moms or families are American citizens who have suffered the loss of a child or family member due to the murder or death of their loved one by a crime committed by an illegal alien.


They are permanently separated from their children.


Their loved one’s life was stolen by the crimes of those who broke our nation’s laws to be in our country illegally, then broke our nation’s laws to cause the death of one of our American citizens.


These wrongful deaths are an outrage and should have never happened. Yet due to the twisted and anti-American views and policies of many Democrat politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Sanctuary laws exist in many cities and states that harbor and protect illegal aliens.


The same laws that are preventing our law enforcement officers from being able to do their jobs and keep us safe.


So what did Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney tweet that caused her to go to Twitter jail for “abusive behavior”?


She said:

“@SpeakerPelosi You have so much HATE against OUR President, you’re consumed by it. You’re going to have a heart attack or stroke. @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse”


So Twitter says this is abusive behavior and targeted harassment. Let’s analyze that.


Fact check:Does hate cause heart attacks?


“Acute fear, grief, startling, or anger can cause ‘stunned heart.’ Wallops of emotion also can cause sudden death due to life-threatening abnormal heart rhythm.”


Also, according to Harvard Medical School, heart disease is the leading cause of death among women. Heart disease does not seem to show up until old age, and on average most women’s first heart attack occurs at age 70. Nancy Pelosi is way past that.  She is 78!


So Agnes Gibboney was actually medically correct in her statement.


Second:Does Nancy Pelosi hate President Trump?

Answer: Yes.


Given that Nancy Pelosi is leading the full Democrat effort to fight anything and all things Trump and obstruct any progress for American interest, it is obvious to even the illegals in America that Nancy Pelosi hates Trump.


Let’s just use the 35-day government shut down because Pelosi refused to fund the wall as one example.


Only days after Democrats won the House in November, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had already planned at least 85 investigations into President Trump using investigative and subpoena power all in order to remove Trump.


I would also add, Nancy Pelosi taking on a very powerful and big job like Speaker of the House of Representatives at the ripe old age of 78-years-old would add a huge amount of stress, especially combined with those hateful feelings toward the President.


So in my assessment of the facts, Agnes Gibboney’s tweet was not abusive or targeted harassment at all, yet merely a warning of the truth.


Agnes Gibboney lost her son, Ronald da Silva, in 2002 because he was murdered by an illegal alien.


Not just any illegal alien.


A violent gang member in the U.S. illegally who had been previously deported.


Agnes has been a brave outspoken supporter of the wall because she knows first-hand how important border security is, and painfully understands why we need it.


Agnes Gibboney is also a legal immigrant to this country. At 2-years-old, she fled Hungary as a refugee to Brazil.


It took three tries and 13 years before her family was allowed to legally immigrate to the United States of America.


Agnes’s family did it the right way, and then ironically her son was murdered by a man who came in the wrong way, illegally. This is wrong.


Twitter is constantly taking sides with prominent figures from the left and protecting Nancy Pelosi by silencing people like Agnes Gibboney, when she really did nothing wrong.


It is politicians like Nancy Pelosi who pass laws giving Sanctuary to illegals and who refuse to fund the border wall that are the major enemy to America.


If you are as upset as many Americans are about how Nancy Pelosi has led the Democrats to refuse to protect our national security, then join thousands of others who are signing the petition to remove Nancy Pelosi from her powerful position.


Twitter and other social media platforms are also engaged in a war on conservative’s freedom of speech.


Back in July 2018, Republican Rep Matt Gaetz filed a FEC violation against Twitter because Twitter was hiding several prominent Republicans from it’s search bar.


Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, and Mark Meadows all Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus were targeted by Twitter.


This FEC filing led to the four Republican’s being restored to visibility on Twitter.


Yet if they had not fought back from such prominent positions, their accounts would still be invisible.


Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is known for his liberal views. Back in April 2018, he raised concerns when he endorsed an article calling for a total Democratic victory the “new civil war.”


He also wowed conservatives when he openly apologized for “the sin of eating Chick-Fil-A.”


In June, Twitter acquired the tech company Smyte, whose specialties include fighting cyber bullying, hate speech, and trolling.


Wow, way to go guys! You really took down Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney!


Also, another one of Twitters third party partners is no other than the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLU is a left-wing, non-profit that is known for labeling conservative groups as “hate groups.”


I would say nothing is more hateful than harboring illegals, giving them aid, comfort, and protection from ICE, then not responding in any way when one of California’s police officers is murdered by an illegal gang member.


That would be none other than Nancy Pelosi, who offered no comment at all when Corporal Singh was murdered over Christmas by an illegal gang member living in protection of California’s sanctuary policies.


Also, never forget that Nancy Pelosi voted NO to Kate’s Law!


Kate Steinle was the American woman who died in her father’s arms in San Francisco, Pelosi’s district no less, after being shot by a 7 time felon illegal who had been deported 5 times! Pelosi voted NO to Kate’s Law! Pelosi voted NO to American citizens!


Walls work. They keep bad people out. Good immigration laws let good people in. It is that simple.


Given the massive liberal bias at Twitter, is it no wonder that Agnes Gibboney’s harmless tweet was censored?


For what? Just to protect Nancy Pelosi because Agnes Gibboney was warning her of real health consequences?


Let’s be real here. Agnes Gibboney did not tweet anything like Disney film producer Jack Morrissey, who just last week called for “MAGA kids to go into the wood chipper.”


Also, by the way, Morrissey deleted his own tweet then switched his account to private without having to go to Twitter jail. Oh … no bias there!


Or what about Anti-Trump comedian Kathy Griffin, famous for sharing pictures of herself with a severed bloody Trump head, who tweeted out demands for doxxing the MAGA hat teens? She demanded their names and to “shame them.”


Couldn’t we all agree that should violate Twitter’s rules of abusive behavior and call her tweet against the children targeted harassment? Yes! Overwhelmingly YES!


Nothing will ever top the vile and disgusting tweet by Peter Fonda calling for President Trump’s son, Barron Trump to “be ripped from his mother’s arms and thrown in a cage with pedophiles.”


Barron was 12 years old at the time.


Peter Fonda tweeted those violently threatening words about President Trump’s son in response to Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy and children being separated from their parents at the border.


May I remind you here that Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney is permanently separated from her son because an illegal alien gang member murdered her son? Where is the outrage by Peter Fonda for that? Where is the outrage by the left? Guess what? Peter Fonda didn’t go to Twitter jail either. Nope. He just deleted it later.


Twitter sure does do a good job with enforcing it’s Twitter rules. Could I eye roll any harder?


But way to go, Twitter – you really took down Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney. Thanks for keeping us all safe from health advice about controlling our hate, and how it could cause us to have heart attacks. I hope all of you Twitter Free Speech police give yourselves a big pat on the back.


Perhaps in reality, Twitter is also engaged in the same war Nancy Pelosi is. The war against Trump and anyone and all things Trump. The war against America, her freedoms, our Christian heritage and culture and those who hold the Thin Blue Line.


We can’t allow this to continue. Whether you are left, right, or who cares, attacks on select American’s First Amendment rights are wrong. #StopTheBias


Have you ever been censored on social media? Have you ever had a tweet or post been flagged for hate speech? Have you ever been put in Facebook jail or Twitter suspension?  We want to hear about it.