Anarchists continue their assault on police, this time attacking officers with paintballs, flying objects


RICHMOND, VA – Assaults on police officers continued on Friday night, when officers from the Richmond (VA) Police Department were assaulted with paintballs and other objects near the city’s statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

According to The Hill, on Saturday morning, the Richmond PD said that officers arrived Friday where approximately 75 to 100 non-peaceful protesters had gathered when they were assaulted. Police announced they had made six arrests via the department’s Twitter feed.

Those charged included five “adults” and one minor. Three were charged with unlawful assembly; the minor was arrested for unlawful assembly, obstruction of justice and assaulting an officer; one person was arrested for trespassing and obstructing justice; the last was arrested for unlawful assembly and obstructing justice.

The police department said that four officers and a state trooper were hit with paintballs, one officer was hit in the back of the head with a “hard object,” and treated at a local hospital, while one additional officer was also hit in the back of the neck with another unidentified “hard object.”

Police said the crowd dispersed by 11;35 p.m.

The Richmond protest was another in a long line of protests subsequent to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, with anarchists and other assorted miscreants taking advantage of the opportunity to destroy anything remotely related to American history, with Confederate monuments and statues being the focus of a lot of the destruction.

Richmond of course served as the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War, and the Lee monument has been the scene of frequent clashes between police and violent protesters over the past few weeks.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Police said that while no tear gas was used on protesters, pepper spray was briefly deployed when police started being peppered with thrown objects.

The unlawful declaration by Richmond PD on Friday was the fifth time it was implemented this past week, the Times-Dispatch reported. Fox News said that the declarations were in compliance with regulations implemented by former Gov. Terry McAuliffe following unrest in Charlottesville, VA., in 2017, the Times-Dispatch said.

Meanwhile, in Tampa there was an altercation between a driver and protesters in Hyde Park in the city. During a protest called “No Dugan, No KKK, No Racist Tampa Bay” protest (wow, they can rhyme!) several vehicles had attempted to drive through the protest. Just before 7 p.m., a dark colored VW approached the crowd.

According to a Tampa Bay Times reporter, the car slowly approached the marchers, which caused a standoff. Protesters were blocking the roadway.

The driver kept trying to inch through the crowd, with some giving way as the car drove forward. However, some jumped on the car and started banging on the windshield, cracking it.

The VW driver, probably in fear for their life, started to speed up and was swerving left and right, trying to throw the protesters off the hood of the car, which then turned right and sped down the road with one protester still hanging on to the hood of the car.

When the car stopped, police converged on the area, and the police told the driver to leave the area, which they did. Officers then took the car surfer off the vehicle, and promptly took the reprobate into custody. That of course didn’t set will with the protesters, who apparently felt that the driver who was being threatened should have been arrested.

Police then left the scene and took the man to jail.

The protesters then proceeded to go to the Orient Road jail to attempt to free the car surfer, marching up to the facility and demanding his release. Apparently, the geniuses don’t know that this isn’t how it works. However, the lobby is closed on the weekend, so they started banging on the front doors demanding the bad guy’s release.

Some of the protesters tried the bail window, to no avail. Reporters said that the jail is operated by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and it was unknown when the arrestee would be released. Protesters apparently also approached the sally port, which is a secure area where prisoners are removed and placed inside transport vehicles and appear to have caused some damage to the gate there.

Deputies removed their Tasers and advised the protesters to stand back from the gate.

This is an active story and will be updated as available.

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