Analysis: Days before the 2016 election, riots broke out. Do you really think this is a coincidence?


WASHINGTON, DC – In 2016, within days of Donald Trump’s election as President, riots broke out across the country.

Tens of thousands of protesters appeared in Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia, Richmond, Dallas, Atlanta, St. Paul, and Pittsburgh.

Analysis: Days before the 2016 election, riots broke out.  Do you really think this is a coincidence?
Compliments of Andrew Paquette

Freeways were shut down by pedestrian “protesters,” effigies of newly-elected President Donald Trump were burned, vandalism was rampant, police were injured and hundreds of arrests were made. 

A couple of weeks after the first wave of protests, more protests were held, this time to protest the appointment of Steve Bannon as the White House’s chief strategist.

A month later, the massive Women’s March in Washington, D.C., brought together dozens of celebrities and millions of demonstrators to protest Trump’s inauguration.


In other words, what we have seen over the last few months is a replay of what happened in late 2016 and early 2017.

The earlier riots started almost as soon as Trump was elected and stopped shortly after he was inaugurated.

They took place, in other words, during the period between election and inauguration when the newly-elected president was at his weakest politically, and most vulnerable to tactics designed to dislodge him from the presidency.

After the inauguration, he could not be removed by using riots as political leverage, so other methods were attempted instead.

The 2016-2017 riots occurred in the same cities as the 2020 riots, and like the current riots, appear to have been centrally organized by radical groups.

Project Veritas embedded journalists within one of these groups. The terrorist plot they discovered was so serious that they brought their findings to law enforcement and at least one arrest was made.

Throughout Trump’s first term, the American public has witnessed a kind of intelligence warfare being played out in the nation’s capital.

The Russia Hoax was invented out of whole cloth, at the instigation of elected and appointed officials in high positions in government. The hoax sought to tarnish Trump’s reputation and serve as a vehicle for impeachment. It didn’t work.

The Ukraine Hoax, even sillier than the Russia Hoax, came next. It accused the President of doing something that Democrat Sen. Joe Biden bragged about doing and for which Biden, now the Democrat presidential nominee, wasn’t even censured.

Trump had asked the president of Ukraine to look into what Biden had done to pressure the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who was looking into a company connected to Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

The younger Biden was paid handsomely for his no-show job, and the Ukrainian government received a billion dollars of needed loan guarantees in return for their cooperation.

Ukraine has since revealed that they are looking into tapes made of conversations between Biden and the previous Ukrainian administration in a criminal corruption investigation.

The Democrats sought to impeach the president because he pointed out to Ukraine something Sen. Biden essentially admitted on television: their previous government had been bribed by Biden to protect his son and a corrupt Ukrainian company, Burisma Holdings.

What we have seen repeatedly over the past four years are attempts to oust Donald Trump as President. The means used have involved deception from elected officials and the media.

The lies are neither simple nor innocent. They are purposeful and designed to seize by intrigue what could not be earned honestly: control of the U.S. government. 

The current riots, just like the previous ones, are not related to racism or police violence beyond the phony alibi they provide.

Watching the Marxist group Black Lives Matter chant “No Justice, No Peace!” the day after all of the police involved in the death of George Floyd were arrested and charged with second-degree murder should have been proof that they weren’t serious.

The fact that they have continued to protest for the past 90-plus days makes it apparent that their protests were never about George Floyd, nor are they related to subsequent incidents where black criminals have been wounded or killed while resisting arrest.

The protests are all about Donald Trump, and they always have been. Undoubtedly, there are many protesters who are unaware of this. They have been fooled by the media, entertainment, and educational institutions into believing the false narrative that marching with BLM and Antifa buys them brownie points with disadvantaged groups that, if not for their support, would never have a voice.

Meanwhile, violent criminals are placed in the so-called “protests” which then conveniently become riots every night, night after night, with no end in sight. 

Except, there will be an end. It costs money and political capital to sustain riots involving so many people over such a long period of time. The violent criminal elements so central to the destabilizing success of the riots have already started wearing out their welcome.

Ordinary Democrats, not the apparatchiks who are aware of the coup attempt taking place before our eyes, are beginning to see the riots for what they are: a dangerous and desperate power grab.

Already, the media has started to call for an end to the riots.

As we know from experience, where the media leads, politicians (particularly Democrats), and rioters will follow. If the media continue to suggest, however mildly, that the riots are counter-productive to liberal objectives, we may see the riots rapidly taper off to nothing.

If that does happen, I wonder what liberals will try next. And by that, I mean to suggest that the riots are indeed inspired by and somewhat controlled by the Democrat Party.

This is evident by looking at the Democrat Party’s platform and comparing it to statements made by protester/rioters. They seem to agree on everything.

They believe (or pretend to believe) that systemic racism infects the law enforcement community, that racism is endemic to American society, that destroying historical works of art is a good thing, that the president is a bad man, that Communist giveaways of free college, healthcare, and housing are rights all citizens are entitled to, etc., etc. Most importantly, both groups believe in violent revolution, as do all Socialist, Fascist, Marxist, and Communist organizations. 

The Democrat Party has gone for broke in their attempts to remove Donald Trump from the presidency. Many of their top elected officials have committed serious crimes. If the current or future Trump administration felt so bold as to try it, they could probably successfully prosecute some of those involved with treason.

The Democrats know this.

What they have done, the damage they have caused to this country, is so bad that they likely cannot survive a continuation of the Trump presidency. They have thrown almost all they had to throw at him, and none of it worked.

The current riots are a Hail Mary pass and they are doing the opposite of what their creators wanted. They are shifting support even further from the Democrat Party. Trump’s approval numbers have been going up daily thanks to public perception of the riots as not just a Democrat problem, but a problem caused by Democrats intentionally.

Even worse for the Democrats, Trump’s approval numbers are going up with black constituents, to levels that could prove decisive in an election.

The Democrats didn’t think it would happen. They calculated that if they stirred up trouble among the black community, they could push the idea that the president is a racist and thus ensure the loyalty of the black vote. They didn’t realize that burning black neighborhoods to the ground would annoy black voters, even if it was “for a good cause.”

Americans are now waking up to the fact that Donald Trump is not a racist, and that BLM has caused massive damage to individual black Americans and devastation to black communities.

Americans are now seeing that Democrats have been using them to do the Dems’ dirty work, and they don’t appreciate being used.

Americans are now starting to listen to what our President actually has to say to them, instead of the falsified version broadcast every day in the fake news media.

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LET Unity

The news hasn’t reached everyone yet, but the tide is turning.

Riots in Kenosha may prove to be a turning point. Maybe because the riots have been going on for so long that finally, our citizens, even Democrats, are waking up and saying:

“This cannot continue.”

Kenosha is different in another important way. At a riot in Kenosha, for the first time, a would-be victim of criminal rioters was attacked and he fought back. He shot and killed two rioters and injured another. All three were violent felons. 

After Kenosha, rioters have been put on notice that their orgies of violence and looting may come at a high price. They got rid of the police thanks to complicit elected officials who told police to stand down, but now armed militia have appeared to fill the vacuum.

We have seen this happening across the country.

The difference between a volunteer militia and police who have been told to stand down is that the militia can’t arrest anyone. Their goal is to stop looting, rioting, and violence. To do that, they may well shoot first and then let someone else pick up the pieces.

In that context, maybe law enforcement isn’t so bad after all. An irony of the Kenosha shooting is that rioters can be heard calling for the police.

If any moment was a turning point for the movement, it was that. When rioters themselves acknowledge that police are absolutely indispensable, they have lost all credibility.

The Democrats are trying hard to get an all mail-in ballot. Their excuse, that it is safer in light of the COVID crisis, is thoroughly unbelievable in the context of large protests that were encouraged by Democrats.

People are starting to wake up to the many problems and weak justifications for the lockdown and selectively enforced lockdown restrictions. When churches have to remain closed but protests are allowed without limitation, something is wrong and people can see it.

After seeing what the Democrats have done over the past four years, they have lost all credibility. They have become dangerous and treasonous. Their latest policy of outing racists, like the witches of old, only exposes them as opportunistic liars.

If anyone is a racist in this country today, it’s liberals who can’t stop looking at every issue through the prism of race. They have become fixated on it, much like a horse with a carrot attached to its nose. They can’t see anything else, and have become blind.

As one might expect of blind leadership, it can lead to all sorts of accidents, just like the anarchy we see now in Democrat-run cities.

This is the end of the road for them.

Elect conservatives to their jobs and let’s take our country back from the brink of the Progressive nightmare we would otherwise have.

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