Even in the worst of situations… I will STILL support you.


To my officer, my husband,

You are more than a police officer. You are a man, a husband, a father, and a friend with a calling to unselfishly protect our community.

You are screamed at, cussed at, put in harm’s way, yet you do your job with pride and integrity. You walk out that door every day never knowing what your day will be like, yet you start each shift with an open mind. You remain positive despite the challenges you face.

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(Chicago Police Department)


You serve and protect no matter the level of hatred there is towards the job you do. The job you LOVE. The job you know, and without a doubt were meant to do.  

You see people at their absolute worst but always come home with a smile when our children run to you. The smile we imprint in our minds when we don’t see you for hours or days at a time. The smile I remember when I text you at night hoping to get a reply, knowing you probably can’t.

When this life began for us, I did not know exactly what it would entail. Our days off together are fewer yet my faith has gotten stronger. I questioned in the beginning if this was a life I could manage, but being with you makes it all worth it.

We’ve had conversations I never thought we would have to have. Conversations about death, funerals and our privacy as a family. Yet you’ve always managed to calm my fears.


(Microphones from pixabay, image compiled by LET staff.)

Not many people understand our lifestyle and some ask repeatedly why you didn’t take off for Christmas or my birthday and I always give the same response.

Your job is not an easy one and honestly, I don’t know how you do it. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created you to lead a life of service.

Some days this lifestyle, your schedule, and the unknowns can get the best of me. 

But I need you to know something:

I support you.

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(Photo courtesy Officer Jonathan Bransfield with the City of Cameron Missouri Police Department)


I don’t say it enough when I’m tired or feeling frustrated, but I support you.

When our plans change for the third time, I support you.

When I get that nighttime text that you’ll be late, I support you.

Missed holidays, overtime shifts, dinners alone, I STILL support you.

 Despite the challenges, this lifestyle has brought so much good. We have learned to be intentional with our time. We value even the shortest of minutes together because we know time is not guaranteed.

We even gained an entire blue family when you started on the force. A family that we can rely on and trust. They understand us even better than some close friends and family. 

When you are tired and this job takes so much of you, please know that I’m here. I will be your shoulder to lean on, no matter what. Our home is your safe place, away from the dangers and stressors of your job. Our home is the place for you to talk about your work, your calls and what you go through. A place where I will always listen to you even when the conversations are hard.

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(Photo courtesy of Allison Uribe)

We are a team and we will walk on the thin blue line together, every step of the way.

While your career in law enforcement is only one piece of you, I love this one piece. It is a part of who you are and that part holds a very special place in my heart.


Your supportive, proud wife