Moline, Illinois- Police Officer Patrick Moody decide last year that he was going to perform an  act of kindness once a year, he want to do something nice for a complete stranger.

Danielle Robinson, a single mother,  was in a traffic accident on August 31, in her 1993, Chevrolet Lumina. Another driver passed through the intersection at the same time as Robinson did, the other driver believed they had a green light, but they didn’t. The collision left Robinson’s car damaged beyond repair.

With no witnesses and only liability insurance, Robinson had no hope and no money to place her car.

As a result of the accident, Robinson didn’t even have a way to get to work or to get her kids around town. So after the traffic accident investigation was complete Officer Moody and gave her a ride home.

He reached out to a friend who owns a car dealership and they worked out a deal to cover the cost of a 2000 Chevy Lumina.

The friend agreed and they shared the cost of the car.

The following day, Moody drove Robinson to the station pretending that there’s some paperwork that needs to be filled out. Robinson doesn’t have the slightest hint of the surprise that awaited her.

“You would have thought she won a brand new $50,000 car,” Moody said of Robinson’s enthusiastic reaction.

“She just seems like a real sweet lady, who was in desperate need of some help and I would just have felt terrible if I wouldn’t have done that”, Officer Moody said.

Moody told the Huffington Post that Robinson is a “wonderful” person and he loved being able to help. “It made me way more happy than it did her,” he said.