‘I am begging you’: American trapped in Afghanistan pens heart-wrenching letter begging Biden to help


WASHINGTON, DC – While the Biden administration’s State Department focuses on International Pronouns Day, an American family trapped in Afghanistan is begging the President for help.

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) released correspondence to President Biden written by an American citizen from San Diego who is stranded in Afghanistan. Rep. Issa, who was also sent the letter by the citizen, added the following statement:

“For months, my office has worked tirelessly to bring home American citizens and members of our community to be reunited with their families.

Throughout these efforts, we have seen the worst of the Biden Administration’s disorganized and ineffective efforts to bring our people home.

“The correspondence I am releasing today is difficult to read, as it captures what one of our fellow citizens is enduring in the aftermath of this President’s disastrously reckless Afghanistan pullout.

No American should have to beg their President to bring them home from a dangerous foreign land.

“And yet, that is exactly what this member of our community and so many other American citizens may feel forced to do. Shame on this White House for its betrayal of our fellow citizens.”

The letter began with the trapped American begging President Biden to help get his wife and him home:

“I am pleading with you again as a fellow proud American and as a husband to help my wife and I get home from Afghanistan. We were just a surprised as you when the country fell to Taliban control so quickly, and we could not get to (Kabul Airport) before attempts at evacuation became life threatening.

“Since then, we have waited patiently for assistance from the Department of State as directed to no avail.”

President Biden ordered all U.S. military forces to withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31, leaving hundreds of American citizens behind as the Taliban seized control. Now many of these Americans are trapped inside the country in hiding, waiting for someone to help them return home.

The American wrote that his wife and he risked their lives on three different occasions in the last two weeks trying to get to flights as directed by the Department of State (DOS), but each attempt was met with failure:

“After we risked our lives getting through Taliban checkpoints, the 4 October flight was cancelled because passengers did not have visas for UAE, where the flight was to land. Another flight departed 11 October, but we never got a call to go to the airport. The third scheduled for 13 October was apparently cancelled.

“We learned details of the latter flights from our Congressman, the Hon. Darrell Issa, who flew to Doho to meet us, and not from the DOS.”

The trapped man said he understands that his wife’s immigration status is a problem because she had been waiting for a green card interview since 2019, and they understood they would have to travel to a third country to be processed:

“We understand that we will have to continue the process in a third country before we can come home and have completed all the E-visa requirements as directed by the DOS.

“We simply do not understand why we were not called about the flight on Monday, and the DOS cannot explain it to us or Congressman Isssa.”

While red tape keeps Americans trapped inside the war-torn country, the DOS continues to rely on poor communication methods to keep tabs on its own citizens inside Afghanistan. The letter said:

“The information we receive from the DOS is not consistent with what is happening. They also continue to use Whatsapp to communicate with us which, as evidenced by the blackout last week, is not secure or a reliable means of communication.

“I regretfully do not know whether to trust the DOS with our life and safety or to turn to other means to escape. This is not a position I would wish on anyone, and certainly not an American citizen.”

The couple have been helping other Americans, especially unescorted females, obtain medications and assisting volunteers helping those who are trapped inside the country, but he said he is begging for help:

“But I am an American and I am begging you to get us home.”

Congressman Issa has been fighting to bring home Americans left stranded in Afghanistan by the Biden administration. Last month, he announced success in returning a pregnant American woman from the country.

Meanwhile, the DOS has focused on other matters. On October 20, while Americans huddled in dark spaces hiding from the Taliban and awaiting rescue, the DOS tweeted about International Pronoun Day:

“Today on International Pronouns Day, we share why many people list pronouns on their email and social media profiles.”

Other topics gaining the attention of the DOS include a meeting with a Columbian musician, celebrating Spirit Day to stand against bullying and harassment in the LGBTQI+ youth, and climate change in Central America.

The last mention of Afghanistan on the DOS Twitter page was October 15 and made no mention of the trapped Americans or efforts being made to evacuate them.

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LET Unity
Democrats block vote to require Biden to rescue all Americans, military equipment abandoned in Afghanistan

September 2, 2021


WASHINGTON, DC – House Republicans are demanding accountability for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Freedom Caucus is demanding the President resign.

President Biden’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by an August 31 deadline fell into chaos after Afghan security forces collapsed and the Taliban took hold of the country.

Biden’s plan left thousands of Americans and allied Afghans scrambling to escape the country before the deadline, and American military forces were forced to withdraw, leaving massive stockpiles of weapons and unknown numbers of Americans and Afghans who aided in the war effort behind.

In the logjam that formed at Kabul Airport, ISIS-K terrorists detonated two suicide bombs, killing nearly 160 Afghans and 13 American service members.

On Tuesday, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), a Marine veteran who served in Iraq, attempted to bring a bill up for consideration during a pro forma session of the House to demand answers about President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

House Republicans also wanted to read the names of the 13 fallen service members into the record on the House floor.

Included in the bill was a request for the plan the administration has to get over 100 American citizens left behind in Afghanistan back home, a demand for an inventory of all equipment left behind, and transparency on any deals reached between the Taliban and the administration.

The bill also states that Congress believes the Taliban should not be recognized as the official government of Afghanistan.

The Democratic House chairman refused to recognize the Republicans and gaveled out the session without further action.

“How can you not read the names?” one member yelled. Another exclaimed: “Turn your back on our country.”

The move by the Democrat-controlled House did not surprise Republicans. The attempt to introduce the bill was primarily symbolic and was intended to gather support for the bill when the House returns to session on September 20.

At a press conference held following the session, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said:

“We listened to Gen. McKenzie say, ‘American troops have left Afghanistan, but we did not get out everybody we wanted to get out.’

“I heard the Pentagon say, ‘The time just wasn’t there to get more Americans out.’

“But let me be crystal clear. This isn’t the U.S. government’s timeline. It’s the Taliban’s timeline.”

The last American troops departed Afghanistan on August 30, minutes before the deadline set by President Biden. After the withdrawal of American troops was completed, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that American citizens were left behind:

“Americans and other individuals that want to be able to leave Afghanistan after our withdrawal is complete, the State Department is going to continue to work across many different levers to facilitate that. We do not anticipate a military role in that.”

McCarthy then called out Speaker Nancy Pelosi for allowing the House to end the session with consideration of the bill:

“Now is not the time to act like you could not see us on the floor. Now is not the time to hide. We are a co-equal branch.”

McCarthy said that the Biden administration’s handling of the withdrawal was a massive failure:

 “I believe right now we should get every American home. I believe there should be accountability for what I — what I see is probably the biggest failure in American government on the military stage in my lifetime.”

He followed up with:

“We can never make this mistake again.”

In a Tweet the same day, McCarthy wrote:

“Democrats just blocked a vote to require a plan from President Biden to bring Americans home and to account for all the military equipment he left behind.

“Republicans will not stop until every American is home safely.”

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Ranking Member James Comer (R-KY) said he plans to call the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction to brief Congress on the failed withdrawal:

“Committee Republicans invited the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction to brief Congress today, and I appreciate his willingness to come forward and his commitment to testify before the full Committee in the coming weeks.”



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