Alleged Cop Killer Who Escaped Virginia Jail Captured In Mexico


A man accused of killing a deputy in 2022 escaped a Virginia jail but captured by Mexican law enforcement

Authorities reported that a man was charged with the murder of a North Carolina’s Sheriff’s Deputy and awaiting justice escaped the jail and fled to Mexico was captured in Guerrero, Mexico.

Mexican authorities in the state of Guerrero, in southwestern Mexico, took Alder Marin-Sotelo, 26, into custody on Thursday afternoon, after he had escaped from Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville on Sunday. The FBI in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced his capture on Twitter, but did not provide any information on how he was apprehended. Currently, the agency is conducting an investigation into Marin-Sotelo’s movements since his escape. They are attempting to detail Marin-Sotelo’s every move to ascertain where and how he escaped.

According to FBI officials, Marin-Sotelo left the jail in a dark-colored sports car after escaping just after midnight  Sunday. The other escapee, Bruce Callahan, who was being held on drug charges, also escaped from the prison later that day, as confirmed by jail officials. The superintendent of the jail, Jerry Townsend, stated that it was not until about a full day after Marin-Sotelo’s escape that the guards realized the inmates were missing.

Alleged Cop Killer Who Escaped Virginia Jail Captured In Mexico
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Townsend further revealed to local media that they suspect the inmates tampered with the locking mechanism on the rear exit door to escape, but authorities have not yet confirmed if the two escapes are related. Most correctional facilities have many overlapping, redundant security measures in place. So it is unlikely the two escapes were unrelated.

An investigation is also underway for the correctional staff working in the facility the night of the escape. Prison officials anticipate discovering where the security lapses occurred. The most surprising element of the escape is the fact that it took over 24 hours to discover the missing inmates, especially considering one was an alleged cop killer.

A Deputy and a Cop Killer

Marin-Sotelo allegedly murdered Officer Byrd, a North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy, in December 2022. It is believed that Officer Byrd went to investigate a report of unusual activity. Authorities reported that Officer Byrd believed there was no reason to be suspicious or concerned and his canine was left in the patrol car.

However, when he approached two males, Arturo Marin-Sotelo and Alder Alfonso Marin-Sotelo, brothers, shots were fired. Officer Byrd was shot four times, three in the head, killing him. The officer was not found until two hours later when other deputies performed a welfare check after radio calls went unanswered.

The escaped fugitive is expected to be extradited back to the United States and will likely be housed in a maximum security prison. Additional charges are forthcoming.

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